Bali Seal Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer

Bali Seal Yoga Pose

Breast Cancer Yoga Model Angela Strynkowski, E-RYT

Diana Ross, E-RYT 500
Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga

It is summer and the perfect time to build strength. Bali Seal is the pose that helps create this strength from within.  Take it slow if you are starting out. After a few lifts and releases you will begin to feel the energy charge through you, giving you the internal as well as the external lift you need. Let us know how it felt. Namaste’


  • Stretches spine and opens chest for increased spinal mobility
  • Increased shoulder ROM, and stretches breast tissues
  • Stimulates cervical and axillary lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthens and stretches quadriceps and core  muscles
  • opens rib cage
  • Post surgical benefits of reducing fibrous adhesions and scar tissue
  • Great for opening lungs
  • strengthens lower back and squeezes kidneys


  • Knee injury

Bali Seal Yoga PoseBali Seal Yoga Pose


  1. Begin seated on an appropriate size prop in between legs, ankles should  be comfortable.
  2. INHALE, bring arms in front, interlace hands in COMPLETION MUDRA (hands interlaced with thumbs and forefingers straight) and rise up  bringing arms overhead or to a comfortable place to lift up.
  3. EXHALE, lower arms and seat back down on heels, or a supporting prop simultaneously.
  4. Continue to INHALE, and lift up.
  5. EXHALE, and lower down.
  6. Coordinate the breath with the movement.
  7. Continue to flow up and down bringing a gentle attitude to each movement.
  8. Breathe deeply and allow your body to feel energized and rejuvenated.

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Diana RossDiana Ross, E-RYT 500 founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is a restorative yoga teacher; and a survivor that cares about making a difference in your recovery process. Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products were designed to support you emotionally and physically from breast cancer surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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