Four words…“You have breast cancer”

I am Cancer Free - Beverly McKeeBy Beverly McKee, LCSW, founder of

My life was turned upside down with one phone call nearly two years ago. Waves of overwhelming emotion flooded my brain…fear, anger, uncertainty about the future. Imagine how differently I would have felt if I had known that there would be beautiful rainbows in the midst of the storm of treatment. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that the rainbows are always there waiting to be discovered, even on the darkest of days. All I had to do was look for them.

I found my first rainbow in a stark white oncology office. My oncologist was discussing treatment options, referencing five year survival rates with each option. Those words, “five year survival rates” echoed throughout my brain. My little boys wouldn’t be able to drive in five years…I promptly interrupted my oncologist. “With all due respect, Dr. O, I don’t care about five year survival rates. What do I need to do to survive breast cancer for forty years?”

We agreed to take an aggressive approach to treatment. That evening, I did something rather unexpected. I planned a party. Forty years into the future on the anniversary of my diagnosis: October 17, 2052. I call it my “40 Year Survivor Celebration”. This party set the course for my approach to treatment and life beyond breast cancer.

I continued to search for the rainbows, finding them in the most unexpected places. Chemotherapy was not easy, but it created the opportunity for my boys to enjoy special time with their grandma (my mom) while I rested after every treatment. Initially devastated when a chemotherapy treatment coincided with my son’s field trip at school, I was delighted to hear about the lifelong memories formed as my husband enjoyed his first field trip as a parent. I found a new appreciation for my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Best of all, I created a website and social media sites where breast cancer survivors from around the world inspire and offer support to one another every day.

Breast cancer treatment changes our bodies as well as our minds. A total of five surgeries left me with eleven new scars. But I learned that my body is stronger than I could have ever imagined. I no longer took for granted those days when I was strong enough to walk miles through the woods or stroll on the beach. I also gained a deeper empathy for others who are recovering from illness, surgery or facing a serious illness.

Determined to continue my quest to find the rainbows, I reframed my twenty eight radiation treatments into “28 Days of Inspiration”. As the radiation beams sought out rogue cancer cells, I created an inspirational quote for my followers on social media. I enjoyed those moments of solitude on the radiation table and could often be found in the changing room composing that day’s inspirational post.

As I approach my “Two Year Survivor Celebration”, I’m beyond excited to be in the editing phase of a book that was inspired during that first oncology visit. I poured my heart and soul into finding women around the world who are “Celebrating Life Decades after Breast Cancer”. It invites the reader to allow these forty women (one for every year until my big party) to inspire them by sharing personal stories about surviving breast cancer between twenty and nearly fifty years. The book will be released in the near future. Their experiences and unique journeys to “find their own rainbows” changed the way I view breast cancer and they will offer great hope throughout the world.

My life changed forever the day that breast cancer boldly interrupted my life nearly two years ago. But as my scars fade and the details of treatment become less pronounced, the many rainbows continue to shine bright every day. I encourage you to find your rainbows through the storm and share them with us on our social media sites. If you’re having a rough day, send us a message and enjoy support from survivors all over the world. Join us via email to keep updated on the release of “Celebrating Life Decades after Breast Cancer” to find comfort and HOPE from women who have enjoyed long, beautiful lives decades after diagnosis. We hope to hear from you soon at

Beverly McKeeAbout Beverly McKee:  A licensed mental health therapist by training, writer at heart, Beverly McKee has an unbridled passion for empowering others to live their best life, even in the midst of crisis. A dynamic, results-driven executive with 20+ years of leadership, public speaking and business development experience. Visit or email at

In Two Short Weeks

Diana's Desk - Breast Cancer Authority BlogBy: Diana Ross, Co-Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.

Last I shared on the blog I expressed an attitude of gratitude which now has to expand. Never did I think in the last two short weeks I would watch my big sister take her last breath, nor did I think I would be diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer but both happened. I don’t even know how to express all of this but I do know that I want to share everything on my journey to wellness. I will not let this cancer take my life. There is too much to do and to share. My sister, Valerie had a big obstacle to hurdle. She had Stage 4 Breast Cancer in her liver. She prevailed for over a year with changing her diet using the vegan Gerson Diet but ultimately the disease took her life.

I have a renewed attitude of gratitude in the sense that I have everyone on this blog who has gone through this experience and more sharing and caring. I am learning so much and so quickly. I feel it most important to share everything I learn with all of you. There are no cures necessarily but there are opportunities to expand awareness into how to heal yourself.

The first thing that keeps coming up is unconditional love. BIG! How does one love them self unconditionally? It is the key to wellness, and to happiness. Harboring resentments, remorse, guilt, shame and judgement is easy but it is unhealthy. It creates imbalance, dis-ease and then illness. In my heart I know where this all started so now I sit in a deeper seat of gratitude to figure this out so that I may be of bigger service. I want to love; really love myself, my family, my husband and my friends.

I want to thank everyone that has helped me learn that I am not alone and that miracles happen. Each week I will share what new approach to wellness I discovered. For example Louise Hay and her teachings of unconditional love and that words have power. Using certain essential oils specific for each organ of the body, PawPaw a herb of tremendous power, Vit C IVs, Ozone treatments, prayers for our food, music for our hearts and so on.

I hope this can be our moments of gratitude together.

Diana RossAbout Diana Ross: E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.
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