Growing Plants For Your Cat

Cats in a Breast Cancer Healing GardenHave you tried growing your own container garden for your dog, cat or other pet?

Cats love nibbling on greens & grasses, and besides being a tasty treat, it can also be good for their digestion. With these affordable and fun projects you can make your own cat garden.

Try this elevated cat garden it will be an immediate hit with your cats.  Place a water fountain nearby and enjoy the sound of water flowing too.Cat in Breast Cancer Healing GardenIf you choose to grow your own cat grass, catnip, sage, thyme, parsley or other safe “plants,” be sure to use sterilized potting soil and untreated seeds. You should not use soil from your outdoor garden. Offer your cat a delicious and safe treat, and try your hand at growing cat grass. Cat GrassIf you grow catnip, it’s probably best to grow this in a room inaccessible to your cat. You can give your cat a generous handful of fresh or dried leaves every week or two. Catnip has a powerful (yet, safe) chemical (Nepetalactone) that most cats love. Organic catnip is the healthiest for your feline friend.Catnip garden ideas for healing

Ordinary lawn grass should be avoided, as it has razor-sharp spines that can cut your cat’s mouth and even harm her digestive tract; it also may have been sprayed with unsafe insecticides.

Cat TableMake a rustic looking coffee table for your deck. Cats like this table idea (they are grass fiends) and you can include a second planter for catnip. Add this cat table to your healing space. Tutorial Available HERE

Making a garden healing is not that it is located in a particular place, rather, it’s what happens there. What happens there is what you put into it, the meaning you create and the thoughts and emotional energy you put into it. You are the garden and you must interact with it to make it healing.

Dawn Breast CancerAbout Dawn Bradford Lange:  Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.


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  1. My indoor cat is getting one

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  2. Excellent idea. And yes grass nibbling is part of the feline NATURAL diet!

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