4 Best Rebounder Exercises For Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema Management

Rebounding For Breast Canvcer Recovery & LymphedemaThe Most Popular Rebounder Workouts

There are several rebounding workouts you can enjoy, depending on your fitness level. These are the four most popular rebounder workouts:

The Health Bounce

The best workout for beginners, the health bounce is a great, low impact way to get your lymph system flowing. The key thing to remember with the health bounce is to keep your feet on the jump mat while you bounce. The health bounce also works best for warms ups and cool downs for more intensive rebounding workouts.

Check out this video to see the Health Bounce in action:

The Aerobic Bounce

The aerobic bounce is exactly how it sounds: a workout that really improves your aerobic capacity. Running in place, trampoline prances, and jumping jacks are all fair game for the aerobic bounce.

Check out this video to see the Aerobic Bounce in action:

The Strength Bounce

To perform the strength bounce, simply bounce as high as you can go. Best for intermediate to advanced rebounding enthusiasts, the strength bounce helps build incredible strength. The higher you are able to bounce, the more gravitational pull, or G-Force, you will experience on your body.

The bottom line: The higher you jump with the strength bounce, the stronger you will become.

The Sitting Bounce

If you don’t have a very high level of fitness due to injury, illness, or advanced age, the sitting bounce might be best for you. You will need one other person to properly perform the sitting bounce. First, sit on the rebounder. Second, your partner should stand directly behind you and gently bounce up and down, which will help you bounce up and down as a result. To further develop your core strength with the sitting bounce, try leaning back, extending your arms, or using your arms to help you bounce.

Check out this video to see the sitting bounce in action:

What Else Should I Know about Rebounding?
Safety Precautions: As with any exercise, safety should be your first priority. Some tips to stay safe while enjoying your rebound workout:

  1. If needed, use a stability bar to aid you with balance while bouncing
  2. Make sure your rebounder supports your weight. You should be able to get this information from the manufacturer. Some rebounder trampolines can only support up to three hundred pounds, while other rebounder models can support more than three hundred pounds
  3. You should wear loose fitting clothing to allow for optimal lymph flow, but make sure your clothing is not too loose so that you are not at risk for tripping over your clothing!

Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZoneIf you are ready to start a new, refreshing stage in your battle against breast cancer, start rebounding today with these high quality rebounders. Use discount code VICTORY for 10% off all products in our store.

A life of better health awaits you.

Author: Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZone 


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  1. Is there any scientific evidence (not anectdotal accounts) that rebounding is beneficial, and not harmful, to a person with an impaired lymphatic system? It would appear to me that stimulation of the circulatory system would increase lymphatic load, further challanging a lymphatic system which cannot handle a normal load.


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