Guide To Healthy Lifestyle Choices For Breast Cancer

Guide To Healthy Lifestyle Choices For Breast Cancer

Featured Yoga Model Angela Strynkowsk, E-RYT 500

By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.
An anti-cancer lifestyle is a lifestyle that includes a variety of exercise, organic foods and clean pure water and air. There are a few easy steps to keep the body safe and healthy. Cultivate awareness of what goes into your body; stop and take notice of habits. Ask yourself “Is this good or bad for me? “Will it make me feel better or worse?” We all want to feel alive and vital.

Exercise – Yoga
Practicing restorative yoga has shown to improve sleep and overall quality of life. (Reuters Health) – About one third of breast cancer survivors experience fatigue that can affect their quality of life, but a small new study finds that doing yoga might help restore some lost vitality.

Cancer Prevention Foods – Vegetarian/Vegan Diet
Eat a plant base diet of fruits and vegetables: make your diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables that are full of micronutrients and bioflavonoids which are duly noted to help prevent breast cancer or other cancers. Five or more servings per day is recommended by the American Cancer Institute. Red and blueberries hold a significant amount of the necessary cell builders and anti-cancerangetic properties that are a necessity on our tables.

  • Look for free recipes on the internet
  • Start by adding healthy food choices to diet
  • Begin transition to a healthy diet with Meatless Monday
  • Begin to eliminate cancer causing foods from your diet

Water Therapy – Alkaline Water
Alkaline water (also referred to as ionized water) can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and many bottled waters.

Manage Stress – Learn to Breathe
Deep breathing will encourage the release of body toxins, rebuild healthy tissue and increase energy. It will also stimulate digestion, assimilation and elimination for better health. The most important function of all is how this special birthright breath can stimulate the body’s natural response that results in less tension and an overall sense of well being.

  • Purchase single down-loadable breathing exercises
  • Purchase a therapeutic breathing CD
  • Read books on how to breathe correctly

Laugh Often
It has been shown that even when manipulated to smile people in truth feel happier. Laughter stops depression right in its tracks and boosts our immunity.

  • Have a daily joke sent to your e-mail
  • Watch funny YouTube videos
  • Listen to the comedy channel on the radio
  • Download comedians from iTunes

Dawn Breast CancerAbout Dawn Bradford Lange:  Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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  1. Homer LIM, MD says:
  2. Hi there
    Thank you for sharing a great article.
    I have been teaching Yoga for almost 30 Yrs. but 4 Yrs ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My recovery was helped by creating a video diary in the form of a blog which has been followed by thousands worldwide.
    Over the years I have trained extensively including courses at Kripalu MA.
    I agree hole heartedly with your article about the importance of Restorative Yoga and I have trainer with Judith Lasater and assisted her to train 80 teachers in London this year.
    You give a list of Restorative Yoga teachers and I’m wondering if you could include my details for Ireland?
    In return I’m happy to continue to share your great posts on Facebook
    Kindest regards


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