Healing Garden Ideas For The Senses

Healing Garden Ideas For The Senses

Many gardeners choose plants for their visual beauty, you may also want to concentrate on choosing plants that stimulate the other senses. The following suggestions will help you choose plants that cater to your sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing.

A Garden You Can Taste
Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are perfect for stimulating your sense of taste. Vegetables that are brightly colored when ripe, such as gold zucchini squash, red leaf lettuce, and purple podded beans, stand out from the surrounding green foliage and make harvesting easier. Tomatoes and strawberries soften slightly and turn bright red when they are ripe. You may want to grow bush-type varieties, so you don’t have to search long, tangled vines for your produce.Gardening for the senses - TasteMint is very refreshing to chew, and there are dozens of types of mints: not only the spearmint and peppermint everyone is familiar with, but also apple mint, orange mint, and many others can be planted in your garden. Hundreds of herbs can be used for cooking. Be certain that you know what herbs you are eating: some very popular herbs and flowers are considered toxic!

A Garden You Can Smell
An area surrounded by the scents is a relaxing place to set up a lawn chair and read an adventurous novel. Every plant has its own scent. Different scents can subtly alter your mood, and your garden can help you take advantage of this. Try to create different “rooms”, or pockets in the garden. Some scents, like honeysuckle, jasmine and wisteria, can make you feel sleepy, while herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and lemon verbena energize and invigorate you. A stroll through a section of culinary herbs, like oregano, sage, and thyme, will often help with your appetite.Gardening for the senses - SmellTry not to use too many scented plants together, however, because their different scents tend to blend together and become confusing. If you garden with the different “mood rooms”, as described above, you can include many more scented plants, as they will be scattered in different parts of the garden.

A Garden You Can Feel
Our sense of touch can make the garden an exciting place to explore the different plant textures. Place plants with interesting textures in a small, enclosed garden with comfortable garden seats or mosses places to sit. Garden beds raised to a height of two feet and constructed with edges to sit on bring touchable plants within reach. Choose only nonpoisonous and non-prickly plants for the petting garden.Gardening for the senses - touchThere are many different textures that you can include in the garden. Some plants have soft, fuzzy leaves or flowers, like lamb’s ear, woolly thyme, and pussy willow. Many ornamental grasses, especially hare’s tail grass, have fluffy flower heads.

A Garden You Can Hear
The sounds that a garden makes can create subtle moods in visitors. The whisper of weeping plants, such as willows and birch, has a calming influence. The rustling of ornamental grasses and bamboo can create a sense of excitement and activity, and make excellent audio signals to help gardeners orient themselves. Gardening for the senses - hearThe garden is a magical place, and should be enjoyed by everyone! This is a brief introduction to the world of gardening for the senses.

Photo Source: The Hometown Tourist: Omaha

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  1. A friend and myself created a Sensory Based Garden in the town park in Nashua, New Hampshire in 1995. A garden for the handicapped. They came from miles around to hear, touch, smell, and eat the plants. Wheel chair pathways and standing rails, and plant names printed in braille. Barbara Turner received the Key to the City, went sailing with the Kennedy’s, and received a $48,000 Presidential Award given by President Bill Clinton award to keep the garden going for handicapped. The garden was written up in major magazines.Handicapped gardens sprung up across America!

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