What Happens When Cancerous Cells Move Into Your Lymph System?

What Happens When Cancerous Cells Move into your Lymph System?When cancer cells break away from the main tumor, there’s a great possibility that they will become stuck to nearby lymph nodes. This is why doctors usually check the lymph nodes first when figuring out how far cancer has grown or spread.

When the cancerous cells make contact with the lymph node, they may divide and perform a tumor at the site of the lymph node. When doctors examine the lymph nodes and find evidence of metastases (especially in lymph nodes near the primary tumor), this is an indicator that metastasis exists in distant organs and often helps doctors make prognoses.

Proper lymph drainage lowers your risk of developing cancer, as it ensures proper removal of abnormal, cancerous cells and prevents metastasis.

The Key Takeaway: When cancer cells break away from the main tumor, they can travel through other parts of the body via the lymph system. When transported via the lymph system, cancerous cells may end up in your lymph nodes, where most are killed but one or two may settle and grow into new tumors, leading to metastasis.

So, before I move into how you can strengthen your lymph system and slow down the spread of cancer, time for a quick review!

You now know:

  1. The lymph system is critical for your body’s defense against harmful toxins and bacteria.
  2. Cancerous cells can move through your body via the lymph system, leading to the possibility of metastasis.
  3. Proper lymph drainage ensures cancer prevention and prevention of the spread of cancerous cells, or metastasis.

Now, from point 3 above, it should follow that a healthy, well-functioning lymph system is crucial for cancer prevention and metastasis.

Let’s go into how you can boost and invigorate your lymph system so that it is on top of its game when you need it.

How Can you Boost your Lymphatic System?

There are three ways you can boost your lymph system:
1.) Proper Nutrition Boosts your Lymph SystemProper Nutrition Boosts your Lymph System

  • Certain foods can improve lymphatic flow, including:
  • Citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit
  • Berries, specifically cranberries
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Chia, hemp, and flax
  • Herbs and spices such as black pepper, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric
  • Seaweed and algae

There are also foods that you should avoid, including:

  • Dairy foods
  • Processed foods
  • Sugary foods
  • Oily foods

2.) Development of Positive Habits for a Healthy Lymph SystemDevelopment of Positive Habits for a Healthy Lymph System

There are some habits that can produce a positive impact on your lymph system (and prevent the development and spread of cancer):

  • Wear bras less frequently (very important for breast cancer) – Clothing that constricts body parts can interfere with lymph flow and drainage
  • Get regular massages – Massages are great for stimulating lymph drainage
  • Properly hydrate your body – Drinking water helps your lymph flow along with flow in other major bodily systems. Forget the eight glasses of water everyday rule. Shoot for drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. So, if you weigh two hundred pounds, drink one hundred ounces of water.
  • Breathe deep! – Fill your lungs completely and don’t move your shoulders
  • Swish oil in your mouth – Swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth clears your sinuses which helps with lymph flow
  • Attain proper alignment in your body with chiropractic care – Proper alignment in your body helps with better drainage of fluid
  • Take advantage of regular spa days – Time in a sauna is a great way to remove toxins from your body, which revs up your lymph system, too
  • Enjoy a clay bath – Clay baths provide a great way for you to detox and enjoy a thorough skin cleanse, both of which are helpful for your lymph system
  • Hold your liver sacred – your liver produces lymph, which is critical for the rest of your lymph system
  • Experiment with dry skin brushing – rubbing a dry brush across your body opens up skin pores and, as a result, stimulates your lymph system.

3.) The most important habit you can adopt? Get moving and exercise! Your lymph system doesn’t have a pump to stimulate lymph movement; therefore, you have to get that lymph moving manually. The best way to do this is via exercise, but not just any exercise.

Learn more below:

Get Moving to Boost your Lymph Flow

Any vertically oriented exercise is best for your lymph system. So, your go to exercises should be downward dogs, jumping jacks, or headstands. Certain physical limitations, however, can make these types of exercises uncomfortable, painful, or even impossible. For these reasons, bouncing on a trampoline, or rebounding, is the most effective workout you can give your lymph system. Check out the next section to learn why.

The Best Exercise for your Lymphatic System: Rebounding!

What is Rebounding? Rebounding increases the flow of oxygen to all cells in your body, and the exercise can help you become healthier, stronger, and help your body become more capable of effectively fighting disease.The Best Exercise for your Lymphatic System- Rebounding!

What Equipment is Needed to Rebound? All you need is a high quality rebounder trampoline, or exercise trampoline, to rebound! If you need more stability during your bounces, you can also purchase a stability bar with most rebounder models. For more info on what to look for when shopping for a rebounder, check out this detailed rebounder trampoline buyer’s guide.

How do I Use the Rebounder During my Workouts? There are several rebounding workouts you can enjoy, depending on your fitness level. These are the four most popular rebounder workouts:

The Sitting Bounce

If you don’t have a very high level of fitness due to injury, illness, or advanced age, the sitting bounce might be best for you. You will need one other person to properly perform the sitting bounce. First, sit on the rebounder. Second, your partner should stand directly behind you and gently bounce up and down, which will help you bounce up and down. To further develop your core strength with the sitting bounce, try leaning back, extending your arms, or using your arms to help you bounce.

Check out this video to see the sitting bounce in action:

Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZoneIf you are ready to start a new, refreshing stage in your battle against breast cancer, start rebounding today with these high quality rebounders. Use discount code VICTORY for 10% off all products in our store.

A life of better health awaits you.

Author: Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZone 

Breath – Blood – Lymph Flow

Breast Cancer Yoga Savasana

By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Breathing Exercises And The Lymphatic System For Breast Cancer Lymphedema Management:The flow of lymph, which is rich in immune cells, improves with proper breathing. Furthermore, the expansion of the lungs air pockets increases the flow of both blood and lymph. This flow reduces infection in the lungs and other tissues. Breathing properly improves the functioning of the body’s organs stimulating digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Another benefit of the breath is how it supports the functioning of the body’s organs such as the improvement of the peristalsis movement which stimulates the liver so the release of bile will activate the detoxification process. By maintaining a large supply of oxygen in the lungs, many organs function better, including the brain.

The most important function of all is the stimulation of the “relaxation response” that results in lower tension and an overall improved sense of well being.

If we can build a regular asana practice with conscious breathing; we will release muscular tension, and consequently the nerves will relax. Here is where restorative poses are most helpful. Supported Bridge, Savasana, Supported Legs Up The Wall, Supported Child’s Pose are a few that are very restorative. When the breath is brought under control is improves the physical such that there is an efficient absorption of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide. This will result in an improved mental and emotional state of mind.

Dawn Breast CancerAbout Dawn Bradford Lange: Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at info@breastcanceryoga.com if you have questions.

The Thrill is Gone – Journey With Lymphedema Continues

Lymphedema Journey With Lesley Ronson-BrownBy Lesley Ronson Brown, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher

As my journey with lymphedema continues, I find I am tiring of it. It is no longer something new or something to get used to. The thrill is gone. Not that it was ever too thrilling, mind you; but it was interesting to learn about and begin to navigate my way through the lymphedema maze. I think, however, I had an underlying hope that if I did everything I was supposed to, that somehow it would go away or lessen substantially. But it hasn’t. It hasn’t gotten too much worse, but some days my arm is definitely bigger and some days a bit smaller. But it seems to be bigger more often than smaller. I feel resigned. This is one long-term relationship I would rather do without.

So what’s a girl to do? Sometimes when I’m stuck and not in the flow (get the lymphedema pun?!), I pretend I am a friend advising someone who is stuck in the same situation. I would tell myself it’s time to set up a counseling/action plan. First, I need to listen to myself and acknowledge my true feelings of frustration, dismay and sadness. Acknowledge that I am in the doldrums, as if on a plateau, a lonely plateau. And then figure a way out of it. Like an explorer lost in a jungle. Time to send out an SOS. And guess who I want to come to my rescue?!

Prince Charming! Yes, sad to say, that fantasy is still a real one. I want my prince to come. But he doesn’t have to take me away. I just want him to make my doctor and physical therapy and lymphatic drainage massage appointments. I admit, I want him to massage my arm, too. And OK, OK, I want him to magically charm my arm into being its regular size again.

But this ain’t no fairy tale. And the only one who can “charm the arm” is me. But I don’t wanna!!!!!! I want to pout, put my hands on my hip, say “agghhh” while moving my heavy-metal-concert be-boppin’ head, but with more speed and more jerkiness. Attracting Prince Charming while doing so, of course.

Just the thought of doing that, though, makes me laugh because it’s not quite my style. But sometimes it’s helpful to get out of your style. It can jumpstart you onto a different path. Hopefully, a better path. Realistically, I know spending more time on my yoga mat as a student, not a teacher, will help me. Just by doing yoga, the frustration fluctuations will begin to lessen, becoming less extreme. Practicing more pranayama, or breathwork, will begin to quieten my ego and move me towards accepting what is. My action plan could involve more volunteer work as that is always a good way to move my ego away from its focus on me, me, me, me, me. I will devote more time to massaging my arm myself. Maybe I can charm it a bit. Or at least find it more charming and lovable as it is.

Even though I will do all that, I have a confession. It is kind of fun to rant and rave. It’s fun to sometimes flail about. Especially for those of us who are usually the nice ones, the happy, positive ones who can handle everything with what looks like ease and even luck. It feels cool to morph from Ms. Perky to Ms. Jerky, and watch people’s reactions when we bust out. It is powerful! I strongly suggest it for all you nice girls out there. It’s a definite scene stealer and a good strategy to get your way because people are stunned into shock. Trust me, they don’t like it when Ms. Nice Girl Perky starts changing. But, unlike our human companions, lymphedema doesn’t care. It isn’t going to budge, no matter how much I stomp or how many deals I try to make with it.

So, since Prince Charming hasn’t shown up yet to take care of my arm, and that arm isn’t going to budge by itself, no matter how I act; I guess it’s time to put on my big girl panties, stomp into my thigh high boots, wriggle into my hoop skirt with the “smart ass white bitch” patch embroidered on it and sashay up some action. Oh, yeah!…now that’s a great visual, isn’t it?

Lesley BrownLesley Ronson Brown is a two-time breast cancer survivor and a three-time lymph node cancer survivor.  She has had lymphedema since 2011 and has learned how to manage it through traditional and complementary therapies.  Lesley is a certified Yoga teacher, with a specialty certification in Restorative Yoga, and has taught for more than 15 years.  She also is certified in Pilates and Group Fitness Exercise. But her favorite thing to teach is yoga!  She currently is completing her 500-hour yoga teacher training and is writing a thesis on Yoga and Lymphedema.

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