Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygen Therapy To Protect & Restore Wellness

Hydrogen Peroxide Bath Therapy For CancerBy: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Medical researchers around the world have found that many degenerative diseases are anaerobic. That means lacking oxygen. It has been suggested that the spread or metastasis of cancer is directly proportionate to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells. The more oxygen the slower the cancer spread. The less oxygen, the faster the cancer spreads. Hydrogen peroxide provides extra oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide oxygen therapies may help protect and restore one’s wellness level. Healthy cells need oxygen and tumor cells cannot survive in oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) provides extra oxygen atoms that may slow down the spread of cancer.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapies Include:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide Daily Body Rub: Have a daily body rub with 3% hydrogen peroxide, best after a bath or shower.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Bath: A 20 to 25 minute hydrogen peroxide bath allows the body to absorb the peroxide through the skin.
  3. Bathe Infected Tumor: It may also helpful to bathe the infection or tumor site daily in 3% hydrogen peroxide or better cover it with a cloth soaked in it, preferably combined with a honey pack or mixed with aloe vera gel.

No one can legitimately say that one therapy or surgery is the cure for cancer. In most instances it is your environment, exercise, diet and complementary therapies all contributing towards assisting your cellular body towards recovery. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting a hydrogen peroxide oxygen therapy.

On A Personal Note: My Mother, Diana Ross, had purchased some of these referenced materials and the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide kit during her cancer treatments. It is with love that I now share with you this oxygen therapy in the hope that this article will help you in your journey towards cancer recovery.Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy For Cancer Kit

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