There is so Much to Recovery

breast-cancer-recoveryAs I am sitting by the fireplace in the midst of the Catskill region and reflecting on what to write for this breast cancer blog, I am reminded of my yogic learning. In yoga we try not to think that which we do not want. This is a blog for any recovery.

Recovery requires us look at more than the physical body
If I only focus on the disease, then my recovery is limited. Recovery requires us look at more than the physical body. Recovery cannot occur unless we are willing to look at the complexity of our being. We need to heal our physical body but that also includes our emotional, mental and spiritual being. Doctors and treatments do not heal us; they facilitate our process of healing. They are very necessary. They give us the strength and physical ability to enable the healing that comes from within us.

Our body when balanced has the power to heal
Working in hospitals as a student, I could not understand when doctors would say; “I can not do anything for this patient, she does not have the will to live.” We as patients must become partners with the doctors in the healing process. Our body when balanced has the power to heal according to yoga. Therefore yogis do exercises and breath work to enable the body to balance.

When the body has dis-ease, it is out of balance. With the wonderful work of science, doctors now have the ability to attack most dis-eases, and to give us the strength to begin the healing process. These blogs are here to assist us in this healing process.

The word yoga means to “yoke our individual self with the universal self.” We believe that eventually all of us will join our creator. To do so, we need to purify this physical, mental and emotional body. Our soul is universal, we are universal, but having a human experience. It is everyone’s destiny to return to the source. It matters not what you call the source, God, Allah, Krishna, there is only ONE but we all take different paths. When we are on the path towards our goals, we feel more balanced.

Our spiritual body is also required in the healing process
All beings on this planet rely on life force. This life force we call praana, others may call it chi or adamantine particles. Praana is the essence of life. It is the essence of creation coming from the Heart Core of our Supreme Creator. Therefore, our spiritual body is also required in the healing process.

How much praana we are able to absorb is dependent on our physical, mental and emotional vessel? I like to compare it with the electricity in our homes. It is always there to give us 120 volt. The refrigerator takes all of the voltage; whereas the transistor radio can only take 12 volts. Similarly our body utilizes praana according to the state of our being. The goal is to be able to absorb more and more praana. More life force in the physical body will affect the mental and emotional body. Similarly the emotional body affects the physical. When we are happy or in love, we have an abundant amount of energy. When we are sad and depressed our energy is low. When our mind creates tension, the flow of praana is obstructed within the physical vessel. So we must constantly try to increase the praana within us, through any method available, either physical, mental or emotional.

For any healing to occur we need to increase our intake of praana
Praana is life force that will aid all healing processes. The easiest way to increase praana is through the breath. Yoga states that by the regular practice of praanayaam or breathing exercises we can maintain a higher standard of health, vigor and vitality. For any healing to occur we need to increase our intake of praana.

For this blog post I would like YOU to start taking long deep breaths
Let the exhalation be as long as the inhalation, break the breath between both for a short while. We call this rhythmical breathing. This can be done at any time of the day, and as many times as possible. Practice daily, and slowly the body will get accustomed to taking in more oxygen.

When life becomes overwhelming and tense, take a deep breath and allow the exhalation to be twice as long as the inhalation, and the body will quiet down immediately. Put this tool in the back pocket and draw it out whenever necessary. Life gives us much tension.

With Love and Respect
Ma Mokshapriya

MokshaPriya Breast Cancer Authority Blog ContributorMokshapriya is ordained as Swami Ma Mokshapriya Shakti Saraswati and has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy for over 40 years. She currently teaches and gives guidance in Queens NY at the Yogashakti Yoga Center. She is the co-founder of the Yoga Teachers Training Institute and has trained over 250 yoga teachers in Long Island and New York. Mokshapriya has a Education by researching and writing a “Comprehensive Eclectic Yoga Program: A Strategy for Self-Improvement” Curriculum for College. She is very direct, but approachable. You may contact her at or

ABUNDANCE – Words of Encouragement For Breast Cancer

Abundance - Words of Encouragement For Breast CancerI thought that this year adding a little alphabet soup to my blogs for Breast Cancer Yoga might be a way to keep you encouraged and looking forward to a much shorter article that is written only to give you something to ponder or journal about.

Cancer is a fatiguing disease and even if you have moved on to the “survivor” compartment, it seems there is always that nagging little voice over any symptom that might come up. Whether it is a common cold that won’t go away or a back pain that you know is from lifting to many rocks into that wonderful healing garden, that voice says, “Is this a symptom it has returned?” Thus, cancer during and after treatment is an emotionally fatiguing disease. It is my hope that by having a short alphabetical word from A-Z you are able to focus on positive energy and keep your spirit soaring.

Our first word is Abundance.

ABUNDANCE is really a belief system. Do you operate from a perspective that there will always be enough or do you come from a place of scarcity where quantity can run out and there won’t be enough for you? This is not about that worn out old saying, “Is your glass half-empty or half-full?” It is about the belief system deep down in you. Do you matter enough to be taken care of by the universe? Or for that matter to take care of yourself?

How much food do you throw away from your refrigerator each week? How many extra pair of shoes do you have in your closet? What other things fill your closet and drawer space? Are you are not living in ABUNDANCE with extras, or are you are living in greed, fear and materialism?

ABUNDANCE is having enough not more. The food system may not be able to support us in years to come and then our gluttony might have to come to an end, but there will be enough to sustain us. What do you need to sustain you? Living simply is ABUNDANT living. Living within your financial means is ABUNDANT living! Living on credit card debt is living frivolously and recklessly. Yes, you may have debt from a medical bill that was a necessity, or a set of tires you are paying off for your safety, but if your credit card is filled with department store debt, you are living irresponsibly. If you want freedom then you must live in the ABUNDANCE of enough.

As cancer survivors or people living with cancer, ABUNDANCE may elude us when we are tired, in pain, and sick from the side effects. However, the day-to-day grind can get to any of us. It is important to dig deep within and find that grateful spot that says something similar to, “I hate not being able to taste my food, but I still choose to nourish myself with the comfort and essentials of eating enough to help my body respond to healing.”

2016 has just begun and enough is exactly what we need to experience. ABUNDANCE and ABUNDANCE of gratitude will assist us in the days and weeks to come as we move toward a sense of enough regardless of the circumstances. “All is well within my heart.”

Dr. Robin DilleyDr. Robin B. Dilley, author of In A Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer is a licensed psychologist in the State of Arizona. Her eclectic practice allows her to cross diagnostic barriers and meet clients in their need assisting them to respond to life in healthy and empowering ways rather than react to life’s circumstances.

Use of Medicinal Herbal Teas During Recovery to Reduce Stress

Breast Cancer Yoga Soothing Tea BlendsThe use of botanical medicines, also known now as a complementary therapies include  medicinal herbal teas. Complementary therapies are beneficial in supporting the personal and emotional needs of the patient. It can also help with relieving nausea, insomnia and assisting in soothing nerves. It is common knowledge that herbal teas, aromatherapy and massage oils are all indeed beneficial to help support the personal and emotional needs of the patient.

Medicinal Herbal Teas to Reduce Stress
Botanical medicinals, include herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, and catnip. These teas are beneficial in supporting the physical and emotional needs of the patient. They help with relieving nausea, insomnia and assisting in soothing nerves. It is common knowledge that herbal teas, aromatherapy and massage oils are beneficial to help support the personal and emotional needs of the patient.

Dawn Breast CancerAbout Dawn Bradford Lange:  Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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