10 Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Mind Body and SpiritBy Rika Keck, CMTA,ACN
Holistic Health Advocate & Applied Clinical Nutritionist

“How we can support our healing and energy during cancer treatment with self-empowerment tips, ranging from nutritional support to emotional healing”.

Having attended various ‘Clinical Approaches to Cancer’ symposiums, it is very clear that whole food nutrition, nutritional (non-synthetic!) and botanical supplementation support the individual – without adversely affecting treatment, or sometimes enhancing medical treatment if that is desired.

Each individual and case is different – after all, it is not about the illness. It is about the individual who is experiencing a serious health crisis. And about the dear ones providing support!

When faced with chronic illness, it is important to address various pieces of the puzzle that contribute to the dis-ease.
Once one hears a cancer diagnosis, stress levels understandably go through the roof. There is fear, anger, confusion, emotional numbness, pain, frustration, a scattered brain, anxiety, sadness – “your rug is pulled from underneath you..” And there is a feeling of loss of power. It is vital, to regain a sense of ‘Self’, maintaining one’s identity during this crisis mode.

With this in mind, I decided to write regarding self-empowerment tips, ranging from nutritional support to emotional healing. It is all about the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and I hope it will be helpful information (you are welcome to share).

So, how can we support our Healing, Wellbeing and Energy from a Mind-Body perspective?

Mind, Body,Spirit, Balance

1) Before any treatment or surgery, make yourself as strong and healthy as possible. Blood labs show nutritional deficiencies, and in most cases, there is time to address these within a few weeks prior to treatment.

2) Nutritional/herbal supplementation is recommended. From personal experience, I am aware that most oncologists will nix both. I do recommend consulting with an integrated practitioner, as there are certain considerations with different treatments.

3) Weight training, Yoga, rhythmical movement, Qi Gong are very helpful to improve circulation, lymphatic detoxification and oxygenation of tissues. Anything that ‘builds and moves chi’ will be helpful in supporting vitality. Getting into the pool, if that is an option, is also helpful if one likes the water. (Chlorine is another matter…).

4) Getting rid of toxic relationships that are draining is essential. We need the support of healing energy, love and compassion. Bad relationships, in any shape or form, will pull us down, will affect out energy and wellbeing. Negative thinking will create and draw-in more negative effects.

Happy and Healthy Relationship

Creating a social support that is supportive and calming, taking care of any outside ‘struggles’ that deplete energy is a good idea. Ideally, troubling matters are brought to closure before beginning of treatment so there are no distractions along the treatment way. The focus is on getting through it, while supporting min-body wellness.

5) Also, trust 100% in whatever surgeon, procedures and treatments you have chosen. Others might come with their suggestions, their projections, and their worries.

You have chosen your path for your reasons. Cast aside ALL DOUBT. Doubt will lower your vibrations. We need to raise our vibrations, not easy during a tough time, surround yourself with good vibrations. (On that note, listen to uplifting music or inspirational healing words.)

6) Meditation, acupuncture, cranio-sacral are terrific. All modalities will build energy and reduce inflammation. They will support you, decrease stress, help immune function and build energy.

7) Nutritionally? Eating organic, vibrant foods will support vitality. It is best to steam foods slightly as digestion will be weaker during treatment. It is important to support the digestive process and gut Flora.

8) “Stop beating yourself up! ” Accepting rather than fighting will save you energy. Keep faith in the body’s ability to heal, connect with spirit as you are going through difficult times, “it is what it is”…

9) Take it one day at a time, finding joy in small daily things that we sometime take for granted. Compassion, love, grief, guilt, shame and forgiveness – all are connected to cancer. Cast them aside – “make room for living in the present, seeing beauty in daily creations of Nature”.

10) Consider energy medicine to take emotional burdens of your heart and mind, raise your energy and let your spirit become free to soar. Free-up emotional blockages that keep you ‘stuck’ and ‘clogged up’ at an energetic level.

Energy Medicine For Breast Cancer

By Rika Keck
This is written from my heart, this is personal.
Love and light Rika Keck.
Holistic Health and Nutrition


Healing With Reiki – An All Inclusive Method

Reiki For Breast Cancer
Louise Scalza
Licensed Massage Therapist

Many people are still unfamiliar with Reiki and what it means.

Reiki is a type of energy healing method that has been past down traditionally from teacher (Reiki Master) to Student, holding the integrity of the practice as traditionally as possible. Interpretations may vary yet the purpose still remains that of healing the whole person.

Reiki is an ancient healing practice utilizing universal life energy also known as Chi or Prana ( The force that sustains life itself ) This energy is translated through the practitioner to the patient in need of healing by laying of the hands upon or hovering above the patient.

Healing occurs naturally, effortlessly and at the patient’s soul level’s pace, I will explain further what this means.

When speaking of Reiki your not only speaking of potentially healing at the the physical level. It is scientifically proven that the body as a whole is multidimensional, made up of about 93% energy and not just skin and bones.  When treating the whole person as western medicine typically fails to do with their “pop a pill” and “quick fix”  methods, on an energetic level, Reiki addresses the concerns of a patient’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels bringing light to the person as a  whole and not just the symptom or labeled diagnosis which itself posses a limiting possibility for treatments but that’s a different topic all together.

We were born with everything we need to support our lives through this journey and with the ability to heal ourselves and others given the proper care mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually throughout our journey. What typically happens to our divine beings as soon as we are born into this world is we are bombarded by chemicals, poked and prodded, and initially told we are incapable of naturally taking care of ourselves as soon as mom steps into the hospital for check in. The Chemicals that run through our virgin blood stream is communicating to our physical system that what we are just not good enough. Mom is told she is incapable of giving birth naturally and is prepped for the assembly line for the business of being born. Follow this introduction with a bombardment of pharmaceuticals, a poor diet and a constantly stressful environment weather it be home or work or both we are faced with a human crisis that can only be treated by confronting the entire being one level at a time.

As you see from the day we are born we are delivered into a system that tells our spirit and body that we cannot survive without interference.The truth is not only can we survive without interference but we are capable of thriving even amongst interference. So from day one our psyche is challenged and our divine selves are veiled before us. Leaving us with a sense of amnesia and in a state of therapy towards our true and powerful selves. Reiki works to unveil and unravel our powerful and divine being by peeling the layers like an onion one level at a time or multi-levels at a time depending on where the patient is as their soul’s journey. Their are many forms of energy healing and Reiki is just one of them as a non invasive way to heal on many levels which is very subtle yet can be potentially a very powerful tool for transformation and healing into ones divine self.

  • When the body is healthy but the mind is not, the person will suffer illness.
  • When the mind is healthy but the body is not, the person will suffer illness.
  • When the spiritual self is undernourished and the physical self is over nourished the person will suffer illness.
  • When the emotional self is neglected or overindulged the person will suffer illness.

The whole person is intricate & multifaceted on many levels and when one level is off balance other levels will suffer the consequence which is why self awareness through the practice of meditation, yoga, body care (Massage), energy work, emotional work is pivotal to a thriving and whole person. Self care leads to self balance which leads to self healing but most don’t know where to begin, that is why their is a dire need and uprising of many life coaches, nutritional counselors, yoga instructors, alternative healers and energy workers. These ” New age ” healers are rising to the calling of the multifaceted being that has suffered the neglect of true care for far too long.

Louise A Scalza LMT, CIMI holds Reiki Healing Circles once a month for beginners and all levels where community come together as a group to heal one another to divinity.

Private sessions are also welcome.

Louise Scalza
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Reiki Master Practitioner
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