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Regina M. Dlugokencky is a market gardener, garden coach, and librarian. Regina began gardening at age eight, after moving to Long Island from Brooklyn, and has been an avid organic gardener ever since. She has worked as an organic farmer for the past five years and is the founder of Seedsower Farm, LLC, of Centerport (, a small, diversified business that includes growing organic vegetables and berries,seedling trans- plants, and provides kitchen garden coaching to gardeners of all abilities with gardens of all sizes.



  1. The remedy for cancer is hemp oil, a concentrated extract derived in the cannabis plant. This modern formula, also referred to as cannabis extract medicine was produced by a man named Rick Simpson, who initially produced the oil as a method to get the medicinal benefit of cannabis without smoking the plant. It wasn’t long before he realized that hemp oil was the perfect way that cannabis should be utilized.Rick discovered the true energy from the medicine after he was diagnosed with skin cancer in late 2002. While 1 part of the cancer was removed surgically, two parts remained. Rick remembered hearing a report that THC, the main ingredient in cannabis, killed cancer cells, so he put hemp oil around the cancerous sites, and in only 4 days, the skin cancer was gone. Because 1974, there happen to be dozens of studies displaying that THC as well as other cannabinoids are effective in killing cancer cells and alleviating dozens of other conditions (and hemp oil has all these cannabinoids, but in concentrated type).


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