Margot Malin

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Intellectually curious and fiercely independent, Margot Malin has a passion for knowledge.  After receiving her MBA from The Wharton School, she launched her career by analyzing and evaluating businesses.  She was a Managing Director with a major Wall Street investment management firm for almost twenty years.

In 2002 she embarked on the “creative reinvention” phase of her career with the intention of “giving back”. Margot founded Lots To Live For, Inc., an internet retailer that sells carefully selected products to reduce and relieve the uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation. The inspiration for this company came after both her mother and grandmother passed away after fighting courageous battles with cancer. Margot wanted to provide options and support to others who were going through exhausting and debilitating treatments. Lots To Live For, Inc. offers a variety of product lines to address side effects such as radiation burns, skin care issues, hair loss, nausea and oral care.  The website also offers a collection of great gifts for cancer patients as well as cancer resources.  Put simply:  We recognize that you have “lots to live for” and we offer solutions so that you can improve the quality of your life.

Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Investing are her continuing interests.  A lifelong swimmer, biker, and runner she has participated in numerous road races, biathlons, and sprint triathlons.  She has recently added yoga to her fitness regimen. Namaste.

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Margot Malin


  1. Lynne Weinstein says:

    Margot was a dear friend of mine many, many years ago. So glad to see what she is doing.


  2. This is a very helpful article,great work, Rika Keck (NYIntegratedHealth)


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