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Gai Comans Breast Cancer Authority Contributor

Gai Comans is a health and wellness advocate who has a passion for empowering women to thrive after their treatment for  breast cancer. Gai’s interest in helping breast cancer survivors was sparked by a life-changing cancer diagnosis in 2000, at the age of 38.  Given a 1 in 10 chance of survival, it was time to revisit her choices and the impact of them on her health.

At the time of her own diagnosis Gai was working as a senior executive in corporate, where she held senior leadership roles for 15 years.   When she was diagnosed, being a career women, she dealt with both life fear and career fear.  What impact would the diagnosis have on her life but also on her career, which had taken her 15 years to build?

On completing her treatment program spanning 10 months (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy), Gai was surprised to find that the period post treatment was more challenging  than the period following her diagnosis and during treatment.

Gai is now focussed on starting and holding global conversations on the impact and challenges of survivorship and talking about the challenges, which are usually held in secrecy, in an open forum.

Gai started as an avenue for breast cancer survivors to integrate mindfulness, authentic living  and leveraging the divine feminine power in their life, business and career so that they can thrive in survivorship.  These are the tools Gai used to heal and still uses today.

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