Hip Side Twist Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer Recovery

Btreast Cancer Yoga's Hip Side Twist Pose

Yoga Model: Andrea Garvey, Publisher of Creations Magazine

Author: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500, Posted By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Twists can boost energy when feeling tired or fatigued. When we twist, we literally squeeze tension and toxins out from the body. In twisting poses, our muscles have an opportunity to squeeze and relax, and once finished, the area that released will then experience a rush of blood and nutrients.

Hip Side Twist – Post surgical benefits in the reduction of fibrous adhesions and scar tissue is a benefit to this twist. It also fosters relaxation and restful breathing.


  • Assists movement and refines diaphragm awareness and control to upper ribs
  • Post surgical benefits of reducing fibrous adhesions and scar tissue
  • Fosters relaxation and restful breathing
  • Opens hips and relieves iliopsoas contractions (inner abdomen)
  • Increases circulation to lumbar region
  • Hip opener that relieves sciatica
  • Improves mobility and alignment of spine
  • Increases circulation and fluid dynamics of spinal discs
  • Creates an openness to lymph area for increased circulation
  • Lengthens side body
  • Improves shoulder flexibility

Hip Side Twist Yoga Pose From Breast Cancer YogaInstructions

  1. Begin on back, INHALE, arms out into “T”, place small pillow or folded blanket under head.
  2. Bend right knee, press into right foot – lift left hip and tuck underneath.
  3. Bring right leg over to left side, place right foot behind left knee.
  4. EXHALE, into twist to left.
  5. If right shoulder lifts off ground, place prop under right knee or sandbag over upper knee.
  6. Make sure shoulders remain parallel to the ground.
  7. Stay and breath for at least 10 breaths. Allow the exhales to length so as to deepen into into the twist.
  8. INHALE, return to center.

To experience the benefits of yoga for breast cancer, it is essential that you begin with simple, gentle yoga movements. You should also consult a doctor before you begin practicing yoga. It is also necessary that you follow a yogic diet that consists of a mainly vegetarian diet to enhance the benefits of yoga.

Diana RossAbout Diana Ross: E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Diana is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at info@breastcanceryoga.com if you have questions.

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