Cancer Treatment With Self-Oxygenation Therapies

Medical research suggests that cancer is based and caused by low oxygen levels in cells or tissue hypoxia. Of course, there are other factors like smoking that can lead to lung cancer, heredity that increases chances of breast cancer or prostate cancer or blood cancer, diet that can lead to throat or stomach or colon cancers and so forth. These factors are also important in understanding cancer causes and search for cure for cancer.

However, body oxygenation is the key factor Note that I am talking about body oxygenation since it is not just tumors, but the whole body hypoxia is required for appearance of cancer cells. Hence, cancer sure requires normal body oxygenation.

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How could baking soda or sodium bicarbonate influence body and tumor oxygenation? It releases CO2 or carbon dioxide. CO2 is dilator of blood vessels or vasodilator. It is also crucial for release of oxygen in cells due to the Bohr effect.

More information about cancer research, cancer causes, and natural alternative therapies for cancer cure: .

These are the key factors that increase oxygen transport to cancer cells in case when Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Italy) injects baking soda solution into the artery leading to the tumor. Therefore, baking soda cancer treatment therapy works due to increased CO2 levels in the blood that increase oxygen delivery to the cancer cells.

Cancer patients breathe much more than both norms. Furthermore, respiratory rate (breathing frequency) of cancer patients, as many studies have found, is an independent predictor of their mortality. Over breathing or hyperventilation in people with cancer causes low CO2 levels in the arterial blood and reduces oxygen levels in their bodies and tumors.

Other natural alternative treatment therapies are based on increased body oxygenation due to breathing retraining techniques, such as the Oxygen Remedy, Buteyko method, Frolov breathing device, and some other techniques that can be used for cancer cure. Find more about them since they are much more effective in treatment of cancer than foods and diets.

What about diets and foods to cure cancers? You can eat tons of supplements, vitamin B17 and super-foods, drink canisters of herbal drinks, have hundreds of colonic irrigation procedures, and practice yoga for many hours every day, but if your body oxygen level remains the same, you will suffer from the same symptoms and require the same dosage of medication.

Experience of hundreds of people using the Buteyko breathing therapy suggests that cancer tumors naturally disappear, if one gets more than 40 seconds for the body oxygen test 24/7.

Here is the link to the clinical trial on metastasized breast cancer with breathing retraining : .

Other types of cancer, like prostate cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer, throat and lung cancers can also be addressed with these techniques.

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Try This Diet Plan To Shrink Cancerous Tumors

Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors With Vegan DietProbably about a third of common cancers can be prevented by eating a healthy, plant-based diet, being physically active, and maintaining a healthy weight. One of the ways plants may help is by cutting off the supply lines to cancerous tumors.

A tumor cannot grow without a blood supply. Currently, it is believed that a tumor mass cannot exist in a volume greater than about size of the ball at the tip of a ballpoint pen without a proper blood supply, which indicates that angiogenesis—angio means vessel, so the genesis—the creation of new blood vessels is critical to tumor growth. Each one of us has cancer cells in us right now. By age 70, microscopic cancers are detected in the thyroid glands of virtually everyone, for example. Most of these tumors never cause problems, never become clinically significant, leading to the concept of “cancer without disease” as a normal state during aging. Cancer cells are commonly present in the body, but they can’t grow into tumors any bigger than that tiny dot size, no more than 10 million cancer cells before needing to get hooked up to a blood supply. So tumors diabolically release angiogenic factors, chemicals that cause new blood vessels to sprout into the tumor. The most important one is called VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor. But we can suppress VEGF with Ve-ggies.

Many of the phytonutrients we know and love in tea and spices and fruit and berries and broccoli and beans can block cancer’s stimulation of new blood vessels. They’re ideal for prophylactic long-term use against breast cancer because of their reliability, availability, safety, and affordable price. Dietary agents used to suppress angiogenesis may be an important step in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, and in fact all types of tumors. The review concludes that we now have convincing evidence that dietary plant constituents possess the unique ability to affect tumor angiogenesis, which may be deemed advantageous in the prevention and treatment of human breast cancer.

Most of these studies have only been done in a petri dish, though. You stimulate human blood vessel cells and they start forming these tubular structures trying to make new capillaries to feed the tumor, but if you add plant flavones like apigen or luteolin, found thoughout the plant kigdom—like in citrus, celery, and peppers, you can see they help block the tube formation. Here’s the effect of fisitin, a phytonutrient found in strawberries and other fruits and veggies. It just shrinks the beginnings of new blood vessel formation right down.

Where do researchers get their hands on human blood vessels? Human umbilical vein endothelial cells. They get them from discarded umbilical cords, or, more controversially, from the eyes of aborted fetuses. But either way you can stimulate blood vessel formation with the tumor compound VEGF and then abolish that effect with plant compounds, in this case from purple rice. Therefore, the daily consumption of natural foods containing adequate flavonoids could be beneficial for the prevention of cancer metastasis or could improve cancer prognosis.

Given the power of plants, one might speculate that the foundation of an anti-angiogenic approach to cancer might be a whole food vegan diet.

Doctor’s Note

The cancer-promoting growth hormone IGF-1 is another angiogenic factor, helping tumors turn on the gravy train. This may be another reason plant-based diets protect against cancer, since as few as two weeks on a healthy diet can lower IGF-1 levels. See my series on the elegant experiments that discovered this:

One way cancer turns on the tap is silencing certain tumor suppressor genes. How do you turn them back on? See, for example, Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer.

How else can strawberries smack on the cancer kibosh? See Strawberries versus Esophageal Cancer and Cancer Fighting Berries.

Because we all likely have cancer cells inside us, Cancer Prevention and Treatment May Be the Same Thing. To die with cancer rather than from cancer, we need to slow down cancer doubling time. Check out one of my oldie-but-goodie video Slowing the Growth of Cancer.

For more context, check out my associated blog post: Flax and Breast Cancer Survival and Starving Tumors of Their Blood Supply.


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