Your ‘A’ Plan for Healing

Holistic Support For Breast Cancer

By: Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT

Your Healing Plan can be a crucial tool, helping you move forward to optimum health.

Follow the steps below and use the template download to create your own individualized Healing Plan.

Step 1    Put together your holistic support team

Your Integrative Physician or Naturopathic Doctor can order tests for mineral deficiencies or excesses of certain nutrients. Magnesium levels are often low in people with cancer and Calcium levels are often high. Are yours?

Your physician can order diagnostic tests so you know exactly what you are dealing with. What type of cancer, where is it exactly? It’s important to know details however don’t get caught up in owning your cancer or tumor by calling it, ‘my tumor’. Instead, recognize this as a message from your body that you have not been treating yourself as well as you could be. Is this true for you?

SHe can refer you to a specialist who can order tests for glandular function and other specific tests related to your condition. SHe can also order tests for heavy metal toxicity. Many cancer patients have heavy metal toxicity from mercury amalgam dental fillings. Is this you?

Choose a physician who is open minded, supportive and available to you.

Focus on removing the causes of your disease such as toxicity, mineral deficiencies and so on, rather than on the disease itself.

A Holistic or Biological Dentist can help remove toxic mercury fillings and infected root canals.

Most regular dentists (not all) do not accept the theory that mercury is harmful. This is absolutely not true. Mercury is the second or third (depending on who you talk to) most toxic element to human life.

Silver fillings are made up of Mercury, Silver, Tin, Copper and other compounds. Independent tests have shown that Mercury Amalgam dental fillings are dangerous to our health and leak out Mercury on a regular basis. Mercury can have extreme negative effects by interfering with your nervous system, breaking down the structure of neurons and suppressing liver function by interfering with biochemical processes in your liver. Your liver needs to be functioning optimally to clean your blood, complete Vitamin D conversion and heal your body. (2013 Robbins)

This practitioner will be trained in using rubber dams and methods of safely removing mercury amalgam fillings.

Your Holistic Nutritionist can help you formulate a series of cleanses that will help to detoxify your organs, tissues and body systems. SHe will also help you develop a natural nutrition plan that wholly supports your body’s functions while rebuilding and healing damage caused to cells and organs.

SHe will help you decide what supplements are beneficial and what supplements are not. Specifically, Registered Holistic Nutritionists focus on improving nutrient uptake with raw whole natural foods and supplements made from raw whole natural foods and herbs. They recognize that not all supplements are helpful and some may actually be contributing to illness and disease.

This practitioner will be trained in the emotional and spiritual connection to disease and will help provide steps and resources to remove negative blocks that may be preventing you from healing completely.

Your Master Herbalist may be in private practice or may own a health food store or herbal shop. SHe can support your healing journey with specific herbs or combinations of herbs that help to detoxify and heal your body.

Many herbs have extremely powerful properties that can help to open your detox pathways and get things moving through your eliminatory organs, chelate heavy metals, provide valuable nutrients, kill pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungi and generally improve the state of your health.

Most herbs are medicinal in small quantities and harmful in large quantities or in certain situations or conditions so its important to have a credible source of information.

Your Support Group will provide a safe place where you can voice your fears, share valuable information about healing and focus on moving forward.

In some cases, specific to online groups, people can be negative and force their opinion about new ideas and natural healing therapies. If you run across someone like this notify the Group Admin and ask that they be spoken to or removed from the group. In one case, a woman who chose to heal herself naturally was completely deflated when a woman who claimed to be a physician told her, “Well unfortunately you are the type of person who does need chemotherapy to really get rid of the cancer.”

Thankfully Nuro wasn’t influenced by this woman’s opinion and went on to heal herself completely of non-Hodgkins sub-cutaneous Lymphoma. You can see Nuro’s beautiful healing story here:

You may also find a local support group that meets weekly or monthly in your church or community center.  If you can’t find a support group that is positive and focuses on healing, start your own.

Your Yoga Practice will provide a way to de-stress and detoxify with movement. Yoga is a most healing practice and whether you choose to join a local or online class, be sure your instructor is well trained and privy to the fact that you are dealing with a serious illness.

Whether you choose to do yoga at a class or not, you may wish to bring your practice home so you can enjoy the benefits more frequently, while at the same time improving immune function by lymphatic stimulation through movement. Your lymphatic system is passive, unlike your cardiovascular system, which uses your heart pump to press fluid through your arteries and veins. The lymph system requires movement for optimum flow of lymph fluid through your lymph system, nodes and spleen, your largest and most important ‘lymph node’.

Your Whole Natural Foods Suppliers may be made up of several suppliers of organic whole foods, such as a local health food store, the health food section of your grocer, local farmers, online suppliers and your own vegetable garden.

It may take some digging to find what you need. Just know that you deserve the absolute best and most nutritious food available, so go out there and find it. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Read labels, ask questions and only eat foods and use products that provide optimum healing benefits.

Step 2    Download the Template for My Healing Plan

Here’s what you will find inside the template for My Healing Plan:

My Goals
My Intentions
My Accomplishments
My Resources
My Practitioners

Save and print the template, then fill it out … now.

Post it where you can see it every day.

Revise your Healing Plan at least once per year or more often as needed.

Click here to download:

Wishing you much healing and blessings,

Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT


Lorscheider, F.L., Leong, C.C.W. and N.I. Syed. ‘How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration.’ Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary. 1999. Electronic video, Retrieved March 11, 2013.

Robbins, Lisa.  ‘Mercury Toxicity May Be At The Heart of Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis MS, Autism and Cancer.’ Electronic text, Retrieved Feb 2014.

Lisa RobbinsLisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT

Author of The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself! and Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories

How Do Plant- Based Diets Fight Cancer?

By Michael Greger M.D.

Plant-Based Diets Fight Cancer

Why do centenarians—those who live to be over a hundred years old—escape cancer? As you can see in my 3-min. video IGF-1 as One-Stop Cancer Shop, as we get older our risk of getting and dying from cancer grows year by year until we hit about 85 or 90, and then cancer risk starts to drop. It seems that centenarians are endowed with a particular resistance to cancer. So what’s their secret?

Every day, 50 billion of our cells die, and every day, 50 billion new ones are born. There’s a balance. Otherwise your body would shrink or get too crowded. Sometimes we need grow, like when we’re a baby or for that growth spurt around puberty. Our cells don’t get larger when we grow up; they increase in number. A child’s hand may only be made up of about 50 billion cells and may have to add half trillion or so while growing up.

Once we’re all grown up, though, we don’t want a lot of extra cells hanging around. We still need our cells to grow and divide, but out with the old and in with the new. We don’t want to be making more cells than we’re putting out to pasture. When you’re a kid, extra growth can be good; when you’re an adult, extra growth can mean a tumor.

How do our cells know when to tip the scale in favor of more dividing with less dying and when to come back into balance? A key signal is IGF-1, a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor number one. IGF-1 levels go up when you’re a kid so you grow and then come back down when you’re done growing. Should your levels stay a bit too high as an adult, though, there’s a constant message sent to your cells to grow, grow, grow, divide, don’t die, keep going, keep growing. Not surprisingly, the more IGF-1 we have in our bloodstream, the higher our risk for many types of cancer.

When you’re a kid, growth is good, but too much growth when we’re all grown up can mean cancer. In my 90-second video, Cancer-Proofing Mutation, I describe Laron Syndrome, a type of dwarfism caused by congenital IGF-1 deficiency. Those affected don’t have that IGF-1 spurt in childhood so they grow up short-statured, but not having an excess of IGF-1 in their systems as an adult makes them nearly cancer-proof. This raises the question of whether one can achieve the best of both worlds by ensuring adequate IGF-1 levels during childhood and then suppressing excess growth promotion in adulthood. This can be done with a plant-based diet as I described in my last blog posts Cancer-Proofing Your Body and Treating an Enlarged Prostate With Diet, as well as in my 4-min. video The Answer to the Pritikin Puzzle.

Who is Pritikin? See Engineering a Cure. What’s the puzzle? See Ex Vivo Cancer Proliferation Bioassay. The binding protein findings I describe in the video may explain the findings in Is It the Diet, the Exercise, or Both?

For more on IGF-1, I’ve touched on it before in Dairy Hormonal Interference and Meat Hormones & Female Infertility.

-Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here and watch my 2012 year-in-review presentation Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.

Image credit: The Birkes / Flickr

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