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Suzanne Strisower for the past 35 years has helped thousands of people as a life purpose expert, certified life and career coach, spiritual guide, author, speaker, workshop facilitator and radio show host. National Geographic is featuring Suzanne in a segment of their hit reality television show Doomsday Prepper as a “Lifestyle Prepper” to show people how to live consciously and sustainably. The author of three books, Suzanne recently released a comprehensive life purpose workbook, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life. Living Life on Purpose, her weekly radio show, features experts in spirituality, sustainability, optimal health and well being, personal growth and inspirational new authors, musicians and entertainers. Suzanne is a visionary change agent who lives sustainably on 30 acres in rural northern California where she lives with goats, chickens, sheep and llamas and over 130 fruit and nut trees.  Check out her Life Purpose and Coaching Services and . Each site also offers free guidebooks, other resources, and books and guided visualizations for sale.

Suzanne Strisower


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