Breast Cancer Gift Ideas From Our Breast Cancer Authority Contributors

Holiday Gift Ideas For Breast CancerThe holiday season is a time of giving and receiving.  But what do you give to the breast cancer patient to show you truly care?  Here are some ideas to find the perfect gift that suits her needs. On this page we offer a collection of products from some of our Breast Cancer Authority Blog contributors. These gifts will be highly appreciated and will help along the journey.

 Stress Relief

Aromatherapy and Breathing Exercises CD’s can offer a great deal of stress relief for the patient who is undergoing surgery or dealing with body aches and pains. These products enhance psychological and physical healing.

Breathe With Purpose CDWith this breathing exercise CD you will receive 6 breathing exercises for breast cancer recovery, stress management and cancer related fatigue. Each CD is 60 minutes with an introduction, benefits and 6 breathing exercises. This collection of therapeutic breathing exercises was created specifically for breast cancer recovery management. Learn More/Buy Now


Aromatherapy For Breast CancerAromatherapy pendant diffuser necklaces are worn by men and women to feel happier and healthier, especially when conflicted with emotional and physical stress and anxiety. To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils in your diffuser pendant necklace, simply remove the diffuser cork, add the scent to the pendant, dab some on the diffuser cork, gently pop the diffuser cork back on the pendant and wear the necklace around your neck.These make great holiday gifts! Learn More / Buy Now


Keep ’em Entertained

Activity levels will wane during active cancer treatment. Consider giving her uplifting books, movies, and music that will brighten her day in the comfort of her home.

Breast CDVDancer Yoga has created a new yoga DVD of unique restorative yoga poses that are gentle, flowing and meditative. The DVD’s focus is on building strength, flexibility and potential for breast cancer recovery. Breast Cancer Yoga is designed to repair breast tissue, improve circulation of lymph and blood flow. It encourages feelings of safety and support through the use of props. Synchronized movement and breath create a mood of meditation, and relaxation. All combined there is increased vitality and hope. ​Learn More/Buy Now


Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer BookThis restorative yoga book was created for a therapeutic healing experience while being affordable to allRestorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery: Gentle Flowing Yoga For Breast Health, Breast Cancer Related Fatigue & Lymphedema Management is an unique restorative yoga therapy book for you or a loved one who has been recently diagnosed, is in treatment, or in recovery. Get This Book



Pamper Her

Pampering the cancer patient is a trickier prospect.  An organic  gift basket is a good idea.

Breast Cancer Pink Bath Gift Basket“The Organic Bath Gift Basket For Breast Cancer” gift basket offers true love and support for the receiver. This gift basket was created for a therapeutic bath experience while being affordable to all. Exfoliate body with a dry brush, add 4 ounces of Pink Salt bath crystals to water, listen to breathing exercises while experiencing the soft light of the Lotus flower candle, after bath mist your body with organic Lavender Hydrosol and moisturize your body with aloe vera cream. Give the gift of love.


Organic Tea Gift Basket For Breast Cancer“The Organic Tea Gift Basket For Breast Cancer”  What a wonderful and thoughtful gift to cheer someone up. This special medicinal herbal tea gift basket contains (9) items. It is the perfect combination of soothing tea products. The basket contains (1) beautiful tea cup. Just add a scoop of organic (2&3) Calm or Immune tea inside the (4) tea ball and experience the tasty and soothing flavor for yourself, especially when you add either (5) crystalized ginger, (6) papaya or one of the (7) honey sticks to your cup of tea. Experience the soft and peaceful lighting of the (8) vanilla Lotus Flower candle. Now for the best part: we have included the (9) “Breathe With Purpose” (CD). It is a step-by-step, learn how to breathe CD. Settle down and learn how to breathe effortlessly. Breathing with such awareness will help create such a balanced and peaceful mind. Can you just imagine? A warm cup of tummy tea with the sweetness of either ginger, papaya or honey, soft lighting, and a guiding breathing CD? All items are placed in a beautiful (10) Natural Basket. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Give this gift of love.

Warmth and Comfort

During cancer treatment it is especially troublesome as the weather turns cold!  Pajamas and Soothing Care Products may be just what she needs to feel warm and comfortable.

Recovery Gift BasketIf someone you know is facing breast cancer surgery, let them know your thoughts are with them with a post-surgical gift basket.Send a friend or loved one a Recovery Gift Basket, available in four unique styles.  Contents include premium teas, lip balm, a journal, note cards, an Awareness pin, inspirational Uplift book, magazine, candle, tissues and more. Recovery Camisole Gift Set Recovery Gift Basket with Pajama Short Set Includes our Recovery Pajama Short Set and items from above list to aid in recovery. Recovery Quilted Gift Tote with Pajama Pant Set Learn More/ Buy Now


LookingChemotherapy Gift Basket for the perfect gift for someone who is going through chemotherapy treatments? Look no further! Here it is – 5 items to take to chemo treatments to help reduce side effects. 1. Breathe With Purpose CD Deep breathing is vital in that it encourages the release of body toxins, rebuild healthy tissue which consequently increases overall energy.2. Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment (full-sized) Moisturizing Hand Treatment is formulated with a rich blend of moisturizers, antioxidants, and protective ingredients. Hands can become dry during chemo treatment, and Atopalm helps revitalize the skin.3. Mouth Kote Moisturizing Mouth Spray OR Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray (depending on availability) Carry to chemo treatments to quickly spray and control dry mouth symptom. 4.  Queasy Drops (assorted flavors) Queasy Drops are an effective way to help provide relief from nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments.. 5. SolRx Lip Protectant SPF 15 Made with super moisturizers, aloe and vitamins A and E,. Carry in your purse to help combat dry lips caused by chemo treatments. Learn More / Buy Now

Dawn Breast CancerAbout Dawn Bradford Lange:  Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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  1. Do u ship to Canada? I’m interested in the breast cancer yoga DVD. Sandra Johnson

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  2. Gifts of Comfort are soothing, uplifting, helpful and appreciated. These are all great suggestions.


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