GrandBob’s Vegetable Soup Recipe

GrandBob's Vegetable Soup Recipe For Breast CancerBy: Holly Bertone, Breast Cancer Survivor and Founder of Pink Fortitude.
Vegetable soup is the perfect winter comfort food.  Packed full of vitamins and cancer-fighting anti-oxidants, it’s also the quintessential health food.  I used GrandBob’s crock pot recipe, and made some minor changes to accommodate the busy and frugal family.Vegetable Soup Recipe For Breast Cancer From Holly Bertone

This is GrandBob, also known as Bob, or my Dad.  Who happens to be celebrating a very happy #70 this week!  Grab your apron…  Are you ready to cook with us?

GrandBob's Vegetable Soup Recipe by #crockpot #frugal #meal #healthy

Since GrandBob is retired, he has a little extra time in his schedule, and normally purchases fresh veggies where possible, and cuts them up.  I used 100% frozen veggies.  We saved approximately one hour of prep time.  For a large sized crock pot, you will want about 40-50 ounces of frozen veggies – any kind.  I used a mixed bag of carrots, corn, and peas, and then added a few extras like Lima beans, green beans, and spinach.  Ideally, you want to let the frozen veggies sit out for an hour ahead of time, but if you forget, they are fine to use right away.

GrandBob's Vegetable Soup Recipe by #crockpot #frugal #meal #healthy

When I was at the store purchasing ingredients, I forgot what kind of tomatoes, to buy.  I ended up with a 28 ounce can of basil crushed tomatoes and they were perfect!  I also used Swanson’s Organic Vegetable Broth, but you can use the regular kind.

This meal is obviously vegetarian, and while I am not an expert on Gluten Free cooking, it is mostly Gluten Free (double check the seasonings, broth, and tomatoes) and easy enough for you to adapt.

GrandBob's Vegetable Soup Recipe by #crockpot #frugal #meal #healthyClick on the recipe card to open a new window for a printable version.

Vegetable Soup Recipe Card by

Who is ready to keep warm and healthy this winter with some of GrandBob’s vegetable soup?  Don’t forget to wish him a Happy #70!


Love, hugs, and staying healthy.


Holly Bertone Breast Cancer Authority Blooger

Holly Bertone is originally from Waynesboro, PA. She holds a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelor’s Degree from Elizabethtown College, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP). Holly is the CEO and President of Pink Fortitude, LLC, a company dedicated to promoting inspiration and positive self-esteem to cancer survivors and ALL women.

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