Omnia Raza Mir Chishti

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Omnia Raza Mir Chishti is a holistic visionary, intuitively endowed to combine her unique experiences, as a Nutritionist, Professional Chef, Massage Therapist and Certified Professional Coach, to empower others to co-­‐create an inspired, vibrant, healthful, full of abundance and joy-­‐filled life. She has assisted many from all walks of life including; business professionals, entrepreneurs, high profile, high-­‐net worth, celebrities and political clients, with ease and grace for over 20 years. As a Certified Professional Soul Guide, with Soul Journers International, Omnia facilitates the achievement of tangible goals, through the many twists and turns, bumps and detours of the Souls Journey through life. Highly sought after for her empathic, nurturing, generous spirit as she provides a skillful, results-­‐based approach, through her specialized, personalized service for every individual and situation. She is especially successful with individuals, and their families, who have been diagnosed with a terminal illnesses, assisting the Souls final stages in the Journey, making every lasting moment lived to its greatest potential and most joyful capacity. Omnia is the founder and Executive Director of a Ujaala International Institute of Hope, a non-­‐profit that helps abandoned children with hunger, and the building of an orphanage. Omnia Raza Mir Chishti is available for private sessions, incentives, workshops, individualized travel and retreats.

She can be reached at 808-990-1904 or email:

Omnia Raza Mir Chishti

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