Breast Cancer Authority Blog is a labor of love…Please support with a donation.

Helping those dealing with a cancer diagnosis is REALLY IMPORTANT to me!

I want them to know that they have holistic, natural, and nontoxic options for their treatment and it’s not weird or irresponsible to choose this path if it is what is best for them.

Not everyone want to go through toxic chemotherapy and radiation, or sometimes even surgery. It’s THEIR CHOICE!

Writing this blog is my outlet to doing what I love, using my unique situation as a cancer-free, holistic cancer survivor to help others going through the challenges of choosing this healing path.

That’s why I keep writing this blog, even though at times it’s exhausting…and expensive. I had no idea when I started blogging in 2013 that a blog costs money to maintain. And as it grows, it cost even more!

Which is why now in 2019,  I am finally starting a donations page. Even a few dollars would be wonderful.

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