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Chef Curt Robair
Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Chef Robair trained under Chef Steven Mungeon , who gained  accolades  and celebrity  as the executive chef of the famous Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Chef Robair’s interest in the culinary arts was cultivated  from childhood . With family interests in a nightclub and restaurant, chef Robair grew up in kitchens and developed a love and passion for creating not just a meal, but a culinary experience. Chef Robair was the chef-owner of Elijah’s cafe in Woodstock, New York. It was here chef Robair honed his skills and expertise in organic and biodynamic foods, developing his own style of cooking ( contemporary regional cuisine).  Particularly enamored  with gardening and obsessed  with preparing dishes with homegrown ingredients, he maintains a greenhouse and farm of vegetables, herbs and fruits at home.
For Chef Robair food is an art – and foods made with fresh, locally grown products create additional  levels of taste which  wow the palates of his audience. Personable and charming, Chef Robair enjoys sharing his passion and offers a popular cooking class in people’s homes.
Chef Robair is the executive chef at Menla mountain retreat where he continues to serve local, organic,  healthy and wholesome  meals.

Chef CurtChef Robair Robair
Executive Chef Menla Mountain Retreat
Personal Chef / Cooking Instructor

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