Cynthia Shankman

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Cynthia Shankman has spent the past 11 years on a personal journey of health and wellness. She recovered from acute heavy metal poisoning after having 13 amalgams removed from her teeth. She continued to recover her health by initiating lifestyle changes such as real food, exercise, cleansing her body, and using Essential Oils for all skin, body, and health care needs.  Cynthia is a true believer in growing younger each year and fully intends to be hiking trails at the age 100++ as a Total Lover of Life.  Cynthia is available for Young Living Oil consultations.  She assists and directs clients to the best and most proper use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for health, wellness and beauty.

You can contact her by phone at 631-241-1496 or by email at

Cynthia Shankman


  1. Cancer apparently thrives in an acid atmosphere and so it is very best to prevent too much meat. Some animals are fed growth hormones and antibiotics, and may also have parasites, that are harmful and particularly to individuals currently suffering from cancer. Meat protein is also tougher to digest and the undigested meat remaining in the intestines becomes putrefied, top to more toxic build-up. Fish along with a small chicken are believed to be the best recommendation.In addition to meat products, study suggests that the following are also foods to be avoided: starchy, fried foods such as chips and fries (these contain the chemical, acryl amide – a probable carcinogen); smoked and pickled foods; grapefruit and trans fats; sodas; refined sugar and artificial sweeteners; and milk.


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