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How To Write An Easter Love Letter To Yourself During Cancer Treatment & Recovery

Easter Love Letter For Cancer PatientsBY: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a published author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing.

Easter can be difficult to celebrate when you are in or recovering from cancer treatment.It is hard to fake happy after the loss of a lifestyle, friend or family to this disease. But remember, if you are reading this, YOU are a WINNER. Let’s celebrate! Take the first tiny step with a Love Letter to YOU.

Writing can help you be in the moment of triumph by putting abstract emotions into concrete words. You will celebrate with your inner-selves; those incredible aspects of yourself that you may not be aware of, but are always there for you. As you write, your thoughts and memories can also bring to light your life-purpose and help you stay on the correct path to your Life Destiny.East

Here are 6 steps to write your Easter Love Letter to Yourself:

1.) Remember—You may be holding the pen, but Inner Wisdom is guiding the words. Let them flow.

  • Although a hand written letter may be more therapeutic, a typed one works well, too.  The importance is not in HOW you connect with yourself but THAT you connect with yourself.
  • An Easter Love Letter to You is a simple letter to all the inner aspects of yourself — Inner Wisdom, Inner Knowing, Spirit, God, or the Higher Power of your choice.  Your letter can be addressed to any name that resonates with you.

2.) Start with a phrase of gratitude, Mantra, or Blessing at the top of your letter.

  • Write a phrase or mantra that has power for you. This is your letter heading.
  • It can be acknowledgment of your Inner Winner. Acknowledging gratitude is one of your most powerful healing and connecting energies. Your mantra/phrase will reflect that principle. If you do not have a personal phrase of gratitude, borrow one that most resonates with you.

3.) Today’s Date.

  • Dating your letter helps ground you in the moment while you visit the past.
  • The past is a great place to visit.  But, don’t live there.

4.)  Salutation

  • Dear, your name, or Inner Winner, etc.
  • Address the letter to whomever feels right to you.
  • Imagine sending a  private message or group email to all your best friends.  This can be one, many, or all your Inner-people who are responsible for helping you succeed.

5.)  The Body of the Letter

  • Write whatever feels right to you. Let it all out, but try to start and end on a positive note.
  • You may want to start with: “Thank you for all you have done for me.”

6.)  Sign your name.

  • Feel free to use a name you can embrace as the new you rather than your given name.
  • The Love Letter is to you. You’ll get it.

If you need more guidance for your letter, use my example of what your Easter Love Letter might look like and fill in the blanks:

March 26, 2016

Dear Inner Winner,

Thank you for all you have done for me.

I remember when ____________________________________

Then you helped me _________________________________

We worked together by _______________________________

Now, these positive things have happened to manifest the promise of a wonderful future ______


(sign your name) Super Kat

What to do with your Love Letter.

  1. Save the letter and read it whenever you need to reconnect with your Inner-winner.
  2. If you  save it, put it in a place that is easily accessible, like your wallet. Take it out and read it when you need it.
  3. Send it to yourself in a personal email.
  4. Post it on a blog where your love and gratitude can be shared with many.
  5. Burning is a ritual act of sharing. It uses fire to cleanse away any residual negativity and allows smoke to carry the message of gratitude to your Higher Power.

So, take a minute out of this busy time before the Easter Holiday to reflect on what you have done to leave a positive foot-print on someone’s heart or in the sands-of-time. Find that hidden gift in the form of an egg-of-love in your mind.  Write it in a love letter to YOU because you deserve it.Then watch for answers and validation from your Inner-winner in your dreams.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a published author, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House, Jan 2014), survived three breast cancers diagnosed  by her dreams, Intuitive Dream Coach, & R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor, Radio host, blogger and columnist for magazines. Kat presents at Expos, Radio Shows, Health Events, Magazines, & TV. She’s represented by Steve Allen Media. Learn more @

A Woman to Woman NEW YEAR Resolutions: Wants vs Needs

A Woman to Woman NEW YEAR Resolutions- Wants vs Needs“Kat, what is your New Year’s Resolution?” a friend asks over lunch. “Mine is to give up cigarettes and sugar” she says, while shaking a packet of sweetener substitute into her coffee.

“Mine’s to not give up anything and to put myself first,” is my answer. “Then I’ll refocus on implementing the difference between wants and needs in life.”

My friend stops stirring her coffee, peers over her sunglasses, and asks, “What do you mean by that?”

The concept of “care-giver first” and the difference between want and need were clearly alien to her. For the longest time they were to me, too.

Crisis can re-prioritize your life.
These concepts introduced themselves during radiation therapy while battling breast cancer recurrence. The side effects of emotional emptiness were more severe than treatment burns in some women because they were unaware of the importance of soul self-care.

Unfortunately burn-out is an equal opportunity state of emotion that affects men, too.

Statistics show that women worldwide are the main care-givers in life who share unconditionally until there is nothing left. Their inner well runs dry. Lately, an alarming pattern of self-induced emptiness has emerged during these uncertain economic times.

Part of the problem is not distinguishing between wants and needs.
Families have many wants, and care-givers try to meet those wants as needs; a terrible burden to carry. Care-givers are burned-out from giving so much of themselves to those who want more than is available. The result is nothing left to give to people who truly need help, including themselves. Weak emotional boundaries crumble under the weight of want. Medication and psychotherapy fills the void and dulls feelings of frustration and failure.

When the spirit suffers the body cries out with symptoms of dis-ease. Listen to yourself.
Breast Cancer Authority Blog New Year 2016Now is the dawning of a New Year. Here are three resolutions that are antidotes to emptiness. They are written as choice-affirmations that complement and empower the people who choose to live them.

  • “I will choose to love and embrace myself.”
  • “I will choose to put myself first and give myself permission to be number one in my life.”
  • “I will choose to build strong defined boundaries using the power of “NO!” as a tool.

Saying “no” to others is difficult because care-givers love to please, and will go without so others may have more. Some of this is care-giver conditioning. It may be time for retraining.

Recondition yourself. Say “Yes!” to you, which can automatically so “No” to imbalance.
When going through chemotherapy, my psychotherapist armed me with a powerful mantra as an aid through the uncertainty of treatment. “You are number one. No one and nothing is more important than you.” She was right! As a cancer hotline phone counselor and mentor, that mantra is still important, today. How can an empty counselor give to others?

Fire up your heart with self-love. You want to be embraced but need to hug yourself first.
Intention powered by the flame of loveThe importance of the mantra was even more evident during the Stitch-n-Bitch (as we liked to call ourselves) radiation therapy group. Women who had been the sole care-givers of their family were suddenly discarded when circumstances shifted and they needed care. These women said that without the love and devotion of their lovers or significant others, they were nothing. They lacked the power to survive.

Breast Cancer Authority Blog New Years 2016Their chances for a full recovery were challenged by their depression and feelings of emotional emptiness. Our little group spent hours discussing wants versus needs. So deep were these discussions that the nurses, radiologists and counselors listened in and took notes.

We came to some profound conclusions.
We want others to love us, but we need to love ourselves. We want a big beautiful house, but we really only need a roof over our heads. We want to eat in fancy restaurants, but we just need nutritious food. The lists of wants versus needs were endless. Realizing the difference between them, however, was the first step in becoming emotionally, physically and financially fulfilled. Trying to meet the endless demands of keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ is expensive on so many levels. The reality of trying to keep up with Reality TV can be emotional and financial bankruptcy. Understanding this truth is the first step to teaching it to our family.

Putting reality into practice will help us, as care-givers, become aware of our limitations.
It has been easy to fall back into old habits and become lax in practicing what that little group preached during those difficult times, so many years ago. Now, it is time to put want-versus- need back into daily practice.

When something seems enticing, the question will be, “Is that truly needed, or just wanted?”
This New Year, focus on inner-balance. Embrace being kind and forgiving to you first, then practice good-will toward others. As you step out of your comfort zone it might feel odd, which may be validation that you are creating a new empowered habit. Seek out and join a community; a “sister-hood of women” (or men), as your support system. Their strength will keep you from feeling alone during times of despair and their resources will help you meet the needs of your family and friends.

Here is an example of an empowering statement to repeat that can help you settle into this new habit. “When my body is fatigued, I will rest. When my soul is tired, I will meditate. I will surround myself with things I love like positive friends, pets, plants, music and fragrant candles while immersed in healing waters from a bath or shower.”

Too many of us have lost a part of ourselves and are experiencing a void. Enjoying your favorite things will fill your soul with joy.
As with the Chinese yin and yang, which are seemingly opposing forces bound together, intertwined, and interdependent in the natural world, we are complex creatures comprised of body and soul. These two diabolically different parts must be in balance as a duality for complete health of body and mind. Like yin and yang, male and female, your body and soul are a dynamic equilibrium duo. If one disappears, the other must fade as well, leaving emptiness.

When one part of self is full it flows into the other.New Years 2016 on Breast Cancer AuthorityIt is time to face forward into a New Year of balance comprised of yin and yang, love and self-love, and forgive mistakes we cannot change. We can learn from our past to build a positive future. The good news is a sisterhood or brotherhood of women and men is only a phone call, post or tweet away to help you refill yourself with the love you deserve and NEED.

Balance yourself. Take care of your soul and it will take care of you . . . then help others.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is TV Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod and Author/Lecturer of the International award winning, bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes Dream Therapy, patient advocacy and connecting with Inner guidance for success in health, wealth and relationships. Learn more @
(all photos are owned by the author)

A Cancer Christmas Story: The Gift of Community

A Cancer Christmas Story on Breast Cancer Authority

THIS CHRISTMAS WILL BE disheartening for many of us. Our unstable economy, dwindling financial security, home foreclosures, and job losses will not pause for the holiday season. Add health issues to that equation and the result is few, if any, gifts beneath the Christmas Tree. However, there is a bright star in our dark night: community support.

We are bigger than the sum of our problems.

We belong to the community of mankind. Fellowship and help networks filled with resources and hope are available to everyone. So are sympathetic shoulders on which to cry.

As a phone counselor for the R.A. BLOCH CANCER FOUNDATION, I recently received a call from a woman I’ll name Lisa for this blog. Lisa was calling from California. It soon became apparent that this woman, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer recurrence, needed a whole lot more than just a shoulder for support.

Cancer Christmas Story - Community Filled With Resources

“I can’t start my cancer treatments!” the hysterical voice on the phone cried. “I have to pack all of my belongings because the bank is foreclosing on my home. I’m being thrown out into the street and I have nowhere to go! And, I think I’m dying.”

The sound of the phone dropped to the floor was followed by loud weeping.

My heart sank. I wanted to cry with her but that wouldn’t help either of us. So I patiently waited for Lisa to retrieve the phone and resume her woeful tale. Sometimes listening is the first step in helping.

“I’m the last of my family,” she sobbed. Her father and brother had died of cancer last year. Her mother died two years ago.

Lisa’s dog was her only companion and she was running out of dog food.

“If I start my cancer treatments, I won’t have enough energy to pack, and my things are all that I have left of my family. How can you possibly help me!” she demanded. Good question! How could I assist a woman in such a severe crisis living on the other side of the country? If stress is a killer, why is this poor woman still alive? Is it any wonder she has cancer, again?

“I don’t want to live anymore!” she moaned. “No one can help me.”

I encouraged her to take a deep breath and reassured her that there are indeed resources and contacts available to help her. While still speaking with Lisa on the phone I scanned the internet and found the toll-free numbers for the director of the Cancer Legal Resource Center in Los Angeles, and the name of an attorney who is a two-time cancer survivor and co-founder of a legal network for cancer patients.

Before giving Lisa these phone numbers, I contacted the organizations to be sure they could meet her needs.

The voice that had answered the phone said, “Have her call us. We can help.”

Two days later, I followed up with a call to Lisa, and discovered she had contacted the attorney, and Legal Resource Center. And, a community animal organization had donated food for her dog.
She sounded much better as she prepared for her treatments. We spoke of the statistically increasing chances of surviving cancer recurrence, due to new treatments, with better results, and fewer side effects.

“Call me if you need me again,” I said. “I’m here for you.”

“Will you pray for me?” she asked in a tiny voice?

“Yes, I will.” And I did. The power of prayer is incredibly strong. Ask and you will receive.
I was reluctant to let Lisa go, but realized I had to trust in God, and respect Lisa’s ability and desire to empower herself with these resources.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s story is not the exception during these trying times. Holidays do not take time off from crisis.

Fortunately, her story, has a silver lining. It is the uplifting message that community support is available during times of strife. Just ask.

As a community, we are our sister’s, daughter’s, brother’s and son’s keepers.

A few days after Lisa’s call, I overheard an interesting conversation while standing in a grocery store check-out line.

One lady with a cart full of groceries complained about her financial problems to a second woman who responded with, “If you want to change the way your problems appear, change the way you peer at them.” What a remarkable answer! It reminded me of the movie Dead Poets Society, in which the late Robin Williams played an English Professor who encouraged his students to stand on top of their desks to gain a different perspective on life.

Another helpful way to achieve this change is by not looking at your problems alone.

Like the students in the movie, sometimes we need a guide to help us process challenges differently. A second set of eyes may not be distracted by the smoldering smoke of crisis.

Getting back to holiday basics, and viewing them from a different perspective by remembering the true message and essence of Christmas may also help reduce this season’s stresses.

Cancer Christmas Story - A Message of Hope

Christmas is a message of hope, joy, love and survival against all odds, in the form of a new beginning based on faith; a homeless infant born in a barn during extreme life threatening crisis who has only a manger for a crib and barn animals for physical warmth. His parents have little more than the clothes on their back. However, they are all blessed with the cloak of faith that hides them in plain sight, keeps them toasty on cold nights, and embraces them with credence. Their needs are met.

Christ did not receive piles of expensive gifts like X-box or the latest I-phone. He received a roof over his head, and one small heartfelt gift from each of three wise men.

In keeping with the true tradition of Christmas, my husband and I have decided not to exchange Christmas gifts this year. We have all we need, and want for nothing. Instead, we are going to give gifts to children in need within our community like the Shelter for Battered Women. Most communities have at least one, because this problem is so prevalent.

This year try something different to get back to the basics of this holiday; dare to view Christmas from a different perspective, that of the Wise Men, and discover if it is truly better to give than to receive.

The internet is rich in local and world-wide resources for anyone in crisis. And it is at your fingertips. If you know anyone in crisis, please share this article to help them during the holiday season and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod and Author/Lecturer of the award winning, International bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes dream therapy for wellness and patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships.
(all photos are owned by the author)

Tim Cox to the 3D Tattoo Rescue

Tim Cox to the 3D Tattoo RescueThe Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show on Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod Radio with Tim Cox, owner/artist of Sacred Line Collective focus on how Tim has helped breast cancer survivors after they have endured a mastectomy.

The loss of his beloved wife after a six year battle with cancer made this work very close to Tim’s heart.
He had hoped to perform his specialty, 3D areola tattooing, on his wife. Although his dream was shattered, he now makes the dreams of other breast cancer survivors come true.

the Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show on Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod Radio

Tim Cox created the Sacred Line Collective Medical Tattoo Studio for a specific purpose, to help others on their path of healing. He uses his artistic skills in such a way as to give individuals confidence and self-esteem in a professional and supportive way to those in need of:

  • 3-D Areolas
  • Mastectomy scar tattoos
  • Wounded Warrior scar camouflage and memorial tattoos
  • Memorial tattoos for families
  • Scar camouflage due to burns, surgical site scars or other physical injuries
  • Permanent cosmetics: eyeliner, lips, eyebrows
  • Alopecia, stress alopecia
  • Hair transplant scar coverage

For as long as Tim can remember, his interests have always included helping others to feel safe and whole. Whether as an Eagle Scout, sailing around the world, Firefighter/EMT, a professional artist, or medical tattooist, his interest has always remained the same, to help others during their time of need.

“When my ex-wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I chose to teach my daughters not to be victims or to let cancer define us, but rather as Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Create the change you want to see in the world.’ I appreciate and try to align myself with groups and institutions that share a similar goal; those that see the big picture and want to help others through a difficult time in order to ‘Create the change they want to see in their world.’”

So, it is not surprising that Tim’s Mission Statement is to help others, especially women, on their path of healing. And, to use his skills in such a way as to give them confidence and self-esteem, in a professional and supportive manner.

“As an artist I see things differently, full of possibilities and potential. I have a unique skill set that allows me to help others create change. I don’t take away the scars but rather work with a client to artistically define “it” rather than allowing “it” to define them.”

As a sailor Tim was taught to always look to the horizon, and to not be afraid to change course as necessary.
“Whether working with a wounded warrior, cancer survivor or any other individual. I try my best to turn a physical or emotional scar in to merely a milestone or a reminder of what they dealt with but refused to be defined by.”
During the radio interview I ask some pretty up close and personal questions.
As a three time breast cancer survivor who survived a double mastectomy I was VERY interested in details others might consider rude. I could hear my mother’s voice in my ear from the ‘other side’ saying, “Kathleen Ruth Judith Bernadette O’Keefe!”(Oh, Yeah! When all the names come out you know you did a big ‘no-no.’) “How dare you talk money with a perfect stranger.”
But, I did. And, I did it for you, my audience. “So there, Mama. And yes, he is perfect.”
Here are some of the questions and short answers we covered during the interview:
Q. Does insurance cover medical tattoos?
A. Many insurance companies do. Depending upon the specific insurance company and the underlying medical reasons as they factor in to whether all or part of the tattooing is covered.
Q. Who files insurance claims?
A. Sacred Line Tattoo and the associated physician can assist in this process, the patient can also file for reimbursement independently
Q. Is a referral required?
A. A referral is not required, but for insurance purposes it may be. Often a prescription will be written by the Plastic Surgeon.
Q. Does the tattoo process hurt?
A. Each procedure and location is different. Topical anesthetic is used to minimize any discomfort.
Q. How long will most areola tattoos take?
A. Most initial procedures take 1-2 hours and follow up and touch-up appointments generally take 1 hour. Other tattoos vary based on size and intricacies
Q. Will I need multiple procedures for areola tattooing?
A. Generally two appointments are required and sometimes more based on desired color or condition of skin, i.e. radiated, depth of scars etc.

Tim Cox on Breast Cancer Authority BlogTim cox was very giving of both his time and expertise in the area of medical 3D tattooing. We hope you enjoy the interview. If you have specific questions not answered in this interview Tim Cox, owner of Sacred Line Collective can be contacted by:
phone in his office in Kansas City, Misouri at 816-668-6488

We have invited Tim Cox back to speak on the show with us about 3D tattoos and the Wounded Warriors. Watch for it on The Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show. You can also listen on the Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod Radio FaceBook page.
Now CLICK here to enjoy Tim Cox: Sacred Line 3D Fine Art & Medical Tattoos on the Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show.

(All pictures, quotes and information are owned by the author or used with permission by Tim Cox)
Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorAbout the Author: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- believes dreams can diagnose your life. Did you have a déjà vu or did your dream come true? International Best-selling & Award Winning Author of Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing , TV & Radio Host/Producer of Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod, three time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed cancer the medical community missed, one of the busiest speakers in the industry, & the “go-to authority” on Survivor- to-Thriver in Health, Wealth & Relationships by connecting with Your Inner Guidance. Kat presents at the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Expos, Radio Shows, Health Events, Magazines, & TV.

Shut My Mouth! It’s A Dinner Fit For The Dead

Breast Cancer Authority Blog Halloween Blog PostNo! We are not talking about feeding Zombies or Vampires. A Dumb Supper is a serious meal meant for ghosts; your passed-over-loved-ones to be exact. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it is also the month that contains All Hallows’ Eve. As breast cancer survivors, we often have to say “’till we meet again,” to many friends and loved ones in our treatment groups who crossed-over. Unfortunately, it is part of the war on cancer. However, just because they are out of our sight, does not mean they are out of our hearts and minds. Let’s all have dinner together, again.

A traditional Dumb Supper is served on all Hollow’s Eve in your home and on a plate at your table. It often begins at midnight with a prayer of thanksgiving, is shrouded in complete respectful silence, and culminates in a celebration of spirits. The Dumb Supper is an ancient tradition where the dead attend the living for a magical night of communion.

Dinning with the dead is another way of saying, “I love you.”
A Dumb Supper is a bridge between the living and the dead built with love and traversed by loved-ones. It is a centuries old tradition with roots in Europe and branches in America. Breast Cancer Authority BLog - Bridge between living and deadWe understand the concept of death as spirit leaving the body. But, what about the idea of spirits returning for dinner?

We regularly show our love for the deceased by talking to them at their place of burial, taking gifts of flowers, lighting candles for them in our places of worship, and displaying their pictures as a token of our enduring love. On the anniversary of their passing we have moments of silence, song, and food where we live, work, and pray. Talking with the deadSo, is setting a place for the dead at our dinner table going too far?
Those who practice the Dumb Supper on All Hallows’ Eve don’t think so. The Dumb Supper is a reverent event that discourages conversation of any kind.

Dumb Supper literally means quiet meal—mum’s the word–Shhh!
Silence during the meal is of the upmost importance, therefore electronics and motors that beep, buzz or squeak are turned off or unplugged. This includes television sets, refrigerators and freezers. No cell phones, notepads or computers are permitted in the dining area during the dinner. Mum's the word - shhhThese special meals take place on Samhain, October 31st which is Halloween or All Hallows Eve,also known as Halloween and All Saints’ Eve; the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.Special meals on HalloweenIt is also a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries. This practice, celebrated worldwide, is one of the largest gatherings at the Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts.

Why would the veil between the living and the dead be thinner on Halloween day than any other? Because, intention powered by the flame of love is a powerful tool.
Intention powered by the flame of lovePerhaps Collective Intention empowered through prayer and meditation, can literally pull aside the curtain of death so the dead can once again share time and space in the land of the living in the form of a spiritual supper.

Here is how the Dumb Supper works.
The evening opens with a blessing where each attendee is guided through the veil between the worlds to the realms of the dead where no one living may speak.Evening opens with a blessingAfter the family meal is cooked, the table is set with an empty place setting filled with food. In keeping with tradition, the courses of The Dumb Supper are served backwards and the placement of everything down to the silverware is reversed as a means of weaving participants into the shadowy world of spirit. Rather than starting the meal with soup and salad, it begins with desert. It almost begs the question, “Is this an example of the saying, ‘Life is short, so eat desert first.’” Soup and salad are served at the end of the dinner, much like European dinning customs.

The extra setting is for dead family ancestors to come and enjoy a meal with living family members.

Photographs of the deceased are often placed on the table as an invitation; a spirituality and metaphysical first step in manifesting a desired outcome.Celebrate their memory
So, rather than mourning the deceased, let’s celebrate their memory, and see who comes to dinner, because love is something you can take with you to the-other-side. And, under certain circumstances, like an invitation to a Dumb Supper, love may bring family members back from the dead, to break bread with the living.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos is a TV/Radio Host/Producer of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod, International Bestselling & Multi-award winner author of SurvivingCancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing, and a 3x Breast Cancer Survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness. She’s published in medical journals, on Huffington Post, in American Express Open Forum and has been a guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. Kat believes dreams diagnose your life. “Did you have a déjà- vu or dream-come-true?” Kat travels the country advocating for women’s issues. She taught Special Education and Psychology at USF.

(all photos displayed in this article have been purchased by the author.)
Bridge- Z16EN6Ud

Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry: Advocacy Heals U!

Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry- Advocacy Heals U!By: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos,  a TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod.

Are you a caregiver or grieving the loss of a loved one and looking for answers that may be too difficult to even be formulated? On the Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Show from 6-6:30 EST on July 8th (on Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod Radio) Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry shared tips, information and their heart with you. They understand your pain and grief because they have been where you are, now. Their new book, Advocacy Heals U is due out in the fall of 2015. Read it before you need it so you are prepared for life.

Click the LINK  to LISTEN:

During the radio show Joni shares 2 of the 15 keys to fast track results and emotional fulfillment and details their importance in advocacy:

  1. Step back and realize what 1 person can do.
  2. Now has never been a better time to be an advocate.

While every road to advocacy is different, there are similarities. We may think, “There is nobody else like me,” but Joni and Chris show you how we are all connected and interconnected through love.

Our connection goes beyond grief into love. We love those we’ve lost. Advocacy heals loss.
It wasn’t until Chris and Joni met face-to-face that they realized some amazing parallels between their own personal experiences.

Joni’s Gordon and Chris’s Emily both died in 2006.
Chris and Joni made major steps towards their advocacy mission in 2009. They were brought together in 2012 to advocate for advocates through Advocacy Heals U, the radio program, and now through Advocacy Heals U, the book.

Welcome to this special introduction to Joni and Chris’s wonderful new book that will be available later in 2015:

ADVOCACY HEALS U, 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment, and dedicated to the advocates of the world.

What or who is an advocate?

Advocates are normal people who achieve abnormal results through a passion that burns from within.
While others may travel through life on a buddy pass bypassing human needs along the way, advocates focus on lending a hand in the darkness. Maybe they are the caregiver for a beloved parent. Maybe they are proof positive that someone can survive pancreatic cancer. Maybe they offer food to the hungry because they were once hungry, or shelter in the cold because they were once homeless. Many advocates are driven by a deep-seated need to honor and/or support loved ones, or to pay it forward. Advocates are the catalyst for change in this world, and the voice for so many that may not have a voice.

In this…the only complete book that focuses on advocacy from the Event to emotional healing.
Authors Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry bring advocacy into the much-needed spotlight through their combined twenty years of advocacy experience, and the experience of guests on Advocacy Heals U, the radio program. The Event can leave you devastated, but it also exposes the Need. The Call may lead you to ask, “Who me?”

Chris and Joni want you to get past the objections and answer, “Why not me?”

There has never been a better time to combine networking, the ripple effect, and social media tactics to meet your advocacy objectives on a local, national or international level. Even more important is the personal fulfillment…Joni and Chris want you to realize that advocacy does heal U!

No advocacy too large; no advocacy too small. Advocacy heals U! Until you reach healing, remember: You are not alone.

(I wish to thank Joni and Chris for sharing their press kit with me for additional information . Much of the information in this blog was taken from portions of Joni and Chris’s Press Kit. Contact Joni Aldridge or Chris Jerry for more information or the complete Press Kit.)

Advocacy-Heals-U Radio Show InterviewBio: Joni Aldrich is Co-Owner and Producer of The Cancer Support Network, author of six books on surviving cancer, caregiving, brain illness, and grief. (The Cancer Support Network), offers 24/7 cancer programs for the “whole” cancer patient, their caregivers and families. After her husband died from cancer, Joni gave up the corporate world to become a worldwide advocate to help patients, families, caregivers and friends get through a life crisis such as a cancer diagnosis, a caregiving challenge (including caring for a brain illness patient), and surviving the grief process. Learn more about Joni @

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorAbout the author of this blog: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod and Author/Lecturer of the International award winning and bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships. She taught Special Education and Psychology.

Healing Information in Your Nightmares

Healing Information in Your Nightmares

Psalms 91:5 – Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; [nor] for the arrow [that] flieth by day;
“Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?” ~John Lennon
Affirmation~ When I embrace my dreams I hug myself.
CLICK THE LINK: 30 sec award winning video

Do you know that your nightmares may be gift in disguise? What better way for your spirit guides to get your attention than with a frightening dream? If you have ever had a nightmare that was so horrific you were afraid to go back to sleep, good for you!

Nightmares do not terrorize us just for the fun of it. They have a number of positive purposes.
The emotion they elicit is meant to help you remember and do something as important as saving your life or the life of a loved one. The emotion you awaken with is a snippet of something bigger; an important part of your future.

In my 30 second award winning video I will show you:

  1. the importance of nightmares
  2. what some Spirit-guides can look like
  3. how to communicate with your Spirit Guides

It is easy to dismiss a nice calming Epic Dream, and that is okay. Its purpose is to let us relax so we can drift into a deeper sleep level, forget reality, and have a good rest. Nightmares, on the other hand, tell us to do something to change our course in life. It could be as simple as remembering not to forget the signs and symbols from an important event that happened in our childhood. We don’t want make the same painful mistake again on a larger scale as an adult. All the challenges in our life, no matter how painful, were a learning experience. Nightmares can help us remember those lessons without actually experiencing the physical trauma, especially if there is potential for them to happen again.

Forewarned is armed.
We have Epic dreams as we first fall asleep. When we wake up we often think we are still having the same dream because we are still in it, but that is not the case. We shift in and out of our Epic Dream Door about four times during the night. One purpose of our Epic Dream is to get us into a deeper dream state. Between the beginning and end of our Epic Dream we can have an important nightmare while in the deep sleep level of REM; Rapid Eye Movement.

During REM your Spirit Guides often enter dreams with important information.
Your Spirit Guides are an important part of your life. You were born with them, you are their job, and they take that job very seriously.

But what about those unforgettable nightmare that are so disturbing and frightening they wake us up in the middle of the night. What is their purpose?

Nightmares have three important purposes.

  1. Get your attention. Fear works!
  2. Keep your attention by making the experience so frightening you cannot forget it. The third purpose is to give you important information to
  3. Guide you on your life-path so you remain aligned with your life-purpose. This guidance can come as a call-to-action with specific verbal directions like, “Return to your doctors without an appointment and demand a different test for breast cancer.”

If the information is life-saving and is ignored or not understood you may not be able to fulfill your life-destiny. You may have to come back and try it again in your next life. Wouldn’t it be easier to embrace your nightmare as a gift in disguise, decipher its meaning and message, follow he call to action and thank your Spirit Guides for the opportunity to get back on the right path and fulfill your destiny now?

Nightmares are personal gifts from your Higher Power and brought into your dreams by your Spirit-guides. They are important pearls of wisdom and beautiful golden threads of life. String your pearls on those threads and wear them with pride. Nightmares are an important part of your waking life.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod and Author/Lecturer of the International bestselling book, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships. Learn more about her radio TV Show on the Facebook page Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod and about Kat @ and Dreams @


3 Tips: How to Survive When Bad Things Happen to Good People – Like You

How To Survive When Bad Things Happen“Being at odds with your-selves is self-defeating. United you stand. Divided you fall.” ~ Kathleen O-Keefe-Kanavos-author.

Affirmation ♥~ The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful.

Click Here To Listen

Click Here To Listen

Sometimes you don’t know what you are made of until you start to fall apart and your best parts pop out and hold you together. You are made up of so much more than id, ego and super ego. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. That’s life. But, you don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. In fact, listening to our inner-guidance can save you from being a victim at all.

I embarked on a similar journey to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when I fell down the rabbit hole of Cancerland. As a child I had been encouraged to suppress my intuitive gifts of hearing voices, playing with imaginary friends and drawing auras. It was not acceptable in my school or church. So, I locked my intuitions away in the depths of my mind. But, when my life was threatened by misdiagnosis and Hospital Policy my guides blew off the doors of their cell and flew to my rescue. Rather than being a victim of circumstances, I self-advocated and became an active participant in my race for life.

My guides lead me through my tunnel of crisis and out the other side.

Illness is the vehicle that drives my bigger story of survival against all odds while locked in a relationship triangle between my husband and crisis. What is driving you? Who will be the victor?

Embracing intuition built a bridge that remained under constant construction and stretched between conventional and metaphysical healing. It became my bridge-to-everywhere which manifested exits and new entrances on the road to a complete healing of mind body and spirit.

Cancerland is an intellectual, emotional, and intuitive amusement park where every ride, game, and attraction demonstrates a different aspect of humanity’s complexities and individualism during the process of healing. The same hold true for any Crisisland where you must seek multiple explanations of the way things are in the physical, spiritual, psychic, and dream world of health and emotional trauma.

Crisis is humbling and comes in many forms. It can be:

  • a life threatening illness,
  • a lifestyle change,
  • divorce
  • death
  • financial downturns
  • or all of the above.

Crisis is guaranteed to knock you down with its series of catastrophes that begin with discovery, often with no end in sight. Your Intuition can play an important part in survival and is defined as instinctively knowing without conscious reasoning.

Three things I seek to present by writing this multi-media blog is:

  1. An alternative to ignoring your intuition in favor of science
  2. Or ignoring science in favor of intuition.
  3. Why limit yourself with one when you can use both to your advantage?

Don’t be a victim of circumstances.

The best way to survive any crisis is to mix intuitive and scientific information and then cross-check them against each other for answers which are indisputably correct. Listen, then verify. Believe but validate. By respecting both modalities, you double your chances of finding correct answers to complicated issues.

It is time to stop ignoring yourself and discover your voice.

Every challenge you overcame creates a new part of your inner voice/personality. In order to effectively battle crisis, you must get in touch with your inner selves and work together toward the goal of survival by using everything available to you. By searching within yourself through dreams, meditation, or prayer, you will find your own set of answers to any challenge.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorAbout Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos: TV & Radio Host, International Bestselling Author SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing(Cypress House) appeared on NBC News. Kat survived 3 breast cancers diagnosed by dreams missed by doctors & believes dreams can diagnose your life. Did you have a déjà vu or a dream come true? She’s one of the busiest speakers/authors in the industry,  the “go-to authority” on Survivor-to-Thriver in Health, Wealth & Relationships, Keynote speaker, Wicked Housewives ON Cape Cod TV Producer/Host, Cape Women Online Magazine, Wellness Women 40 and Beyond, and Women’s Voices Magazine columnist, American Express Open Forum contributor, (IASD) International Association for the Study of Dreams Speaker/Presenter,& R.A.Bloch Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor & Gilda’s Club Mentor; Kat is featured on radio, in magazines &  newspapers, , Every Way Woman TV, & the Waking Universe TV documentary, SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing is her first of three books on waking up to dreams that diagnose life.  Learn more @ Represented by Publicist Paul Krupin, 707-964-9520


7 Make-up Tips For Valentine’s Day During Breast Cancer Treatments

Valentine's Day Make-Up For Breast CancerBy: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, author and cancer survivor.

So, you have a hot date for St. Valentine’s Day. Great! Now, how do you face the overwhelming challenge of applying your old makeup techniques to your new treatment-face while in therapy? The beauty strategies you previously used went down the drain with your hair.

Now what?
How do you play up eyes that lack eyelashes for mascara, accentuate the arches of eyebrows which no longer exist, or find that dewy glow your skin lost during your last therapy?  How can you accept a date looking like “death warmed over?” Well, if you are reading this Death did not land, so keep going. Can you look beautiful during treatment? Yes you can!

Here are 7 tried-and-true make-up tips.
They will help you enjoy an unforgettable Valentine’s Day by rising above the challenge of beauty during treatment and looking down on the big picture of life despite treatment.  These tips are easy and quick enough to use for your date after a long day of therapy, every day during treatment, and beyond. You may never look exactly the same because you will look better.

Make-up can be a challenge during many therapies, but especially cancer treatment. 
No eyelashes or eyebrows to hold beauty products in place can make you want to give up before you start.  But as a three time breast cancer survivor, I learned a trick or two about beauty during treatment. These beauty tips will help you glow while you heal.

These techniques can be used with any products including organic ones available in most natural and health food stores and marketplaces.

  1. Your face is already dry from medications, long hours in over air-conditioned hospitals, and dehydrating treatment so you may choose to avoid face powder. It has a tendency to settle into cracks and, yes, crevices; the result of skin cell moisture loss.
  2. Use brown eyeliner to define your eyes and a lighter taupe eye shadow, applied with a small brush, to create eye brows. Large crayon eyeliner pencils are more moisturizing than powder, and easier to handle if your fingers are swollen, numb or tingling from neuropathy, a temporary condition of some chemotherapies. If power is still your tool of choice, wet the brush with water, dip it into the powder and then apply it to the eye area. It will keep less powder from irritating your eye’s dehydrate mucus membranes, and “set it”—   hold your make-up in place.
  3. Keep your cosmetics to a bare minimum and use tons of moisturizer. A drop of liquid make-up mixed with moisturizer creates a healthy glow. A drop of moisturizer mixed with cream blush, and applied to the apples of your cheeks will make you the apple of his eye. It will give you just the right amount of color to make you look naturally healthy. A fail-safe way to apply blush is to smile and your “apples” will stand out.
  4. Pink stick or gel blush on your cheeks, forehead and chin can give you a sun-kissed glow no matter what skin tone you have. Use colors that are close to your own natural skin tones.
  5. Sprayed your face with an atomizer of water to set your make-up. Small cans of Evian spray are available in department stores, or make your own “spritzer” by filling a spray bottle with purified water. Use it throughout the day to feel refreshed and to maintain that youthful dewy-glow.
  6. Lipstick or clear gloss finishes a healthy look, and moisturizes your lips.  There are many long lasting lipsticks on the market from which to choose.  Once applied, you won’t need a touch-up, even after eating. That little bit of color on your face can make such a difference.
  7. There is no make-up that can brighten your face like a smile. Beauty is only skin deep but your smile comes from the soul.  Practiced smiling in the mirror for ‘muscle memory’ and used it whenever you feel like a wet noodle. It will change more than your looks. It will change the vibration around you by pulling it into a higher healing frequency.

Don’t be surprised if your laughter attracts attention. A nurse may bring someone just starting their journey of healing over to you with the words, “Look at her, she’s glowing. See, it’s not so bad.”  Your glow is a beacon of light to others still searching in the darkness of crisis. Share your tips with them. Increase your healing light by giving it away.  This will make you even more beautiful—from the inside out. It is also a great way to do two powerful things at once; pay it forward to those still in need, and give back to the universe.

Sharing joy is universally empowering.  

Laughter and smiles go together like peanut and butter, and both are contagious. They are something you want to catch and give to patients who have a lowered resistance during treatment.  Laughter raises all vibrational levels within ear-shot, and gives you an inner-glow that shines through to the world with the message, “I’m still here. I’m more than a survivor. I’m a Thriver!” So give someone a smile, & laugh ‘till it heals with confidence, while you are on your Valentine’s Day date. And remember, Cupid is watching.

This information is from Kathleen’s book SURVIVING CANERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing.  Watch for part two of this article series, A Valentine Date During Treatment: How to Make Sussessful Dinner Plans During Uncertain Times.

Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Breast Cancer Authority ContributorKathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos- Intuitive Life Coach, survived three breast cancers missed by doctors but diagnosed by dreams & penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. Kat is represented by Steve Allen Media. She’s a contributing author to many books including Kelly Sullivan Walden’s It’s All in Your Dreams. She’s a phone counselor for the R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation, Q&A Cancer Columnist for CapeWomenOnlineMagazine, “Dream Queen” for Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, and Breast Cancer Authority, Radio Show Host, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, PATHEOS & BreastCancerYoga Blogger & OM Times Magazine Contributor.  Follow her on her social media sites from her websites@ &

2015 Predictions: Counting Green Sheep in Dreams, Health, Wealth and Your Love Life


2015 Prediictions From Breast Cancer Authority Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

Quote: “In order to effectively battle crisis, you must get in touch with your inner-selves and work together toward the goal of survival.” ~Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos/author

By Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos, TV Producer/Host and Author/Lecturer of the International bestselling book, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing .

Life is full of obstacles, but we are never given a challenge that is too difficult to overcome. During hard times do you ever pray for help? The answers to your prayers may be in your dreams.

Dreams can be daydreams; moments when your mind wanders to a beach beyond time and space and wades in the waters of Universal Wisdom from the Ocean of Gnosis. There, we receive answers from our Higher Power.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed illness missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied, I understand the importance of dreams, female intuition and Inner-guidance, which diagnosed my stage-four breast cancer recurrence. That is as lucky as winning the lottery three times in a row. Luck had little to do with it. Divine intervention did. I learned that the power of science goes so far, and then comes our Higher Power. Science is a gift from our higher power. And each new year is another gift.

Out with the old Chinese 2014 Horse and in with the new 2015 symbol; Green Wooden Sheep. The first day of Green Wooden Sheep is February 4, 2015. Chinese New Year Day is on February 19, China Standard Time. The Year 2015 is the 4712th Chinese Year.

2015 will be an Inner-guidance turning point for many people. If you were lucky in the past two years, then you will maintain your achievements. If you were unlucky the last two years, 2015 brings the opportunity to create your future. This is because Sheep contains the Female Earth, which grows plants, and helps to create something from nothing. 2015 is all about teamwork. Sheep were born 1931-02-17—1932-02-05.

Numerology: 2015 is an 8-Year. 8 will manifest the physical world. 8 is the infinity sign standing at attention, which makes for limitless possibilities concerning answers to dreams, prayers and meditations.

What does the 2015 Inner Guidance Horoscope hold for you and your loved ones? What dreams of health, wealth and love do you share? During challenging times that question your resolve, Your Power Word may hold the key to an answer. Stand in your power.

Aries- (3/21-4/19) Your Power Word: Creativity

Negative: Health; Positive: Destiny
Beware: Negativity
Lucky Numbers: 5; Season: Spring; Element: Fire;
Embrace: Color: Blue; Foods: Cauliflower; Direction: South
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Changes are in store for Aries. Everything is going as planned, but others may interfere. Sunny days are ahead for your finances. Your career takes a downward turn but diligence saves it. Your love life gets better than you ever imagined.

Taurus- (4/20-5/20) Your Power Word: Wealth

Negative: Expenses
Positive: Family
Lucky Numbers: 6; Season: Fall; Element; Earth
Beware: Workers
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Rice
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card; Pentacles:
Taurus finds a friend in technology. Maintain stability with family. Allow solitude in your life. Time alone helps you recharge. 2015 looks stable in wealth. Love interests flourish.

Gemini- (5/21-6/20) Your Power Word: Challenge

Negative: Over excitement; Positive: Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 11; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: tricksters
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: Sour
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Gemini, your finances improve. Opportunity falls into your lap. Stay focused. Do not let others distract you from new ventures. Your love life presents challenges concerning an established friendship. Let go of grudges.

Cancer- (6/21-7/22) Your Power Word: Love

Positive: Think; Negative: excitement
Lucky Numbers: 12; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: business
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: Cold products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Harts; Tarot Card: Cups
Cancer, confidence strengthens as you tackle issues and attract a new love interest. Stop taking life so seriously, your health for granted and rediscover dreams. You are capable of more than you know.

Leo- (7/23/8/22) Your Power Word: Action

Positive: Logic; Negative: Arrogance
Lucky Numbers: 9; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware: Older man
Embrace: Color: Green; Direction: South; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Clubs; Tarot Card: Wands
Leo, your hard work pays off. Finances and health improves when your career gets a boost. Your fire element makes you passionate about projects. Beware of those who take advantage of your kindness. Your Inner-guidance helps a family member in crisis.

Virgo-(8/23-9/22) Your Power Word: Health

Negative: Hesitation; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 10; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware: Over excited
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: East; Food: Green
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Virgo, your calm demeanor will be tested in 2015. You possess the innate ability to collect facts using Inner-guidance. Brush up on your anger management skills because you’ll need them. As finances improve Cupid favors you.

Libra- (9/23-10/22) Your Power Word: Thought

Positive: Health; Negative: Decisions
Lucky Numbers: 3; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: Close friend
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food: Bitter
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Libra, 2015 presents both reward and challenge due to your indecisive nature. Stand in your power and speak your truth. Relax concerning finances. Find your inner-artist and set yourself free. Your dislike of confrontation causes problems in love.

Scorpio- (10/23-11/21) Your Power Word: Emotion

Negative: Anger; Positive: Win
Lucky Numbers: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: Driving
Embrace: Color: Blue; Direction: West; Food: spicy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Scorpio, you gain respect when your Inner-guidance handles a life crisis with integrity. An opportunity you’ve been carefully planning will present itself in a way you never expected. Be alert to love clues in dreams.

Sagittarius- (11/22-12/21) Your Power Word: Passion

Negative: Impatience; Positive: Sustainability
Lucky Numbers: 1; Season: Spring; Element: Fire
Beware: Family
Embrace: Color: White; Direction: South; Food: Green products
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Sagittarius, your enthusiasm is infectious. The last few years have tested you. You proved yourself during times that seemed unfair. Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been remodeling your life and guiding you. By summer finances improve, as do chances for love.

Capricorn- (12/22-1/19) Your Power Word: Physical

Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Fall; Element: Earth
Beware: Addictions
Embrace: Color: Red; Direction: North; Food; Leafy
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Diamonds; Tarot Card: Pentacles
Capricorn, you will continue to amaze yourself and gain respect from colleagues. Your close relationship with family cause health issues from worry. In love, Inner-guidance urges you take chances. The outcome is a positive surprise.

Aquarius: (1/20-2/18) Your Power Word: Observation

Negative: Pride; Positive: Perseverance
Lucky Number: 6; Season: Winter; Element: Air
Beware: Love.
Embrace: Color: Yellow; Direction: East; Food: red items
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Spades; Tarot Card: Swords
Aquarius, things will rarely be dull in 2015. Manage life’s roller-coaster ride. Your soul needs to be fed, your body needs to relax and your mind needs to unwind. Seek Inner- guidance in dreams. Make emotional connections for love to survive.

Pisces- (2/19-3/20) Your Power Word: Empathy

Negative: Emotions; Positive: Confidence
Lucky Number: 4; Season: Summer; Element: Water
Beware: contracts
Embrace: Color: Brown; Direction: South; Food: greens
Inner Guidance- Playing Card: Hearts; Tarot Card: Cups
Pisces, 2015 will be about growth. Adaptation will be a running theme. Your instincts are highly developed so trust Inner-guidance. Change is in the air with respect to love and career. You’ve earned a long-awaited get-a-way. Enjoy it!

A New Year resolution involves giving up something to improve your life. For 2015 choose to add Inner-guidance. Start with a dream journal or recording device beside your bed.

Now that you are aware of 2015’s endless possibilities, please join me for more information on accessing your Inner –guidance for a life filled with peace of mind. Discover your dream language, identify the 7 types of dreams, and experience 6 ways to remember them. Find priceless pearls of wisdom in dreams created by the sands of time. Perhaps those pearls are the answers to your prayers.

Remember, we were all born with Guardian-angels and Spirit-guides. We are their job and they take that job seriously. Dreams are doorways to Inner-guidance where your ET (Eternal Teacher) phones home for help during difficult times. Miraculously, someone always answers the call.

3 Ways to Access Your Dreams & Surviving CancerlandAbout The Author: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos believes dreams diagnose & guide your life. Did you have adeja-vu or dream come true? Kat survived three cancers diagnosed by dreams. International Bestselling Author, Dream Expert, Keynote Speaker, TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod, Columnist, & Cancer Counselor: she’s featured on radio, in magazines & newspapers, Every Way Women TV, & Walking Universe documentary. SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing is her first of four book series on walking up to dreams that diagnose life. Kat taught Special Education & Psychology at (USF).

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