Holiday DIY Gifts For Organic Gardeners

Breast Cancer Healing Garden Holiday IdeasMaybe you have an organic gardener on your holiday list. These eco-champions use their big green thumbs to stand up against ecological destruction. Gardening without harmful chemicals is their motto. Raising environmental awareness and creating and maintaining healthy ecosystems are their mission. Try these DIY gifts for organic gardeners this holiday season.

Wrap It GreenWrap it green

Ditch the non-recyclable shiny foil wrapping paper. Plants make an ideal gift at this time of year, but foil wrappers can detract from their earthy beauty. Instead, cover plastic pots in a neutral-colored fabric such as muslin or burlap. Martha talks about how traditional wrapping of plants detracts from their “earthy beautyhere.

DIY Gardening BucketGarden Bucket Gift Idea

Organic gardeners are passionate about their small patches of earth and most likely haul around some basic tools for the home garden. Shovels, pruning sheers, trowels, spades, gloves, twine, plant labels and markers are just some of the implements that make it into the hands of healthy green gardeners. Carry those veggies and keep gardening tools organized in this handy, easy-to-make, repurposed gardener’s bucket. Make a Gardener’s Bucket

DIY Potted Herb Gift for the HolidaysDIY Potted Herb Gift for the Holidays

For the holidays, gift-giving can be daunting and costly. This year, opt to go for fresh herbs wrapped in tartan fabric and tied with rope or twine to give something practical, eco-friendly, and fun!  For a sweet added bonus, find a creative recipe that incorporates each herb, and attach it to the plant!

Give An Organic PlantChristmas Rose Gift Idea

Charlie Nardozzi of the The Organic Authority suggests you look beyond poinsettias and give an unusual organic plant. Give a Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger), it treats you to large white flowers from November to March, with a magnificent crown of stamens at their heart. The Christmas Rose is almost completely unaffected by snow or frost. Although the plant droops a bit, it will straighten up again as soon as the temperature starts to warm up.

The holidays is the perfect occasion (excuse) to deploy an eco-agenda. Give a satisfying gift, give something that gives a green nod to the planet.

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