Laura Sposato-Record

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Laura Sposato-Record spent 33 years as a Human Ecology and Health Educator. In 2008, she retired from Syosset School District on Long Island to continue her passion for education by mentoring teacher interns studying at Queens College. She is a motivational speaker and presents her message, May I Borrow Your Pearls? to college students of all ages who are making decisions about a life path.   Laura’s fourteen year journey with cancer has inspired others through her motivational messages that address getting through the challenges of life with peace and harmony as the outcome. Always a lover of all things created with beads, fabric, yarn, etc., Laura has developed a jewelry design business, BeJeweled by Laura. She teaches jewelry making to young women as a tool for stress reduction and need for creative outlets. You can visit her page on Facebook. She  recently advocated in Albany for the removal of  Bisphenol-A, an endocrine disruptor used in many of the products we come in contact with on a daily basis and a known factor in the genesis of breast cancer.

Laura has embraced a complementary approach to managing her cancer journey.  Nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, have continued to help her manage the side effects of twenty three rounds of chemotherapy dealing with breast and ovarian cancer. She is passionate about empowering others with knowledge that enriches and evolves the human mind, body, and soul.

The healing presence of Goddesses and Angels, has been the most important factor in Laura’s evolution. She is wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and mentor to the amazing people in her life. Laura believes that anything is possible and that small miracles happen every day.  She can be contacted at or Facebook.

Laura Sposato-Record


  1. Natalie Leon says:

    Laura Sposato is a wonderful woman. I had the pleasure to have her as a guest speaker at my school (Queens College). She is so empowering, her aura is so peaceful and her energy is the most positive I have ever experienced. She is such an inspiration that will lift your mind and soul.
    Thank you Laura Sposato for such an amazing speech! You are amazing and I wish to follow your beliefs. You definitely made an impact in me.


  2. Kevin record says:

    I love you


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