Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer – Swinging Arms

Swinging Arms What a great pose to “let go” in.  Swinging our arms brings you back when you were free to play. Yes, it is a playful pose and it does wonder for a healthy outlook. Our beautiful yoga model is Angela Strynkowski, RYT 500 and owner A Jewel In The Lotus  yoga studio.

Swinging Arms is a soft and spunky lateral twisting pose. It does so much for the squeezing out of impurities inside the internal organs. It helps to circulate and stimulate blood flow and lymph for the entire chest, shoulder and arm areas. Perfection. And, yes, it is so much fun. It is almost a trace state pose. Being able to go slow or fast creates so much vibration which enhances and boosts our energy.


1. Begin standing with feet hip distant or greater apart for stability. Let your arms relax down along side your body.

2. Want you to have a sense of freedom so that when you begin to move the arms freely from side to side that your body will join in.

3. Use you breath fully, and slowly so hat relaxation will deepen.

4. If it feels right pick up the pace. You can even slap yourself and engage in moving your hips too.

5. Continue for at least 3 minutes. Rest and feel the stimulation in the arms and body.

6. Repeat one more time.


*   Increases blood & lymph circulation to arms, shoulder girdle and breast region.

*   Expands ribs to allow for deeper fuller breathing.

*   Flowing arm movements and conscious breathing activates lymphatic system.

*   Promotes lymphatic drainage and increase circulation of overall blood flow

*   Stretches muscle tissue to pectoral region.

*   Increases range of motion (ROM) to shoulders.

*  Twisting motion for massaging internal organs.

*   Stretches the tensor fascia lata muscle, waist and spine

*   Swinging back and forth induces sense of internal calmness and a sense of freedom.

By: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500 Founder: Breast Cancer Yoga

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