Ellen Kamhi

Natural Medicine Specialist Since 1964

Author of Many Books:

The Natural Medicine Chest

Arthritis-Definitive Guide

Cycles of Life-Herbs for Women

The Natural Guide to Great Sex

Weight Loss- Definitive Guide

Medical School Instructor:

Botanical Pharmacology

Medicinal Action of Herbs

Herb/Drug Interactions

Traditional Indigenous Herb Use

Radio/TV Host:

Featured on Good Day, NY, Gary Null’s Radio Network, Channel 12 News

New York Times, Womans World, Glamour Magazine

America’s Health Network

Topics Include:

Teach your physician how to incorporate natural medicine, such as food, exercise and life style choices- based on scientific evidence.

Science behind Natural Medicines for Health. Safe use of herbs such as Green Tea, Echinacea, Oil Of Oregano.

Hype vs Hope of Natural Interventions and The Dr. OZ Effect.


Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC http://www.naturalnurse.com naturalalt@juno.com
Facebook The Natural Nurse 800-829-0918

Ellen Kamhi


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