Exercises For Neuropathy

Exercises For NeuropathyNeuropathy is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Many chemotherapy’s have this effect and it can get better or last a lifetime. Treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and maintain quality of life with these few suggestions listed below.

6 Complementary Therapies For Managing Breast Cancer Peripheral Neuropathy During Treatment & Recovery

Complementary Therapies For Managing Breast Cancer Peripheral Neuropathy During Treatment & RecoveryPeripheral neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can cause numbness, tingling, pain, muscle weakness, and other changes. It can be caused or worsened by cancer and cancer treatment, as well as other conditions.

Neuropathy can be difficult to treat, there are some complementary therapies and lifestyle changes that may be helpful for reducing these symptoms and get patients through their cancer treatments more easily or improve their quality of life after treatment. Massage, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques may help decrease pain and reduce mental stress. These therapies can promote health, healing and symptom relief.

Massage: Studies have shown massage to be helpful for relieving pain (not specifically CIPN pain.) Massage may facilitate the healing of nerves by improving blood circulation to the affected tissues (increasing oxygen and nutrient flow.)

Amma Therapy: Aromatherapy massage studies also increases the production of natural pain-killing proteins (called, endorphins) in the tissues being massaged. Aromatherapy massage is a commonly used complementary therapy, and is employed in cancer and palliative care largely to improve quality of life and reduce psychological distress.

AcupunctureAcupuncture: Acupuncture has been reported to help restore nerve function in patients with CIPN. Studies have shown that acupuncture increases blood flow in the limbs (aiding in oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the affected tissues and nerves.)

Reiki: Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and keeps us healthy (mind and body.) Some studies have found that reiki provides reduction in CIPN symptoms.

Yoga For Managing Breast Cancer Peripheral NeuropathyYoga: Yoga uses movement and postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), 
and meditation to achieve a connection between mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has been studied and found to provide reduction in CIPN symptoms.

Meditation: Meditation is a practice in which an individual focuses their awareness away from the distractions of the fleeting thoughts racing through our mind and onto an activity free of distraction. Meditation has been studied and found to provide reduction in CIPN symptoms.

Managing neuropathy and relieving side effects is an important part of cancer care, treatment and recovery. Many people recover fully from the disorder over time, in a few months or a few years. Your health care provider can help eliminate the cause of your neuropathy and manage symptoms with complementary therapies.

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