DIY Wind Chime Ideas For Your Healing Garden

Breast Cancer Healing Garden Wind Chimes
By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

Wind chimes on your porch or patio can bring a new therapeutic element into your outdoor healing space.  To sit and listen will encourage total relaxation, which can be beneficial for your health. We have created a collection of DIY wind chime ideas that will enhance your breast cancer healing garden and are fun to make too.

Shell Wind Chimes
Well next time you visited the sea-shore remember to collect a lot of shells as we are going to make wind chime with the help of shells and thread. Take shells of different shape and size. Paint these shells. Attach these shells on thick thread with the help of super glue or make hole in each shell and attach shells to thread. Now you need something to hand these shells for that you can take round shaped lid of any bottle. Lid must be medium in size. Make a hole in the lid and hang shells. Easy and beautiful DIY shells wind chime is ready.

Beaded Wind Chimes
Amazing and colorful DIY wind chimes can also be made with the help of beads, thread and pencil. You can buy beads or you can also take out beads from your old jewelry. Make hole in pencil. In second step either you attach beads with the help of super glue on thick thread or use beads with holes and use needle to attach beads on thread. When you insert one bead with needle then tie a knot on thread so that there is distance between two subsequent beads. Hang the beads on pencil. DIY colorful bead wind chime is ready.

Re-Purpose Silverware & Beads Wind Chime
Turn kitchen utensils and household materials into a quirky wind chime! To make your chime, you’ll need to gather five to seven pieces of flatware — the more mismatched, the more personality your chime will have. Just be sure to have at least one longer, larger piece (think a spoon, small whisk or tongs) to act as a pendulum. Make the hanger from a food colander. The colander’s existing holes make it easy to attach chimes. Use fishing line or garden twine and thread on beads or charms to add a pop of color and catch the sunlight as your wind chime sways. Source P&GEveryday.

Bottle Cap Wind Chime
Use all your old bottle caps to make a DIY wind chime. Use tiny nails to punch holes on each side of the bottle cap lip & thread through some chain, strings or fishing wire. Cut five three-feet strands of fishing line. Knot each one at one end. Thread the fishing line through a bottle cap. Make another knot where you want the next bottle cap to sit. Repeat with all the strands until you have as many caps on a strand as you want. Leave six inches free of bottle caps at one end. Cut a thin piece of metal with the tin shears around six inches across. Use the nail and hammer to put four holes around the outer edge of the shape. Put one hole in the middle. Pull each strand through one hole. Make a knot to sit on the top of the piece of metal to hold the line in place. The lines of bottle caps should hang from different lengths. The bottle caps should hang down, and the extra line should stick out of the other end. Tie the ends to a hook and hang the wind chime. Source Craftastic.

It is well known that music can be beneficial for breast cancer recovery. As a light breeze blows, the wind chime has psychological benefits actually work on physical ailments too.

Dawn Bradford of Breast Cancer YogaAbout Dawn Bradford Lange: Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga. Dawn is making a difference with Breast Cancer Yoga therapeutic products designed to support you emotionally and physically during breast cancer . We want to give you the attention and personal service you need so please email us at if you have questions.

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