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My 11 year old daughter Tabetha (Tabs) and I co-founded Aromatherapy AnyWear and Essential Oils by Tabs in January 2014. Our goal was to help people heal and feel happy through aromatherapy.

The idea for the business came from SummerFest, an annual vegan festival held in Johnstown, PA, in July 2013. A vendor gave Tabs a small glass vial to wear on a necklace string and told her to put fairy dust in it. Instead, we put essential oils of ylang ylang and lavender in it and added a cork top to diffuse the oils. We test marketed around Rochester, NY. People really liked the concept and the smell therapy so we decided to design our own diffuser necklaces, and started marketing around the US.

We feature our diffusers in retail outlets, spas, through Essential Oil consultants, on Facebook – aromatherapy anywear and essential oils by tabs and on our blogsite – We sell vthrough retail & wholesale channels.

Tabs has been featured on Rochester’s YNN Cable’s R News – Business Now as a Young Entrepreneur and on WHAM/Fox News’ Morning Show as the Youngest Entrepreneur ever interviewed on the show.

We donate 1/3+ of sales to animal and vegan causes, with additional donations going toward education, cancer, autism, & fundraisers.

My two sisters and aunt are cancer survivors. My husband lost both his mom and sister to cancer. We are dedicating our Breast Cancer Ribbon pendants to my sister, Carolyn, a breast cancer survivor.
We blog at and show our wares at

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