The Role Of Detoxification In A Natural Cancer Treatment

Detoxification defines the removal of harmful toxins that accumulate in the body over a period due to different factors. It includes practices such as dieting, chelation therapy, fasting (consuming only specific fruits or foods while completely avoiding other given types), colon cleansing, and the use of specific food supplements. It is considered that detoxification is an important step to take before undergoing a natural cancer treatment that work.Detoxification and Cancer Treatment

How Does Detoxification Work?

Detoxification therapy is a procedure that aims at creating an unfavorable internal environment against the proliferation of pathogens, which include viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and cancer cells. It is normally dependent on the type of detoxification being applied.

In fasting, the low blood sugar and high oxygen concentration obtained promotes a healthy environment for normal cells. At the same time, such an environment depletes the cancer cells of their favorable environment, which is of a high-glucose/low-oxygen concentration.

There are detoxification mechanisms involving the binding of toxic metallic elements by administered chelating agents or proteins. These are substances that bind and cause metallic toxins (such as mercury, copper, gold, zinc, and silver) to be rendered inactive, so as to curb their destructive or harmful effects.

Advantages of Detoxification with Different Types of Cancer

One study involving laboratory rats reported an inhibitory effect against the development of cancer of the liver.

What is the Effect of Detoxification on Metastasis?

When complemented with other immunotherapy procedures, detoxification procedures have been shown to assist in reversing metastasis. One example is in the treatment of bone metastasis prior to and after active immunotherapy, while applying the use of ultraviolet B-irradiated tumor cells.

Does Detoxification Enhance the Effect of Chemotherapy?

Many detoxification procedures (including clay therapy and others) are beneficial and enhance pre- and post-chemotherapeutic procedures. These detoxification strategies are aimed at preparing both the internal and external body environment of a patient so as to achieve optimal results during and after chemotherapy. It is also used as a pre-step for natural cancer treatment.

They prepare the body to stabilize faster during the recovery period after chemotherapy while one is waiting for the next treatment. Detoxification using a specific type of calcium clay has been reported to make some patients stable enough to complete their long chemotherapy series; many patients withdrew before completion.

Does Detoxification Enhance the Effect of Radiation?

Detoxification procedures have also been shown to enhance the achievement of optimal results in radiotherapy. It should be noted that being subjected to excessive radioactivity is potentially harmful.

Detoxification procedures, including the use of special clay and other adsorbents, exhibits the positive effect of eliminating excess radioactive elements. Studies by Raymond Dextriet have documented a considerable reduction of excess radioactive material in organisms; he used a Geiger counter to demonstrate that dry clay can significantly absorb much of the surrounding radioactive elements.

Can Detoxification Reduce the Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Detoxification and radiation often have adverse effects on patients. Detoxification helps to combat and reduce these side effects. Detoxification fights the following: the fatigue that is unresolved by resting (and that can last for weeks or months), and also pain due to nervous system damage.

In the case of radiation therapy, in which the patient suffers pain all over, and where burns and destruction of healthy tissue are inevitable, detoxification procedures (both topical and oral administrations) help to preserve the healthy tissue and the skin at the radiation site. It also helps to prevent adverse side effects to a significant degree.

If you are following a natural cancer treatment, detoxification can help you prepare your body for the treatment by enhancing the healing potential of your immune system. Shortly put, this preliminary step’s main aim is to remove all harmful substances from your body, preparing it to receive all the “soldiers” it needs to fight the disease.

Does Detoxification Have an Influence on the Immune System?

There are many detoxification formulations studied and known to be anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. These greatly enhance and strengthen the immune systems of patients. In one 1987 Zuin study, a detoxification formulation was found to promote the immune system functionality of patients.

Some formulations have been shown to promote the body’s natural resistance to infections, and to boostthe ability of the body. Both to withstand the invasion of pathogens (harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses), and to recuperate.

Does Detoxification Improve Quality of Life and Survival Rate?

Detoxification greatly enhances wellness, quality of life, survival rate, and longevity of patients. There are insignificant levels of toxicity or side effects associated with approved detoxification procedures. These procedures primarily boost the ability of the body to eliminate toxins and pathogens. With a strong immune system achieved through detoxification, many patients have had improved wellness and a better quality of life.

In a few words…:

Detoxification is the removal of harmful toxins, which accumulate in the body over a period, using the available natural ways of excretion. It involves many varieties of therapies, but all of them aim to achieve that core objective.

Among the key benefits of detoxification is its capacity to boost the immune system’s functionality. Other benefits include

  • the regulation of proper metabolism( the breakdown, uptake, and utilization of food and other biochemical processes)
  • the immune-moderation
  • immune potentiating effects
  • the potentiating or enhancement of chemotherapeutic treatment effects.

Detoxification also leads to the reduction of adverse side effects; enhancement of radiotherapy treatment; inhibition of metastases or spread of cancer and other malignancies; survival of convalescent patients; and finally, improvement of affected persons.

Takeaway notes:

Effects of detoxification

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Elimination of pathogenic substances
  • Enhancement of healing and recovery
  • Stabilizes persons undergoing radio-chemotherapy

Detoxification and chemotherapy

  • Prepares a patient’s body for chemotherapy
  • Takes care of the body during and after the sessions
  • Enhances Mitomycin and 5-Fluorouracil

Detoxification and radiation

  • Eliminates radioactive elements
  • Preserves skin and tissue

Cancer types where detoxification has been proved effective

  • Liver cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Skin cancer



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Dr. Adem Gunes Dr. Adem Gunes has built the world’s largest database of scientifically tested natural substances with proven effects in cancer treatments. In 2009, he was appointed as the Chief Physician of ProLife Clinic in Innsbruck, Austria, and played a key role in the establishment of the research laboratory. He is also the co-founder of the first Austrian hyperthermia center. Now, Dr. Adem works closely with cancer patients from around the world (including Germany, Thailand, Dubai) to recommend them a complementary cancer clinic or to create a personalized care plan for patients to follow at home.

Dry skin brushing can strengthen immunity, spark detoxification and reverse the hands of time –

Dry skin brushing can strengthen immunity, spark detoxification and reverse the hands of time -

Dry skin brushing can strengthen immunity, spark detoxification and reverse the hands of time via


Long used in Ayurveda, dry skin brushing is a powerful — yet exceptionally economical — healing therapy. Upon first glance, the practice may not seem like much. We may question how a quick session of brushing the skin can provide such impressive results as heightened immunity, reduction of cellulite and overall detoxification. As unlikely as it may seen, dry skin brushing delivers all of the above and more.

With this straightforward technique, you are on your way to glowing health, smooth skin and a happy lymphatic system — this last perk is especially important to keep immunity buzzing and your constitution robust. But how does it work?

When we brush the skin in an upward motion, not only are we removing surface toxins and dead skin cells, but we’re also stimulating the movement of lymphatic fluids — a secondary circulatory system that assists immunity by transporting white blood cells and removing waste. Since the lymph system doesn’t have a mechanism like the heart to keep fluid flowing, it needs to be manually encouraged through dry brushing, exercise, rebounding or yoga.

Skin brushing is also known for firming cellulite, thereby smoothing lumpy problem areas of the skin. However, don’t be fooled. The taming of cellulite isn’t simply a cosmetic concern, it’s also linked with a lower toxic load. Since cellulite is comprised of fatty toxic buildup, when we brush the skin, we are essentially helping dissolve these formations so they can be removed by the eliminatory channels of the body.

Beyond detoxification and promoting youthful skin, the practice also increases blood flow, improves muscle tone and tightens up sagging bits. On top of that, the production of hydrating oils is stimulated, further enhancing a healthy dermal surface. Dry skin brushing aids digestion as well as kidney function too.

Brush well and often

If you’re sold on the idea of dry brushing, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Frequency — You should try to brush your skin at least once per day, with each session lasting between 2 and 20 minutes. Before your morning shower is ideal. Otherwise, a brushing session at night might prove to be too stimulating and interfere with sound sleep.
  • Brush type –– Look for a natural, stiff-bristled brush with a long, attachable handle for reaching tricky areas like the back. Avoid synthetic bristles, as they tend to be overly harsh and can damage the skin.
  • Method — Beginning with the feet, and moving up the legs, brush toward the heart. You want to use long, sweeping motions — not scrubbing or back and forth movements. And don’t brush so vigorously that the skin is red or irritated. You’re aiming for stimulation, not trauma. For the stomach area, brush counterclockwise. Next, focus on your backside with upward strokes. End the session with the hands, arms and chest. Avoid delicate areas like the face. Remember, both the skin and brush need to remain dry for the entire session. For maximum benefit, make sure to shower afterwards to remove dead skin cells and surface toxins.


About the author: Carolanne believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, she has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of green living for over 13 years. Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people who share a similar vision.




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Cancer Prevention With Food, Thoughts and Botanicals

Cancer Prevention With Food Thoughts and Botanicals

By: Dr. Ellen Kamhi, The Natural Nurse.
CANCER- just hearing that word out of a doctors mouth sends fear through the listeners mind. Many people react with the thought- how could this happen to me? However, in most cases, cancer does not just HAPPEN. It can be traced to specific causes, and most of those causes are under the control of people themselves. Smoking is one behavior that directly increases the possibility of getting cancer.

Another is allowing oneself to be overweight. In fact, obesity 
increases the risk of getting three of the most common types of cancer — breast, prostate and colorectal, and also endometrial, gallbladder and kidney cancers.

Obese men are 30 to 40 percent more likely to die of cancer than their lean counterparts, while obese women are 40 to 50 percent more likely.

Researchers are not certain how being overweight increases cancer risk, but they do know that excess fat changes the way the body uses glucose, forcing the pancreas to produce extra insulin, which appears to encourage tumor growth. Also, fat changes the way estrogen acts in the body, which may stimulate some cancers, such as those of the breast, prostate and uterus. Being significantly overweight may also makes it more difficult for doctors to find tumors before they grow dangerously large.

The exact program which leads to significant body fat reduction – increasing exercise and the consumption of vegetables, along with decreased consumption of junk food – is highly cancer protective as well. In addition to vitamins and minerals, vegetables have been shown to have other vital health-promoting substances. In one recent study, researchers at the University of Washington, in Seattle, have found that vegetable consumption, particularly intake of cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli, lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men.(Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2000;92:61-68). Cruciferous vegetables in particular, may exhibit a more powerful effect against cancer than other vegetable due to their high isothiocyanate content. Isothiocyanates activate enzymes present in cells, which, in turn, neutralize carcinogens. It would be best to choose organic vegetables, because pesticide ingestion has also been linked to an increase in cancer.(Ardies, C. M.; Dees, C. Xenoestrogens significantly enhance risk for breast cancer during growth and adolescence. Medical Hypotheses, 50, 6 ,1998,457-464)

Overall detoxification aids the immune system to function at an optimum level. This is the bodys natural defense against the development of cancer. Organic fresh fruits and vegetables, raw, steamed and juiced, provide an excellent foundation. They are nourishing and easy to digest, with plenty of naturally occurring fiber. Skin brushing, jumping on a mini-trampoline, and using a sauna, are all part of the detoxification program, particularly aimed at keeping the lymphatic system flowing smoothly, which discourages the growth of cancer.
Cancer Prevention With Mind:Body Connection
A Mention of Mind/Body

It cannot be emphasized enough how important spiritual and emotional work is to the support of continued wellness. Taking some time to connect with the spiritual/emotional aspects of life is a supremely important aspect for preventing cancer. It is well known that cancer patients who attend support groups actually live longer.( Spiegel D, Bloom JR, Kraemer HC and Gottheil E. Effect of psychosocial treatment on survival of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Lancet. ii: 888-91. 1989). These results cannot yet be fully explained through science, but is well understood in the teachings of metaphysics as well as by indigenous shamanic healers throughout the ages.

Herbs Can Help
In order for the body to properly detoxify, it is necessary to clean out the natural filters; the liver and kidneys. Dandelion, a common weed, is used both as a food and medicine everywhere in the world where it grows. It is a potassium sparing diuretic,that works to cleanse and support both the liver and kidneys. Herbs which contain berberine, such as Oregon Graperoot and Goldenseal support the liver, and Milk Thistle has been scientifically proven to be liver protective.(Gupta, O. P.; Banerjee, S. K.; et al, Anti- inflammatory and anti-arthritic activities of silymarin acting through inhibition of 5- lipoxygenase. Phytomedicine 7:1, March, 2000, 21-24) Turmeric, the orange colored spice used in curry has additional benefits, and has been shown to have anti-tumor activities.( Navis I, Sriganth P, Premalatha B. Dietary curcumin with cisplatin administration modulates tumour marker indices in experimental fibrosarcoma. Pharmacol Res. 1999; 39(3):175-179). I keep some in a shaker and regularly add it to food right at the table.

Herbal combinations can be used as teas, capsules or tinctures. A well known combination which may give additional protection against cancer contains sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella), burdock root (Arctium lappa), slippery elm inner bark (Ulmus fulva), turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmatum), red clover (Trifolium pratense), and watercress (Nasturtium officinale). Most of these herbs grow wild on Long Island. Once you learn to identify them, you can grow and pick your own, use them fresh, or dry them for year round availability.

A specific kind of mushroom, Maitake mushroom(Grifolia frondosa), contains a specific polysaccharide, called beta-glucan . One component , 3-branched, B-1,6-glucan. increases white blood cell motility and overall function of the immune system. Perhaps the ancients were not so far off , when they concluded that these mushrooms increase “chi” , which is movement or energy!!

Ellen KamhiEllen Kamhi PhD RN, The Natural Nurse®,( is the author of The Natural Medicine Chest, Arthritis, The Alternative Medicine Guide, and Cycles of Life, Herbs and Energy Techniques for Women. Contact: , Facebook The Natural Nurse, 800-829-0918

Do You Know What Chemicals Are Stored In The Breast?

Breast Cancer Toxin ChemicalsBy Rika Keck: Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Holistic Life Coach

“Healthy Breasts”:Do you know what chemicals are stored in your breast tissue?

The renewed interest of the effect of environmental toxins on health at DNA level is terrific news. It is time to firmly increase awareness of the health implications, esp. cancer (and infertility), related to environmental toxins.
Detoxification is not a ‘Juice Cleanse’; it requires a much more comprehensive approach addressing lung, liver, kidney, skin and colon detoxification pathways. Specific nutrients, not drugs, are used in conjunction with this process and I also find that homeopathic which support drainage, moderated exercise and colonics are a great support in this transformative process.

Testing  For ToxinsTesting for chemical toxicity can have its challenges, why?

  • Toxins are not stored in the blood, thus they are hard to investigate in the blood.
  • If you have silver fillings, your blood levels might be low, yet you are storing mercury in your tissues, and organs.
  • Some toxins are stored primarily in fatty tissue. This is a large factor why some individuals cannot lose weight despite calorie restriction and exercise. The toxins must be mobilized and bound for elimination Mineral deficiencies will inhibit detoxification of metals and chemicals.
  • Only specific labs can do the testing. These are most often not covered by insurance.
  • Conventional medicine does not recognize the impact and dangers associated with environmental toxicity.
  • There is a strong link between environmental toxins and cancers. Toxins are stored in organs and tissues. Sluggish lymphatic flow is a hindrance regarding detoxification capacity. Tight clothing and bras (esp. in the armpit area) diminish lymphatic flow in the breast area.

Pesticides Cause Breast CancerWhy is it important to test your chemical exposure?

  1. Toxic chemicals can disrupt our hormonal balance and this can have implications especially regarding our thyroid and breast tissue health. A lot of toxins are stored in the thyroid, which is really a filter as the blood continuously passes through the thyroid, just as it does through the liver. Toxic chemicals include Fluoride, chlorine, bromine and others settle in the thyroid and they can inhibit optimal thyroid function.
  2. Fibrocystic breasts can be indicative of toxic overload. A need for an iodine supplement would be helpful in combination with lymphatic drainage and detoxification. I would not recommend the common ‘wait and see’ approach. I would want to change direction to restore non-­dense breast tissue.

Regarding chemicals and your hormones: Certain chemicals mimic estrogen. We call them ‘xeno-­‐estrogens’ as they behave like estrogen but are actually harmful chemicals. They are also known as ‘endocrine-­‐disruptors’. This affects babies, children, men and women. The ‘dangerous’ estrogen is implicated in various disease and hormonal imbalance conditions if it is out of balance.
Prevent recurrences of certain cancers, which are linked to chemical toxic exposure such as breast, uterine and prostate tissue. This particularly affects reproductive tissues such as breast, ovarian and prostate tissue.

What are common concerns for breast health?

  • Airborne chemical exposures e.g. hair sprays, perfumes, cigarette smoke.
  • Fabric cleaners, new carpets, dry-­‐cleaned clothes
  • Personal care products including parabens, ‘estrogen-­‐like’ hormones, 
shampoo, make-­‐up, deodorant, toothpaste
  • Plastic containers, esp. if put in the microwave (AVOID)
  • Commercial household cleaning products
  • Materials used in teeth restoration, root canals, crowns
  • Water: tap water, water in cheap plastic bottles

How can you find out what toxic load is in your body (and breasts)?

1) The EPP Test: (US BioTek) 
This is the “Environmental Pollutants Panel” test from US Bio Tek and it is very affordable esp. in view of the most valuable health information you receive. It will change your health (and life). 
This is a great and simple test to assess urinary metabolites connected to phthalates, benzene, styrene, toluene and more environmental toxins related to paints, furniture, air fresheners in offices, fragrances, car exhausts, plastics, polystyrene food containers and cups, cosmetics.

2) Urinary Metabolic Profile Test: (US BioTek) A simple Urine Collection Strip for over 36 metabolites!
This test is cutting edge and eliminates the need to freeze or refrigerate urine samples (used during Iraq/Afghanistan war – cutting edge technology to prevent spoilage of samples).

These tests are a must for any condition associated with Cancer, chronic fatigue, mental health concerns as it affects neurotransmitters, fibromyalgia, mold and or/chronic co-­‐infections related to Lyme’s, sleeping disorders, skin conditions and other chronic health conditions.

If you are having health challenges that you cannot get id rid of, consider the above testing. Both tests are affordable and will provide some missing pieces to the health challenges.

Rika_KechAbout Rika Keck: Find Rika at
 . Rika specializes in Nutrition, Fitness and  Women’s Wellness. Rika is Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, also a CMTA Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Holistic Life Coach.

Spring Cleaning for the Liver

Spring Cleaning For The Liver

Spring Cleaning For The Liver – Lemons

 by Omnia Raza Mir Chishti

Spring is in full bloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Lilacs, wisteria, azaleas, all the blossoming trees, and tulips galore!  It’s a sight to behold.  The spring air is fresh, clear, and the sunshine is so welcomed.  Spring is a time of renewal, refreshing, and cleansing.  We are reminded of the time for “spring cleaning”, and a time to cleanse the body as well.  With just a bit of preparation and mindful intention, we can harness the power of renewal and rebirth, detoxifying our bodies and restoring optimal vitality, therefore greatly benefiting body, mind and spirit.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is ruled by the wood element, which in turn regulates the liver and gall bladder.  A liver cleanse is then in order for the spring season.  With this, comes the need to support all the parts of the body, that work to eliminate and discharge toxins from the body.  Without support and cleansing these organs, we can create a toxic build-up leading to digestive distress, candida, congestion, and headaches.   Long-term, these toxic buildups can lead to more serious diseases.  It is firstly, important to prepare for the cleanse.  Gathering all the needed supplies, allowing time for the body to ease into the cleanse, and adequate rest is required.  Preparing the mind with intentions, affirmations, prayer, and meditation are equally important.  Lastly the body requires deep breathing, stretching, and movement.

A dietary cleanse can last from 3 to 21 days, or even longer.   Consider doing the cleanse in the following stages. The first stage is a Preparation Stage.  Ease into it by eliminating toxic foods like red meat, dairy, refined flour, caffeine, and sugar.  Then add in fresh juices, eating more organic vegetables, especially greens, as they will detoxify the system faster and eliminate cravings.   Then the more Intensive Stage eliminates all animal products and grains.  Now we add in heavier juicing of vegetables, green smoothies and a diet of raw or steamed organic vegetables. Fruits and fruit juices should be used lightly, or not at all because of the added sugars.  Adding a detoxifying drink of lemon and olive oil will greatly benefit your liver cleanse. The acids from the lemon will contract the liver, and the olive oil with ease out the toxins from your gall bladder.  Remove the peel of the lemon, then cut in quarters and remove the seeds. Then blend the lemon fruit with a cup and half of water, add a tablespoon of organic cold pressed olive oil and pinch of pink Himalayan salt.  Blend well and drink on an empty stomach at bedtime.  This detoxifying stage, can then be followed once again by the Preparation Stage.  The longer you can eat at this stage, the more vitality you will feel.

Remember to increase your fluid intake by drinking filtered, distilled or alkaline water, and herbal teas.  A facilitated cleanse with a Nutritionist, or Health Coach would further help to assist in a deeper cleanse and would address the specific needs of the individual. This provides a comprehensive program especially for anyone dealing with a health crisis.  They would also be able to include a specific  program of other healing modalities, herbs, supplements and super foods to further detoxify the body and insure optimal nutritional value.

Please note particularly for those that are new to detoxifying  or are currently in treatment for cancer or other illnesses,  do this under proper supervision and take your time introducing the raw foods. You may experience a detox reaction, for example, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. It is all good. The body is cleansing but again take your time.


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