How is your Lymphatic System Connected with Cancer?

How is your Lymphatic System Connected with Cancer?Are you living with or at high risk for breast cancer? Did you know there are certain habits and exercises you can use to strengthen your body’s response to breast cancer? Not only will these habits and exercises help prevent and self treat breast cancer, but they will also benefit your health in a myriad of other ways.

In this article, I will detail exactly what these habits and exercise are. But, before I go that far, let’s start with the base: your lymphatic system.

What is the Lymphatic System?

Why your Lymphatic System is Critical to your Overall HealthThe lymph system is a network of nodes, organs, and lymph vessels. Your lymph system consists of your adenoids, liver, lymph fluid, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, spleen, thymus, thoracic duct,  and tonsils. Working in harmony, your lymph system’s components absorb excess fluid from the body and return that fluid to your bloodstream. These components also absorb fat in your small intestine and boost your immune system.

Why your Lymphatic System is Critical to your Overall Health

A healthy, well-functioning lymph system serves several critical functions for your health and wellness, including:

    • Balance of proteins in your tissues’ fluids
    • Diffusion and circulation of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K from your red blood cells.
    • Regulation of your blood pressure

The most important reason to have a healthy lymph system?: A strong lymph system provides protection from harmful toxins and bacteria.

Now that you understand the importance of your lymph system, let’s explore how it is connected with cancer.

How is your Lymphatic System Connected with Cancer?

As mentioned above, your lymph system serves as a critical line of defense for your body’s immunity. In this defense, your lymphatic system destroys old or abnormal cells, such as cancer cells.

Details on How your Lymph System Removes Cancerous Cells

This is a high level overview on how cancerous cells are removed from your body:

Blood circulates throughout your body.

      1. As your blood flows, fluid leaks from your blood vessels to your body tissues.
      2. This excess fluid delivers food to your cells and forms tissue fluid with your body’s tissues.
      3. At this point, this excess fluid picks up bacteria, waste products, and damaged or abnormal cells, including cancerous cells.
      4. After this “garbage collection”, the fluid drains into your lymph vessels.

Next, your lymph fluid flows through your lymph vessels and lymph glands, filtering out those nasty cancerous cells along the way.

The most important habit you can adopt? Get moving and exercise! Your lymph system doesn’t have a pump to stimulate lymph movement; therefore, you have to get that lymph moving manually. The best way to do this is via exercise, but not just any exercise.

Learn more below:

Get Moving to Boost your Lymph Flow

Any vertically oriented exercise is best for your lymph system. So, your go to exercises should be downward dogs, jumping jacks, or headstands. Certain physical limitations, however, can make these types of exercises uncomfortable, painful, or even impossible. For these reasons, bouncing on a trampoline, or rebounding, is the most effective workout you can give your lymph system. Check out the next section to learn why.

The Best Exercise for your Lymphatic System: Rebounding!

The Best Exercise for your Lymphatic System- Rebounding!What is Rebounding? Rebounding is a great exercise that helps you satisfy all four essential elements of exercise: aerobic capacity, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Rebounding increases the flow of oxygen to all cells in your body, and the exercise can help you become healthier, stronger, and help your body become more capable of effectively fighting disease.

What Equipment is Needed to Rebound?All you need is a high quality rebounder trampoline, or exercise trampoline, to rebound! If you need more stability during your bounces, you can also purchase a stability bar with most rebounder models. For more info on what to look for when shopping for a rebounder, check out this detailed rebounder trampoline buyer’s guide.

Even if you rebound regularly, you still need to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet, get proper rest, avoid negative behaviors such as drug use, and get proper treatment for states detrimental to your health such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Due to its positive impact on not only your lymph system but a variety of other bodily systems, rebounding is the best exercise to invigorate your body’s lymph flow.

Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZoneIf you are ready to start a new, refreshing stage in your battle against breast cancer, start rebounding today with these high quality rebounders. Use discount code VICTORY for 10% off all products in our store.

A life of better health awaits you.

Author: Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZone 

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  1. Linda Scheele says:

    Bouncing sound fun but not reality for so many people. Legs on the wall to me is the best exercise you can do to get your lymph system moving. Put your butt against the wall and feet up on the wall for 10 min. a day. This is a great inversion for moving your lymph flluid throughout your body. The lymph fluid will go to your heart and then your brain. (by the way your lymph system was found recently to be in your brain. Just discovered 6 mos ago. Great discovery for alzheimers and dementia as well as autism which was always know to start in the brain but never knew why.

    On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Breast Cancer Authority wrote:

    > Breast Cancer Authority Staff posted: “Are you living with or at high risk > for breast cancer? Did you know there are certain habits and exercises you > can use to strengthen your body’s response to breast cancer? Not only will > these habits and exercises help prevent and self treat breast cancer,” >


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