Diaphragmatic Breathing for Cancer Survivors

Diaphragmatic Breathing for Cancer Survivors

By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff With Diaphragmatic Breathing By Jean Di Carlo Wagner: Owner of Yogabeing.net.
The diaphragmatic breath is the most calming and therapeutic breath. When constant stress leads to restriction of connective and muscular tissue in the chest area; a decrease in ROM (Range of Motion) is experienced. This decrease is due in part to unconscious shallow breathing. The chest does not expand as much as it would with slower and deeper breaths. Deeper diaphragmatic breathing is efficient because of the greater amounts of oxygen being drawn in the blood which then flows in the lower lobes of the lungs. Breathe Consciously. “It is as simple as oxygen helping to nourish the body, the muscles, and organs which then provides relief from stress, fear and anxiety. Slow, deep, and relaxed breaths calm the autonomic nervous system, producing balanced stable energy. Conscious breathing does improve the body’s immune function, and lower blood pressure. Make a conscious decision to start with 5 to 10 minutes a day of deep breathing. Watch video below and try diaphragmatic breathing.

A Few Words From Jean:
Learning to be with ourselves, lovingly and with compassion is a deep yoga practice. We check our breath, body, emotions, mind and spirit. We don’t change what is , we seek to know about ourselves and be present ‘here and now’. This practice is the basis of yogic meditation and mindfulness practices which can have been well researched to lower anxiety, add to send of control and well-being, empowerment and ultimately a change that comes without effort, but surrender.

Jean Di Carlo WagnerAbout Jean Di Carlo Wagner: Owner of Yogabeing.net
E-RYT200, E-RYT500 certified with Yoga Alliance
Yoga Therapist with International Alliance of Yoga Therapists
Atma Yoga Teacher Training, certified 500 hours Los Angeles
A Gentle Way Yoga, certified 200 hours
Silver Age Yoga, certified 200 hours

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