Labyrinth Walking: A Healing Tool For Cancer Patients

Tool For Cancer PatientsLabyrinth
Walking can be a healing tool for cancer patients. In many ways the labyrinth represents the journey to healing. Healing is not only physical but also occurs on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. A physical healing is often described as a cure. While a cure might not be possible, healing is always an option. To be healed means to be made whole, and wholeness is fundamentally a psychological and spiritual process of finding meaning. The labyrinth can be used as a tool of healing to help people find meaning in their situation.  You can find more healing tools in the book ABC Workbook for Cancer Patients.

A portable canvas labyrinth can be used and cancer patients are encouraged to walk it as a symbolic journey to recovery and healing. It is suggested that you think about your life from diagnosis through treatment up until the present moment and to relate your journey to the labyrinth walk.

Suggested questions

  1. What is the most important lesson your illness and recovery has taught you?
  2. How has your illness had a positive effect on your life?
  3. How has it affected your relationships?
  4. In what ways are you more whole than before you illness?
  5. What about your illness are you grateful for?
  6. How has your spirit been influenced?
  7. What is required for continued healing?

The path towards healing is not straight and often you feel lost. Perseverance is required to complete the journey. The center represents treatment and the journey out is toward recovery and acceptance. People come and go on the journey. The whole process occurs in the container and context of love and spirit. You feel more connected and relaxed

.Suggested Cancer Self-Help Healing Book:

Writing Your Way to Healing and Wholeness

In A Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer 

ABC Workbook for Cancer Patients.

Breast Cancer: A-Z Mindful Practices: Self Care Tools For Treatment & Recovery

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  1. Helen A…so glad you are using Labyrinth Journeys. I am doing it daily for 2019 and it is an amazing mystical experience.

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  2. Finger labyrinths are appropriate for people who have no access to large ones or don’t feel like walking the paths. These finger size ones are about 4 or 5 inches diameter and you trace the path with your finger, while using the thought and mental process as if you were in a full size labyrinth.

    An ideal gift for a cancer patient, or anyone interested in exploring meditation..

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    • Yes, Helen finger Labyrinths are excellent way for all of us to walk on a more regular basis too. There is also a new app called Labyrinth Journey to walk on your iPad, phone, or computer. It has music and is very nice.


      • rbdilley: I just saw your reply and installed that app ($1.99). I’m starting a program that wants participants to meditate daily. Thinking – how will I make that happen?? This app is the solution. Amazed how I felt after doing it two times back to back. Yes, music so peaceful. Thank you. Just what I need right now.


    • do you have any? need for new book


      • I personally own no finger labyrinths. However, Google is your friend; search for Christian book stores and cathedral book stores. Chartres Cathedral Gift Shop has them in metal and scarves; CafePress has stickers, notecards, mousepads; Etsy has earrings, coasters, vinyl stickers and hundreds of other interpretations of the Chartres labyrinth.

        I used to help coordinate prayer vigils at my church and one of the event coordinators would put out small metal ones for use. We also borrowed a 3/4 size canvas and put it down for participants to walk; we put out dozens of white socks for people to wear while walking on the canvas. Those vigils is where I first learned of finger labyrinths.

        Check documentaries on labyrinths; try NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services for additional background info.


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