Information and inspiration to help you say, “Yes” to yourself and to say, “Yes” to Health, Happiness and Hope!


Yoga For Cancer Survivors

Yoga For Cancer Survivors

The 80 minute CD has extra music at the end, so that relaxation can continue for an extended period. Your readiness to participate physically is something that you and your doctor will decide. Anyone can listen to Yoga for Cancer Survivors audio class and mentally do the exercises as a way to provide the mind with readiness to move, when the time is right.



CD: BasicHerbal Guide of Healing Herbs CD Concepts of Energetic Herbalism   
The information in this high quality studio recording (two CD set) by Patricia Kyritsi Howell introduces the essential elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and fosters a deep understanding of how Earth’s energy regulates and supports health and healing.



Empower Your lLfe Book

Book: Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets

We will provide you with the formula, and all the steps for a balanced and healthy life.   Do you want to know a secret?  Most people struggle to maintain or live a balanced life because they don’t know where to start or the steps to take so they fall back into the same old patterns over and over.  We will give you everything you need to succeed and create the life that you’ll love.


Breast Cancer.ORG
This non-profit organization for breast cancer education. It includes a guide to your pathology report, treatment options, community support, and a dictionary.

Go to “Cancer Type” then select “Breast”, etc.
Cancer.Net, the patient information website of the American Cancer Society of Clinical ONcology (ASCO) is designed to help patients and families make informed health-care decisions. It includes oncologist approved information on more than 120 types of cancer and cancer related syndromes.

Florida Breast Cancer Coalition Research Foundation
Florida Breast Cancer Coalition Research Foundation Coalition, a non-profit, grassrrots, advocaacy organization is dedicated to the eradiction of breast cancer.

Living Beyond Cancer
Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is a national educational and support organization dedicated to breast cancer patients, family members, caregivers, friends, and healthcare providers.

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization
The organization is committed to provide education and support to anyone whose life has been affected by breast cancer. The site discusses treatment, coping and advocacy issues.

Women’s Cancer Network
The Women’s Cancer Network is sponsored by the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO)

National Lymphadema Network
The National Lymphedema Network is a non-profit organization that provides education and guidance to lymphadema patients, health care professionals and the general public.They disseminate information on the prevention and management of primary and secondary lymphedema.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)
This site provides information for those looking for more advanced and detailed guidelines for certain cancer types.

Shop Well with You
Shop well with you (SWY) is a not-for-profit organization and body image resource for women surviving cancer, their carefivers and healthcare providers. Through its website, SWY focuses on helping women improve their self-image and quality of life.

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