Linda Sheele

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Linda has been studying Ana Forrest style yoga for over 5 years. Having a hip replacement from an accident twelve years ago, degenerative disc disease and arthritis, she felt she had limitations doing certain exercises.

There are no limitations!! Yoga transformed her life. Her passion is for helping people struggling with injury, illness, heart disease, cancer, depression, stress as well as any other type of physical or emotional problems or conditions someone may have.

Linda has the ability to connect with her students, inspire self confidence regardless of one’s age or yoga experience. Linda is a certified teacher registered with Yoga Alliance.

She is Certified In:

Sampoorna Yoga – Hatha 200 hrs
Restorative Yoga
Breast Cancer Yoga
Chair Yoga
Reiki Master

After 25 years of owning three businesses, Organic Cellar Plus, Food Features Intl and XBAC, Linda’s teaching practice celebrates life through a compassionate celebration of the body, just as it is at this moment.

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