Healing Mudras For Cancer Survivors

Healing Mudras For CancerBy: Jean Di Carlo Wagner: Owner of Yogabeing.net.

In yoga, there are many ways to connect to the Universal oneness. In postures, we call it asana practice. Through breathing, it is called pranayama. With our voices, it is called mantra. And through use of hand gestures, it is called mudra.

Each connection is from earth, through our bodies and to the energies of our spirits. Each form of yoga activates nerves, glands, mind, body and spirit. Yoga itself is a moving meditation. We open our channels of self healing.

Mudras are beautiful and powerful expressions of intention to draw on internal and external energy of our healing potential. As a cancer survivor and yoga teacher, I share mudras with my students. Mudra’s hand positions often have mantras and pranayama features. A common mudra is putting the thumb and forefinger together while mediating.

I encourage my students to make their own personal gestures to express their emotions. For example, there is a mudra for healing grief. But we each experience grief differently. When we turn into our bodies, we might feel grief in our heart chakra or in our naval center. We can use our own hand gesture to explore grief for ourselves. Yoga continues to grow and change with each practitioner. So why not learn from our inner guidance?

Jean Di Carlo WagnerAbout Jean Di Carlo Wagner: Owner of Yogabeing.net
E-RYT200, E-RYT500 certified with Yoga Alliance
Yoga Therapist with International Alliance of Yoga Therapists
Atma Yoga Teacher Training, certified 500 hours Los Angeles
A Gentle Way Yoga, certified 200 hours
Silver Age Yoga, certified 200 hours

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  1. Dr. Sneha says:

    My mother aged 55yrs is suffering from metastatic breast cancer. She is on chemotherapy. One session of chemotherapy is over. She got fever with severe chills and cough. Now she is on antibiotics. Kindly can you suggest some mudras for my mother to overcome the side-effects of chemotherapy. And also to prevent the spread of cancer. She is also diabetic. Pls get back to me as early as possible. Awaiting your response. Thank you.


  2. Tushti Conti says:

    This is beautiful ~ thank you

    Liked by 1 person


  1. […] yoga supports. One way to engage in a gentle practice of gratitude is through the use of mudra. Mudras are hand positions and often called ‘yoga for the hands’. They are gestures which ‘seal’ […]


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