The Breast Cancer Authority Blog is the leading source of complementary, holistic resources for breast cancer prevention, treatment and recovery.

Blog Audience

Health conscious breast cancer readers seeking resources to enhance and improve their overall well being. Our audience is primarily women ages 51-64.

Daily blog views are currently at 200 to 400 views per day (21,000 per month). We share daily blog posts with our Facebook page (2,700+ followers) Twitter (11,000+ followers) Google Community (4,500+ followers) LinkedIn Company Page (300+ followers) and groups, Pinterest (6,200+ followers), StumbleUpon (500+ followers), Tumblr & Digg.

Advertising Options

Home Page Banner Ad (600 x 90) Above The Fold

Pricing $50 per month

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Pricing: $35.00 per month

Block 1 – Left

Block 2 – Right

Secondary Ad Squares (122px x 122px)

Pricing $25.00 per month

Block 3 – Top Left Column

Block 4 – Top Right Column

Block 5 – Middle Left Column

Block 6 – Middle Right Column

Block 7 –  Bottom Left Column

Block 8 – Bottom Right Column

Banner Ad on all Blog Posts (500px x 100px) Below All Blog Posts

Pricing $35.00 per month

Feature Your Product on Store Page

Pricing $100.00 per year

(150px x 150px) product image with description and link to your site.

Advertising Schedule

The Ad start on the 15th of each month and ends in the following month on the 14th.

Ad Submission

Choose the month to advertise

Choose from our banner, block or store product page to advertise in

Create an ad in a jpeg format

E-mail ad and link to

Payment will be accepted via credit card once ad is approved by Breast Cancer Yoga Blog Staff.


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  1. I like the way you wrote this article. I do hope you continue to write more articles like these and touch on more interesting points.


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