Exercises For Neuropathy

Exercises For NeuropathyNeuropathy is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Many chemotherapy’s have this effect and it can get better or last a lifetime. Treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and maintain quality of life with these few suggestions listed below.

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  1. Valeria Benavides says:

    Yoga made a great difference in my life while going through cancer treatment….it also helped me stayed calm and focused on me an my body!

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  2. Topricin Pain Relief Cream is specially formulated for injuries and pains. It is patented to help neuropathy pain, a common side effect of cancer treatment. Topricin provides pain relief by improving circulation and attracting and stimulating the body’s healing chemistries at the site of the pain. There are 11 homeopathic ingredients in Topricin.
    Topricin Foot Therapy Cream is also homeopathic and is safe for diabetics. Topricin foot therapy cream is specially formulated to treat foot and ankle pain, and offers soothing treatment for swelling and soreness.
    You can learn more about Topricin products, and purchase them at:
    These products were recommended to us by a cancer survivor who experiences chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

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