How To Feed Wildlife For A Winter Living Healing Garden

Feeding Wildlife In The WinterBy: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Gardens are living healing places, an environment that can feed body, mind and soul. We need more awareness to create gardens beyond decor. Designing a garden with purpose can be fun and beneficial to all. All spaces can be transformed into life-giving places, breathing rooms for wildlife, spaces that nurture our health and wellbeing.

Feeding backyard wildlife is not just a matter of throwing a few bread crusts off the back porch. If you want to feed wildlife during the winter effectively (to their benefit) ensure you do it properly with the energy and resources that will continue until the end of winter.


  • Start early in winter to allow animals the ability to find and become accustomed to the new feed.
  • Use the same feed throughout winter.
  • Provide food at a number of locations to ensure all have a chance to feed. This will also minimize aggression.
  • Keep the feed dry if using pellets or cereal grains. Wet feed will likely not be consumed.
  • Ensure a constant supply of feed is provided. Check after each snowfall that the feed is not covered.
  • Keep feeders full when winter is toughest.
  • Put up large-capacity feeders if necessary.
  • Encourage neighborhood bird feeding.
  • Increase the amount of feed available in late winter when need is the greatest and activity levels have increased.

Bird Feeder Recipes:

Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Feeder

Easy DIY Orange Bird Feeder

Rustic Fresh Fruit Bird Feeder

How To Provide Water When Its Freezing:

  1. A solar-heated water dish, a plastic dish with a black lid and a small hole for sipping. The black color absorbs the heat of the sun and keeps the water from freezing, but only works until the temperature drops below 20 degrees.
  2. A heated dog bowl, which can be filled with a layer of stones to keep the water shallow enough for the birds. It only turns on when the temperature is near freezing, and automatically shuts off when either all the contents evaporate or the temperature rises.
  3. A wide assortment of heated bird baths to suit almost any style. These operate on the same principles as a heated dog bowl, only turning on when the temperature falls.

It can be an expensive task to wildlife in winter. If you decide to take up the challenge, by following this advice, and to restore space for wildlife, you will begin the healing of our environment and ourselves.

Sources: Carole Sevilla Brown  a Conservation Biologist who firmly believes that wildlife conservation begins in your own back yard.

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