Evergreen Ideas For A Winter Breast Cancer Healing Garden

Evergreen Ideas For A Breast Cancer Healing GardenIt’s easy to understand why evergreens have been cherished since ancient times. While many plants are dormant and dead-looking in the winter, evergreens stay green in freezing temperatures. There are many ways to introduce color and life to your outdoor space this winter. Featured below are a few suggestions.

Focal Point – add pyramid shapes or round balls, evergreens are ideal for creating focal points in your winter garden.

Energize – for your outdoor spaces add fragrant evergreens to doorways with matching planters.

Accent – for stagnant area add cypress topiary that sparks the Chi in pleasant ways.

Borders – try planting a protective border with conifers that block unpleasant sights and improve air quality.

Using the evergreens in your garden planning creates an outdoor space in harmony with nature where you can relax and enjoy the beneficial flow of energy you’ve helped to create.

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