A Short Seated Yoga Practice For Breast Cancer Recovery

A Five Minute Yoga Practice For Breast Cancer RecoveryBy: Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, M.A., RYT 500.

A yoga practice needn’t be long to be effective. In fact, a short practice yields large benefits for mind, body and spirit.

When we breathe consciously, we engage our parasympathetic nervous system. The “parachute” nervous system, as I like to call it, because it brings to mind the life-saving qualities embedded in it. When we practice conscious,   diaphragmatic breathing, we engage our brains in a way that turns off our “fight or flight” response. Our bodies begin to bathe us with “feel good” chemical releases that act as natural painkillers, mood lifters and spirit enhancers. These are only some of the scientific benefits of “pranayama”. The yogic benefits, on a subtler plane, are deepening an awareness of who we are:  a Divine and Spiritual being.  We expand our consciousness of ‘self’, from our own bodies, into the intuitive knowing of “Oneness”. We connect with all that is and all there ever was! We unite as One!

Jean Di Carlo-Wagner
Owner, Yoga Being
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For Cancer SurvivorsJean Di Carlo WagnerAbout Jean Di Carlo Wagner: Owner of Yogabeing.net
E-RYT200, E-RYT500 certified with Yoga Alliance
Yoga Therapist with International Alliance of Yoga Therapists
Atma Yoga Teacher Training, certified 500 hours Los Angeles
A Gentle Way Yoga, certified 200 hours
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