Mind Detox with Blue Iris Photo Meditation

by Irina Wardas

We must take care of our stress level in order to have a stronger immune system for preventing and fighting breast cancer. So, time to try the Iris Flower photo meditation with healing color blue to help you refocus, relax, heal faster.

Healing color blue will help you feel calm and at peace, so you can practice Blue Iris photo meditation every time you need to calm down or just before going to bed for a better sleep.

Irinia Wardas

Blue Iris Photo Meditation

Sit comfortable in your favorite place and take a couple of deep breaths.

Inhale all the energy of the Universe…

Exhale all the negative emotions you feel right now…

Keep on breathing at least for a minute paying attention to your breathing.

When you are ready, start paying attention to the details of the flower: colors, shape, light shadows, etc.

Look closely and get ready to be amazed.

Keep on breathing…

Breathe in energy from the flower and color purple,

Breathe out stress and anxiety.

Keep on breathing, exploring the image and being in the present moment.

When you feel more relaxed and calmer, take a couple of deep breathes, give yourself a hug and get back to your daily routine.

Did you know that a blue Iris flower symbolizes faith and hope? So let us be wise and always have faith and hope, shall we?

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