How To Begin A Holistic Journey Through Cancer With Emotional And Physical Cleansing

Holistic Journey For CancerBy Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT & Author of The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself! .

How To Begin A Holistic Journey For Healing
When people first begin the healing journey they are full of questions about which supplements, food and therapies they ‘should’ take, as these seem to stand out as the most important aspects to healing. It’s true that in order to heal you must give your body the nutrients it needs to cleanse and repair and you definitely won’t experience healing by doing the same things that caused illness to manifest in the first place. Sometimes though healing is more about putting less in and taking more out and this is what cleansing can do; remove congestion and jump-start your healing process.

How To Begin Physical Cleansing
Simple one day cleanses with fresh water and lemon or raw vegetable juices, for example, can play a critical role in removing physical congestion.

There is a very simple cleanse which will help you to loosen and remove congestion from your physical body. This cleanse uses Burdock root, which is very safe and is eaten as a food in many countries around the world. It’s virtues lie in its ability to stimulate liver function, to improve digestion and increase the natural rate of detoxification, pulling impurities out of the lymph and blood, drawing them into the eliminatory organs. This is the reason it is so helpful in removing congestion and purifying your blood and lymph fluids.

Burdock has been used as a blood cleanser for centuries, is included in several well-known anti-cancer herbal formulas and has been used to help clear acne and blood infections.

During this cleanse you may feel a gentle pulling sensation under your right rib cage as your liver is stimulated, digestion increases and congestion begins to be drawn out.

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Simple Burdock Root Tea Cleanse
For this beginning one-day cleanse you will need the following ingredients listed below. Be sure to follow directions carefully and drink the simple cleansing smoothie throughout the entire day.


  • Large bag of organic leafy greens
  • 1/2 cup of hemp seeds
  • 1/4 cup of Burdock root (substitute Dandelion root)
  • Your favorite organic frozen berries


  1. Put the Burdock root in a small saucepan with three cups of fresh water and simmer gently for five or ten minutes.
  2. Take off the heat and let cool completely.
  3. Strain the Burdock root tea.
  4. Into a blender add Burdock tea, two or three large handfuls of organic leafy greens, half a cup of raw hemp seeds (or other raw nut or seed of your choice) and two cups of fresh or frozen organic berries (substitute organic apples or pears).
  5. Add water to the fill line and blend on high until smooth and creamy. Add more water if needed.
  6. Pour your cleansing smoothie into a large pitcher and refrigerate.
  7. Drink the smoothie for the entire day, alternating with fresh water and herbal teas.

You might like a blend of calming herbs that also have chemicals with properties that act against cancer. Try a simple blend of Chamomile, Oat Grass and Pau D’Arco.

Herbs can have powerful effects, which are mostly very helpful, however always be sure the herbs you are taking do not conflict with any medications or pre-existing conditions. Consult with a qualified practitioner first, if necessary.

Rest, relax and be at peace knowing that healing is taking place. Use this cleanse anytime to break a pattern of poor eating, to jumpstart your healing process and to add oomph to your healing protocol.

How To Begin Emotional Cleansing
As the healing process proceeds and physical congestion begins to flow out of your body, long held emotional wounds can rise to the surface.

To really pry up and remove emotional knots that have manifested in your physical body, takes forgiving yourself and others for past hurts.

It may take visiting a ‘knot’ many times, each time recognizing what caused you or another person to behave as you did, before you can release and move past any emotion tied up in the knot.

One simple way to interfere with and release harmful emotions is to practice EFT or emotional freedom technique. This quick technique using tapping your fingers on key points on your body to interfere with the pain caused by held emotions. I have found the simplest and most effective way for myself is to tap all four fingers of each hand on the top, sides of my head, while repeating a series of rational thoughts related to the emotion. The thoughts gradually bring me to an understanding of why we acted and reacted as we did. Tapping is repeated every time the same thought and emotion rise. Each time releasing more and more of the emotional baggage tied to the thought, until it is released and no longer hounds you and controls your wellbeing.

It may take several times of the thought and emotion recurring and you tapping to release it, before it is permanently gone. Quite remarkably this is as extremely simple as it is effective.

There are many organizations, instructors and natural health practitioners who can teach you which areas on your body to tap and give you practical examples of how to release negative, long-held emotions. A search on videos sites like YouTube will give large search results for how-to videos for ‘emotional freedom technique’.

When you no longer feel emotional pain or are haunted when thinking about a past hurt, you will know that the emotional release will now allow healing to continue.­­­­

Healing takes time and patience. It requires that you allow yourself to be guided by your own intuition. It asks that you honor yourself by listening and responding to your symptoms, feelings and needs, that you enjoy the best nutrition possible and that you treat yourself with kindness and love.

Lisa RobbinsLisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT, Author of The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself! and Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories. Learn more Lisa Robbins at, and


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