The Emotional Benefits Of Yoga

Emotional Benefits of Yoga For Breast CancerBy: Dinndayal MorganDirector and Founder of Pathfinder Institute, School of Alternative Learning. 

Yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries, and to this day, people are finding more and more benefits to doing this regularly. It’s even come to the point that it’s used in conjunction with different types of therapy to deal with emotional difficulties. Various studies have also shown that yoga’s emotional benefits are a great plus to cope with different types of stress.

Generally, regular yoga practice reduces stress. These days, we are faced with stress from almost all parts of our life: work, home, even relationships. Because yoga requires concentration, the practitioner will be trained to focus on one thing at a time, no matter how many things he still needs to do, or how many issues there may be that need to be worked out. Just keep in mind that while yoga doesn’t directly address or lessen the stress that you’ve got, it can manage to equip you with means to cope with them much better. Taming stress isn’t the only thing that this takes care of. You will find that you will become more productive, as having a clear head will help you become a more efficient worker as well.

Another great benefit of yoga is that it can be a natural anti-depressant. There is a meditative phase in yoga involving taking deep cleansing breaths. As yoga is about overall wellness, it gives great importance to the connection between the mind and body. There are certain poses that are said to be able to release negative energy, helping ease the practitioner out of a depressive state. Some psychotherapists include yoga in their patients’ regimen to help get rid of depression. Though it is not a cure-all, the significant release of negative energy will be helpful for the practitioner. These results, of course, will be seen over a period of time.

Stress reduction and depression relief naturally makes way for a more positive and focused disposition. Having a negative disposition can hinder anyone from being effective at work or in any endeavor that one would go into. With consistent practice over a period of time, your nervous system will be balanced, allowing you to approach your tasks and responsibilities in a more positive disposition.

These are but a few emotional benefits you can get from consistent practice of yoga. There are other benefits you can also get and you can learn more about them by visiting your local fitness center or yoga studio. Make sure you work with a professional to get the best benefits at your level…If you have any questions please contact me.

Dinndayal MorganDinndayal Morgan
Yogi Priest/Life Coach/Speaker/5 Rings Movement Therapist..Executive Director at Pathfinder Institute

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