2015 Predictions: Counting Green Sheep in Dreams, Health, Wealth and Your Love Life


2015 Prediictions From Breast Cancer Authority Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

Quote: “In order to effectively battle crisis, you must get in touch with your inner-selves and work together toward the goal of survival.” ~Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos/author

By Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos, TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the International bestselling book, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing .

Life is full of obstacles, but we are never given a challenge that is too difficult to overcome. During hard times do you ever pray for help? The answers to your prayers may be in your dreams.

Dreams can be daydreams; moments when your mind wanders to a beach beyond time and space and wades in the waters of Universal Wisdom from the Ocean of Gnosis. There, we receive answers from our Higher Power.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed illness missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied, I understand the importance of dreams, female intuition and Inner-guidance, which diagnosed my stage-four breast cancer recurrence. That is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck had little to do with it. Divine intervention did. I learned that the power of science goes so far, and then comes our Higher Power. Science is a gift from our higher power. And each new year is another gift.

Out with the old Chinese 2014 Horse and in with the new 2015 symbol; Green Wooden Sheep. The first day of Green Wooden Sheep is February 4, 2015. Chinese New Year Day is on February 19, China Standard Time. The Year 2015 is the 4712th Chinese Year.

2015 will be an Inner-guidance turning point for many people. If you were lucky in the past two years, then you will maintain your achievements. If you were unlucky the last two years, 2015 brings the opportunity to create your future. This is because Sheep contains the Female Earth, which grows plants, and helps to create something from nothing. 2015 is all about teamwork. Sheep were born 1931-02-17—1932-02-05.

Numerology: 2015 is an 8-Year. 8 will manifest the physical world. 8 is the infinity sign standing at attention, which makes for limitless possibilities concerning answers to dreams, prayers and meditations.

What does the 2015 Inner Guidance Horoscope hold for you and your loved ones? What dreams of health, wealth and love do you share? During challenging times that question your resolve, Your Power Word may hold the key to an answer. Stand in your power.

Aries- (3/21-4/19) Your Power Word: Creativity

Negative: Health; Positive: Destiny
Beware: Negativity
Lucky Numbers: 5; Season: Spring; Element: Fire;
Embrace: Color: Blue; Foods: Cauliflower; Direction: South
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Changes are in store for Aries. Everything is going as planned, but others may interfere. Sunny days are ahead for your finances. Your career takes a downward turn but diligence saves it. Your love life gets better than you ever imagined.

Taurus- (4/20-5/20) Your Power Word: Wealth

Negative: Expenses
Positive: Family
Lucky Numbers: 6; Season: Fall; Element; Earth
Beware: Workers
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Rice
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card; Pentacles:
Taurus finds a friend in technology. Maintain stability with family. Allow solitude in your life. Time alone helps you recharge. 2015 looks stable in wealth. Love interests flourish.

Gemini- (5/21-6/20) Your Power Word: Challenge

Negative: Over excitement; Positive: Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 11; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: tricksters
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: Sour
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Gemini, your finances improve. Opportunity falls into your lap. Stay focused. Do not let others distract you from new ventures. Your love life presents challenges concerning an established friendship. Let go of grudges.

Cancer- (6/21-7/22) Your Power Word: Love

Positive: Think; Negative: excitement
Lucky Numbers: 12; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: business
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: Cold products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Harts; Tarot Card: Cups
Cancer, confidence strengthens as you tackle issues and attract a new love interest. Stop taking life so seriously, your health for granted and rediscover dreams. You are capable of more than you know.

Leo- (7/23/8/22) Your Power Word: Action

Positive: Logic; Negative: Arrogance
Lucky Numbers: 9; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware: Older man
Embrace: Color: Green; Direction: South; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Leo, your hard work pays off. Finances and health improves when your career gets a boost. Your fire element makes you passionate about projects. Beware of those who take advantage of your kindness. Your Inner-guidance helps a family member in crisis.

Virgo-(8/23-9/22) Your Power Word: Health

Negative: Hesitation; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 10; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware: Over excited
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: East; Food: Green
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Virgo, your calm demeanor will be tested in 2015. You possess the innate ability to collect facts using Inner-guidance. Brush up on your anger management skills because you’ll need them. As finances improve Cupid favors you.

Libra- (9/23-10/22) Your Power Word: Thought

Positive: Health; Negative: Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 3; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: Close friend
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Libra, 2015 presents both reward and challenge due to your indecisive nature. Stand in your power and speak your truth. Relax concerning finances. Find your inner-artist and set yourself free. Your dislike of confrontation causes problems in love.

Scorpio- (10/23-11/21) Your Power Word: Emotion

Negative: Anger; Positive: Win
Lucky Numbers: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: Driving
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: spicy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Scorpio, you gain respect when your Inner-guidance handles a life crisis with integrity. An opportunity you’ve been carefully planning will present itself in a way you never expected. Be alert to love clues in dreams.

Sagittarius- (11/22-12/21) Your Power Word: Passion

Negative: Impatience; Positive: Sustainability
Lucky Numbers: 1; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware: Family
Embrace: Color: White; Direction: South; Food: Green products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Sagittarius, your enthusiasm is infectious. The last few years have tested you. You proved yourself during times that seemed unfair. Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been remodeling your life and guiding you. By summer finances improve, as do chances for love.

Capricorn- (12/22-1/19) Your Power Word: Physical

Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware: Addictions
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food; Leafy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Capricorn, you will continue to amaze yourself and gain respect from colleagues. Your close relationship with family cause health issues from worry. In love, Inner-guidance urges you take chances. The outcome is a positive surprise.

Aquarius: (1/20-2/18) Your Power Word: Observation

Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: Love.
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: red items
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Aquarius, things will rarely be dull in 2015. Manage life’s roller-coaster ride. Your soul needs to be fed, your body needs to relax and your mind needs to unwind. Seek Inner- guidance in dreams. Make emotional connections for love to survive.

Pisces- (2/19-3/20) Your Power Word: Empathy

Negative: Emotions; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: contracts
Embrace: Color: Brown; Direction: South; Food: greens
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Pisces, 2015 will be about growth. Adaptation will be a running theme. Your instincts are highly developed so trust Inner-guidance. Change is in the air with respect to love and career. You’ve earned a long-awaited get-a-way. Enjoy it!

A New Year resolution involves giving up something to improve your life. For 2015 choose to add Inner-guidance. Start with a dream journal or recording device beside your bed.

Now that you are aware of 2015’s endless possibilities, please join me for more information on accessing your Inner –guidance for a life filled with peace of mind. Discover your dream language, identify the 7 types of dreams, and experience 6 ways to remember them. Find priceless pearls of wisdom in dreams created by the sands of time. Perhaps those pearls are the answers to your prayers.

Remember, we were all born with Guardian-angels and Spirit-guides. We are their job and they take that job seriously. Dreams are doorways to Inner-guidance where your ET (Eternal Teacher) phones home for help during difficult times. Miraculously, someone always answers the call.

3 Ways to Access Your Dreams & Surviving CancerlandAbout The Author: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos believes dreams diagnose & guide your life. Did you have adeja-vu or dream come true? Kat survived three cancers diagnosed by dreams. International Bestselling Author, Dream Expert, Keynote Speaker, TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod, Columnist, & Cancer Counselor: she’s featured on radio, in magazines & newspapers, Every Way Women TV, & Walking Universe documentary. SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing is her first of four book series on walking up to dreams that diagnose life. Kat taught Special Education & Psychology at (USF). http://www.AccessYourInnerGuide.com http://www.SurvivingCancerLand.com

5 Ways to Enter Your Sacred Dream Doors For Health Information

Enter Your Sacred Dream Door For Breast Cancer HealingBy: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- International bestselling author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, 3x Breast Cancer Survivor whose dreams diagnosed cancer.

Your dreams are the doorways to a parallel universe where passed over loved ones, guardian angels and spirit guides can speak with you. These conversations can take place using words or pictures and signs from the language of Universal Symbolism, and your own dream language.

Your personal dream language can be confusing. You may feel much like Alice from Wonderland  in Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass’s when she encountered the frightening Jabberwocky in the forest. Alice could not see the forest for the trees and could not completely understand the Jabberwocky for the words. Alice understood enough words to know there was an important message for her in the frightening dreamscape.

Nightmares are always an important message that can lead us out of the dark.

That is often the case in your dream world-your dreamscape. The information can help you find your way out of the deep dark woods of Cancerland, but first you must understand the dream language.

That is part of the challenge of finding your way through the Sacred Doors of your Dream World filled with information and guidance for a better and more fulfilled life.

These sacred doors connect you with your innate Spirit-guides. You are born with them. You are their job and they take that job seriously.

When you are in crisis of any kind that includes but is not limited to; health, wealth or relationships, those sacred doors are always open. The only way they can close is if you choose to shut them.

If you feel your doors are not open and therefore you do not receive the information you need to live your life purpose, circumnavigate the torturous  waters of an emotional storm, receive guidance on a life threatening illness or live your life to the fullest, just ask for the sacred doors to open and you will receive.

Your request will be heard and answered. It is the Universal Law.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides is as easy as one, two, three.

Here are five strategies for doing so.

1.) Set your intention to the Universe, because it is always listening. Tell the Universe that you wish to meet your Spirit guides in your dreams tonight.
2.) Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it beneath your pillow. You are acting out the requested event by taking an abstract idea (meeting your guides) and making it concrete (writing)  by putting it on a piece of paper. You are taking an idea from the fourth dimension and bringing it into the third dimension of existence. You are connecting these parallel universes with your written intention.
3.) Now, “sleep on your intention.”  Sleeping  on it is a more than a play on words. It is the key to opening the Sacred Doors to answers within the dream world. Everyone has access to these Sacred Doors.
4.) In the morning, write down your dream in your dream journal. If you don’t have a dream journal, go to www.SurvivingCancerland.com and download the FREE guidebook in the right-side column. Put the dream journal pages in a note book binder beside your bed. (Replenish the pages when you need more.) Use the free dream journal pages as your own personal dream journal.
5.) Watch for the people, animals and plants in your dream. Underline them and write your feelings about them. What did they say to you? What colors did you see during the dream.
You may have just met some of your guides.  Now, watch for the validation during the day that verifies that your dream was guidance. Validation is very personal. You will know immediately when you get it. You will feel like you have just experienced an “Ah-ha” moment.
Meeting your Spirit guides and guardians will be a positive turning point in your life. It will be the beginning of the next phase of your life-purpose-journey toward your destiny. This is a path you will only travel once in this life time, so enjoy every step of it and remember to smell, the flowers, listen to the animals and walk with the guides in your dreams.
(this excerpt is from Kat’s free Dream Guidebook on her website @www.AcessYourInnerGuide.com )
Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- International bestselling author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, 3x Breast Cancer Survivor whose dreams diagnosed cancer, Syndicated Radio Host,  Intuitive Dream Life Coach,  speaker, & “go-to authority” on Survivor- to-Thriver in Health, Wealth & Relationships.  Kat presents at Medical and Life Expos, Radio Shows, Health Events, Magazines, & TV.


An Easter Love Letter to YOU: 7 Steps to Embrace Personal Progress & Rise Above Emotional Blockage

Easter Egg Love Letter For Breast Cancer Recovery


BY: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a published author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing.

Easter can be difficult to celebrate when you are in or recovering from cancer treatment.
It is hard to fake happy after the loss of a lifestyle, friend or family to this disease. But remember, if you are reading this, YOU are a WINNER. Let’s celebrate! Take the first tiny step with a Love Letter to YOU.

Easter is a time of renewal that also manifests in our lives.
A new day is a new beginning, and can often be a dream-come-true.

When was the last time you dreamed of success?
The egg is the Universal Symbol of the promise of the continuation of life. Each day is progress in this life-time. Yet, it is so easy to ignore all the positive things you have accomplished and focus on what still needs to be done to feel fulfilled.

Fulfillment is a mind-set.
Fulfillment is a state of thinking that manifests itself into a state of being—mind over matter. As human beings, we must be in the moment to see our past accomplishments.

Accomplishments are the result of challenges.
During your most trying moments, what was the “cross you had to bear”?  Take a second to remember it. Now, focus on how you have risen above it?  Next, imagine being handed an ornamental egg painted in your favorite colors.  Lift the top of the egg.  Peek inside.  See the gift left behind by the challenge.  This achievement is proof that you are a winner. That egg with it’s gift inside are a promise for a new day. Time for the next step— thanking your Inner-winner.

Focus on rising above the strife in a Love Letter to Yourself.
Writing can help you be in the moment of triumph by putting abstract emotions into concrete words. You will celebrate with your inner-selves; those incredible aspects of yourself that you may not be aware of, but are always there for you. As you write, they will be reading the love letter through the windows of your soul—your eyes.

By focusing on your accomplishments, your mind is set to create more positive results.
Your thoughts and memories can also bring to light your life-purpose and help you stay on the correct path to your Life Destiny.

Here are 5 steps to write your Easter Love Letter to Yourself:

1.) Remember—You may be holding the pen, but Inner Wisdom is guiding the words. Let them flow.

Although a hand written letter may be more therapeutic, a typed one works well, too.  The importance is not in HOW you connect with yourself but THAT you connect with yourself.

An Easter Love Letter to You is a simple letter to all the inner aspects of yourself — Inner Wisdom, Inner Knowing, Spirit, God, or the Higher Power of your choice.  Your letter can be addressed to any name that resonates with you.

2.) Start with a phrase of gratitude, Mantra, or Blessing at the top of your letter.

Write a phrase or mantra that has power for you. This is your letter heading.

It can be acknowledgment of your Inner Winner. Acknowledging gratitude is one of your most powerful healing and connecting energies. Your mantra/phrase will reflect that principle. If you do not have a personal phrase of gratitude, borrow one that most resonates with you.

3.) Today’s Date –Dating your letter helps ground you in the moment while you visit the past. The past is a great place to visit.  But, don’t live there.

4.)  Salutation – Dear, your name, or Inner Winner, etc.   Address the letter to whomever feels right to you. Imagine sending a  private message or group email to all your best friends.  This can be one, many, or all your Inner-people who are responsible for helping you succeed.

5.)  The Body of the Letter Write whatever feels right to you. Let it all out, but try to start and end on a positive note.  You may want to start with:

“Thank you for all you have done for me.”

6.)  Sign your name. Feel free to use a name you can embrace as the new you rather than your given name. The Love Letter is to you. You’ll get it.


If you need more guidance for your letter, use my example of what your Easter Love Letter might look like and fill in the blanks:
“I am grateful for any opportunity to connect with my Inner-winner.”

April, 9 Day, 2014

Dear Inner Winner,

Thank you for all you have done for me.

I remember when ____________________________________

Then you helped me _________________________________

We worked together by _______________________________

Now, these positive things have happened to manifest the promise of a wonderful future ______


(sign your name) Super Kat


7.) What to do with your Love Letter. You may either save the letter and read it whenever you need to reconnect with your Inner-winner, or you may perform a ritualistic act of sharing.

If you  save it, put it in a place that is easily accessible, like your wallet. Take it out and read it when you need it.

Send it to yourself in a personal email, or post it on a blog where your love and gratitude can be shared with many.

Burning is a ritual act of sharing. It uses fire to cleanse away any residual negativity and allows smoke to carry the message of gratitude to your Higher Power.  The ashes left behind will be fertile ground for new positive thoughts and deeds just like the mythical bird the Phoenix.

Your letter will be like the egg from mythical Phoenix.

This mythical bird exemplified in the movie Harry Potter, turns to ashes on dying and is reborn from the same ashes. This ability to rise again from ashes implies immortality, just like the love in your letter.

So, take a minute out of this busy time before the Easter Holiday to reflect on what you have done to leave a positive foot-print on someone’s heart or in the sands-of-time. Find that hidden gift in the form of an egg-of-love in your mind.  Write it in a love letter to YOU because you deserve it.

Then watch for answers and validation from your Inner-winner in your dreams.


Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a published author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House, Jan 2014) http://tinyurl.com/p7cjfxa, survived three breast cancers diagnosed  by her dreams, Intuitive Dream Coach, & R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor, Radio host, blogger and columnist for magazines. Kat presents at Expos, Radio Shows, Health Events, Magazines, & TV. She’s represented by Steve Allen Media. Learn more @http://www.SurvivingCancerLand.com/




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