Breast Cancer vs. Mushrooms

Mushrooms Reduce Breast Cancer TumorsPlain, cheap, available, white mushrooms appear able to outsmart breast cancer cells that try to make their own estrogen by crippling the enzyme they use to make it. But this was based on placental tissue samples. Let’s stack mushrooms up against the real thing.

Human breast cancer cells in a petri dish. If you do nothing, they just keep growing and proliferating at about the same rate. But then if you add, the raw material the cancer cells use to make their own estrogen, they take full advantage and grow like crazy, 10 times as fast. But then as you add more and more white mushroom extract to shut off their estrogen manufacturing, you can get them almost back to baseline. So the last study proved mushrooms could inhibit that enzyme, and even figured out which mushroom worked the best…. Here, they went a step further to see it in action, against actual breast cancer cells.

Now that we know it may work, what’s the required dose? How many mushrooms do you have to eat? Maybe it’s just some ridiculous amount? Based on these studies, the consumption of just 5 mushrooms a day may suppress tumor growth…

Doctor’s Notes

Mushrooms appear to work in the lab to suppress breast cancer cell growth, but what about in the real world? That’s the subject of tomorrow’s video of the day Why Do Asian Women Have Less Breast Cancer? The placenta study was profiled in my video Vegetables Versus Breast Cancer and a comparison of the effects of different types of mushrooms can be found in Breast Cancer Prevention: Which Mushroom is Best?. More on the magic of mushrooms in Making Our Arteries Less Sticky and Constructing a Cognitive Portfolio. Probably a good idea to cook them, though: Toxins in Raw Mushrooms. I have more than five dozen videos on breast cancer and hundreds of videos on a thousand other health and wellness topics.

For some context, please check out my associated blog posts: Ergothioneine: A New Vitamin?Why Less Breast Cancer in Asia?Vitamin D from Mushrooms, Sun, or Supplements? , and Mushrooms and Immunity

I give thanks for all those who have supported my life’s mission to reduce suffering and save lives.

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

Michael Greger M.D.About Michael Greger M.D.Michael Greger, M.D., is a physician, author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous “meat defamation” trial. Currently Dr. Greger proudly serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States.

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    Something so simple could have huge potential.


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