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Beverly McKeeA licensed mental health therapist by training, writer at heart, Beverly McKee has an unbridled passion for empowering others to live their best life, even in the midst of crisis. A dynamic, results-driven executive with 20+ years of leadership, public speaking and business development experience, she had recently launched a new company. One random Wednesday, her life was boldly interrupted with news that would forever alter the landscape of her life: Stage III breast cancer.

Determined to use her diagnosis as a catalyst for positive change, Beverly offers HOPE and insight to her worldwide following through her blog, social media, speaking engagements and regular radio/TV appearances. Her writing has appeared in publications throughout the world, including Faces of Inspiration, The Islander and Cancer Treatment, earning her the 2014 Top Cancer Blog and Best in #Social Work awards. Her upcoming book, Celebrating Life DECADES after Breast Cancer, shares stories and insights into thriving decades after diagnosis.

Cancer free today, Beverly’s enthusiasm and appreciation for life are contagious. When not writing, you may find her rescuing baby sea turtles, stalking alligators and sunsets for that perfect snap shot or ziplining through the jungles of Belize (an adventure she embarked upon less than one year after radiation).

In an effort not to be outnumbered, Beverly and her husband Dan limit everything in their household to pairs: two sons (Jack and Alex), two dogs and two reptiles. The family splits their time beneath a canopy of trees in Missouri and the shell covered beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida where Beverly will host a party set far in the future. Mark your calendars for October 17, 2052, forty years to the day after her breast cancer diagnosis. You are officially invited to Beverly’s “40 Year Survivor Celebration”!

Visit Beverly McKee’s website at  Breast Cancer Warrior

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