Feelings -  Breast Cancer Journaling TherapyThere are four words in the vocabulary of emotion, affect, feelings, emotion, and mood. FEELINGS are an awareness of what is happening inside of us and I imagine that those two words, “breast cancer” have brought up many FEELINGS. Maybe you have experienced FEELINGS that you have never felt deeply before such as fear, terror, and anger. Then there are those FEELINGS of sadness, confusion and helplessness. All of these FEELINGS are normal when you have had to face breast cancer and the multi-dimensional issues that come with it. You have had to learn a whole new language that was once foreign to you. You have had to learn about types of breast cancer, stages of breast cancer, and the many treatment options. You have had to show your body to doctors, nurses, and other medical strangers. You have had to make tough and sad decisions about your breast and/or re-construction options. You are fighting for your life and fighting not to be just a statistic. Your very identity has been shattered and threatened. Don’t you think you are entitled to some anger about that? Are there enough tears inside your body to tell your story? Your life, as you know it, has changed permanently. You FEEL many FEELINGS about that and all are important.

FEELINGS are information for us to pay attention to. It is important to notice, identify, and name the FEELINGS you have about your breast cancer diagnosis. Those FEELINGS may change on a dime with no warning. One minute you think you are fine and then one of those breast cancer commercials pop-up on the TV and you burst into tears. Then, someone tries to comfort you and you tell them to leave you alone. They leave you alone and then you accuse them of not caring. They say you are impossible and a fight breaks out between you and the person who was just trying to help. Wow. Sound familiar? FEELINGS are just like that scenario. You may not believe me, but it is easier to fight with someone over disagreements than it is to FEEL the terror that comes with breast cancer. So, in one way, FEELINGS are a distraction to what is really going on.

Thus, here is a short diagram of what to do with all of these complex FEELINGS that are coming out of nowhere.

  1. Notice the FEELING.
  2. Describe and name the FEELING.
  3. Breathe into the FEELING using your breath as your friend.

Really that is all you need to do to honor the feeling and let it go. You may choose to journal your FEELING or use crayons to color your FEELING. But right now, Notice, Describe, and Breathe is all you need.

Dr. Robin DilleyDr. Robin B. Dilley, author of In A Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer is a licensed psychologist in the State of Arizona. Her eclectic practice allows her to cross diagnostic barriers and meet clients in their need assisting them to respond to life in healthy and empowering ways rather than react to life’s circumstances.

10 Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Mind Body and SpiritBy Rika Keck, CMTA,ACN
Holistic Health Advocate & Applied Clinical Nutritionist

“How we can support our healing and energy during cancer treatment with self-empowerment tips, ranging from nutritional support to emotional healing”.

Having attended various ‘Clinical Approaches to Cancer’ symposiums, it is very clear that whole food nutrition, nutritional (non-synthetic!) and botanical supplementation support the individual – without adversely affecting treatment, or sometimes enhancing medical treatment if that is desired.

Each individual and case is different – after all, it is not about the illness. It is about the individual who is experiencing a serious health crisis. And about the dear ones providing support!

When faced with chronic illness, it is important to address various pieces of the puzzle that contribute to the dis-ease.
Once one hears a cancer diagnosis, stress levels understandably go through the roof. There is fear, anger, confusion, emotional numbness, pain, frustration, a scattered brain, anxiety, sadness – “your rug is pulled from underneath you..” And there is a feeling of loss of power. It is vital, to regain a sense of ‘Self’, maintaining one’s identity during this crisis mode.

With this in mind, I decided to write regarding self-empowerment tips, ranging from nutritional support to emotional healing. It is all about the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and I hope it will be helpful information (you are welcome to share).

So, how can we support our Healing, Wellbeing and Energy from a Mind-Body perspective?

Mind, Body,Spirit, Balance

1) Before any treatment or surgery, make yourself as strong and healthy as possible. Blood labs show nutritional deficiencies, and in most cases, there is time to address these within a few weeks prior to treatment.

2) Nutritional/herbal supplementation is recommended. From personal experience, I am aware that most oncologists will nix both. I do recommend consulting with an integrated practitioner, as there are certain considerations with different treatments.

3) Weight training, Yoga, rhythmical movement, Qi Gong are very helpful to improve circulation, lymphatic detoxification and oxygenation of tissues. Anything that ‘builds and moves chi’ will be helpful in supporting vitality. Getting into the pool, if that is an option, is also helpful if one likes the water. (Chlorine is another matter…).

4) Getting rid of toxic relationships that are draining is essential. We need the support of healing energy, love and compassion. Bad relationships, in any shape or form, will pull us down, will affect out energy and wellbeing. Negative thinking will create and draw-in more negative effects.

Happy and Healthy Relationship

Creating a social support that is supportive and calming, taking care of any outside ‘struggles’ that deplete energy is a good idea. Ideally, troubling matters are brought to closure before beginning of treatment so there are no distractions along the treatment way. The focus is on getting through it, while supporting min-body wellness.

5) Also, trust 100% in whatever surgeon, procedures and treatments you have chosen. Others might come with their suggestions, their projections, and their worries.

You have chosen your path for your reasons. Cast aside ALL DOUBT. Doubt will lower your vibrations. We need to raise our vibrations, not easy during a tough time, surround yourself with good vibrations. (On that note, listen to uplifting music or inspirational healing words.)

6) Meditation, acupuncture, cranio-sacral are terrific. All modalities will build energy and reduce inflammation. They will support you, decrease stress, help immune function and build energy.

7) Nutritionally? Eating organic, vibrant foods will support vitality. It is best to steam foods slightly as digestion will be weaker during treatment. It is important to support the digestive process and gut Flora.

8) “Stop beating yourself up! ” Accepting rather than fighting will save you energy. Keep faith in the body’s ability to heal, connect with spirit as you are going through difficult times, “it is what it is”…

9) Take it one day at a time, finding joy in small daily things that we sometime take for granted. Compassion, love, grief, guilt, shame and forgiveness – all are connected to cancer. Cast them aside – “make room for living in the present, seeing beauty in daily creations of Nature”.

10) Consider energy medicine to take emotional burdens of your heart and mind, raise your energy and let your spirit become free to soar. Free-up emotional blockages that keep you ‘stuck’ and ‘clogged up’ at an energetic level.

Energy Medicine For Breast Cancer

By Rika Keck
This is written from my heart, this is personal.
Love and light Rika Keck.
Holistic Health and Nutrition


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